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Volume 9, Issue 20

Volume 9, Issue 20, Summer 2018, Page 1-347

Limit theft in Islamic front and the legitimate exceptions

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 1-22

The penalty of theft is the specific prescribed penalty for those who take the money hidden from the forelock on the condition that they are adult, reasonable, and that the stolen is secured by closure or lock or rudder, and that it has a value and a financial value. And the robbery of the declaration or evidence legitimacy must then the robber the penalty of theft is cutting the right hand to say the Almighty (walsaariq walsaariqat fa'uqtieuu 'aydiahuma jaza'ana bima kasabu nakalan min allah wallah Azeez'un hakim )
There are legal exceptions in the provisions of the limit of theft, does not limit the exclusion, as parents for stealing his son's money, there is no limit on the father without the opposite

Rulings of cases of exile in Islam study in the alemamy jurisprudence

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 23-42

The issue of negation in Islamic jurisprudence is aimed at reforming the corrupt members of society, achieving justice, security and stability. It also aims to protect society in the soul, religion, minds, money and symptoms so that peace and prosperity prevail.
The search for the acts of exile and the treatments and sanctions that he developed, including the jurisprudence of the Imam of these acts and how these sanctions lead to the eradication of crime and elements of corruption in society and this is what the Islamic jurisprudence
The study included two topics, the first to denote the concept of negation definition of language and methodological and statement legitimacy, while the second section deals with: applications and historical facts of exile

Understanding the verbal text between social reality And contemporary issues

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 43-58

So the study in the research is to try to understand the influence played by social factors in the legislative texts and how to deal with these texts, and display contemporary jurisprudential issues with finding solutions to such problems, so be basing research on three topics I spoke with about the curriculum and problematic applications as appropriate research .
We must study the significance of the text idiosyncratic to move within the framework of the general principle of Islamic legislation in which the Islamic legislator took into account that always meet and never with human nature in both physical and psychological, intellectual and other aspects
And that the religion of Islam differs from other religions, with its continuity with this life until the end, regardless of time and place. Especially that life in constant evolution, where things arise and the other ends, and change the affairs of the case to another .
It remains to talk about (text idiosyncratic) and various aspects, for decades, a newly vital and necessary, and that it represents the importance of the text in Islamic thought and Muslims, is the most important sources of culture and thought and science when Muslims

Stories of Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) Interpretation

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 59-80

This research is devoted to the study of the words of Imam Hasan bin Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon them) with their true Quranic content. What is more, was our imam Hassan (peace be upon him) quoting Qur'anic verses in the folds of his hadith, so there is hardly any position, sermon or sermon Peace be upon him) from a Quranic verse, verses and verses, either directly followed by supporting his honorable words with their contents and concepts. The witness comes in agreement with the meaning of the Quran and its summary, following the effect of the Holy Quran in his communication and the recitation of his words. Of which The Prophet (peace be upon him) wanted the meaning of the Quranic verse that stated that meaning. The narratives that included those verses and meanings were collected and then he was baptized according to the purpose that Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) aspired to achieve in every position he said. , As if these novels explain and explain the Koran; and so I called it (the novels of Imam Hassan peace be upon him interpretive) a descriptive research and analytical books Btahid, and two articles, detailing the following:
Introduction to the difference between interpretation and interpretation, methods of interpretation and trends.
The first topic: trends and interpretive approaches in the novels of Imam Hassan (p).
First: The interpretive trends in his novels (p):
1 - the ideological trend.
2 - the moral direction of educational change.
3 - the direction of jurisprudence.
Second: The interpretive approaches in his novels (p):
1- The social approach
2. Historical approach.
3 - the reference method.
The second topic: Sciences of the Quran in his novels (p).
1- Reasons for getting off

The foundations of tolerance Between freedom and dialogue

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 81-98

The society is characterized by a high level of difference and similarity at the same time represents the difference in the colors and colors, races, religions and nationalities that carry values and beliefs belonging to different cultures and despite the diversity and differences, but all human beings agree that they seek to live in dignity and peace and achieve their ambitions and interests, More than what divides them, but the question if there is what brings together people despite the multiplicity, why we find the manifestations of violence and conflict between societies since the early times of the existence of human society and why these conflicts stretched to this day and whether the causes of conflict are the same reasons in our time Hurt? When did communities feel the need for tolerance and non-violence? All these questions call for a return to the self to review and critique it and to identify the places of imbalance in order to evaluate and deal with it and then based on new values that exclude hatred and hatred and open up to the values of humanity and religion. This requires diving into the depth of thought and belief in search of the roots of the problem. And expiation of the concepts that are responsible for formulating the intellectual and cognitive structures of aggression against each other, whether internally or externally, religiously or politically, and to understand also how man perpetuates killing and fighting and rejects peace and harmony? Are there any doctrinal, religious or moral concepts behind this? Tolerance is not just a concept that is intended to be cultivated within the values of society. It is a cultural, intellectual, and epistemological pattern that is different from its mechanism of work, its style of influence, its method of thinking and its way of doing business. The values of tolerance can not be tolerated unless all its precepts are completed. The individual and the society to work properly and influential or there are values that must be eradicated and replace new values in order to be a basis for the work of tolerance, then only reflect its political, religious, cultural and humanitarian effects and disappear manifestations of violence to be replaced by the values of love and peace as will appear by tolerance and Darah new positions after the disappearance of the consequences of extremism, intolerance, violence and intolerance of political and social attitudes always lead to strained relations and then enter into the maze of wars and hostility .

Polygamy between passport and prohibition

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 99-113

The subject of polygamy is one of the old and renewable topics, and this renewal is due to the fact that most of the non-transfer of all religions and civilizations has been recognized and approved, but it is still the subject of differing opinions and a place of attraction between rejection and acceptance. In this research we will highlight a set of questions to answer and In the Sharia and the law, there are several controversial issues related to the subject of polygamy, the most important of which may be the origin of marriage. Is it plural or single? Is the origin in the plural passport or prohibition? As well as the position of the judiciary on the subject of pluralism, which expresses a certain point of view that brings the difference between Sharia and law closer.
All of the above add to the many cases of polygamy that began to spread in society at present, and the attempt of many who took more than one wife to get rid of one form or another of the provisions of the law and the judiciary, was motivated by the researcher to study this subject, in order to reach the results and suggestions working on To amend the legislation that governs the personal status of individuals through the deletion or amendment of certain legal texts or the addition of new texts, the most important of which is the adoption of marriage with the marriage (pluralism) As well as recommending that it be eliminated Stop firm on this issue, either by applying the law and inflict the punishment prescribed for those who marry with the marriage, or to declare that there is something that requires punishment, and not to stay on the signals that can benefit them and not convinced of the justice and legal text in the report to stop the punishment or make the minimum

The concept of Quranic grammar in the works that were titled as the Qur'anic text

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 115-134

In this new concept, we discussed the idea of the Qur'anic verse in the most prominent works of the modernists in making the term of Qur'anic verse a major title of his book such as the book "Towards the Qur'an" by Dr. Ahmed Abdul Sattar Al-Jawari and Dr. Ahmed In his book "The Qur'anic Grammar and Evidence" and Dr. Hanaa Mahmoud Ismail in her book "The Qur'anic Text in the Light of the Linguistic Texts", the research concluded that the term of the Qur'anic verse or the Qur'an was not accurate What is meant in her ear Many of these researchers. .

Kadhim al-Ghazz and its cultural contexts in the Holy Quran Imam Musa al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) is an example

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 135-152

The research included an attempt to explore the cultural patterns of the phenomenon of Kadhim al-Ghayth in the Holy Quran to find what stands behind all cultural behavior on both sides of this phenomenon and push the two parties to the conflict. The researcher found the best applied example of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, And the imam of the oppressed, peace be upon him, on the other hand, and to share the research with his goals consisted of a preface and four questions. The title of the preface was: "Intense anger in the Holy Quran" to include the words: , And the first section title: formats Teasing, as the first act motor of the phenomenon which is the external effect, the act of teasing, to monitor four formats.
In the second topic: it is talking about the patterns of irritation, which represents the process of performing the behavior of irritation as a culture to follow the emergence of four formats also, and then the third section to include talk about the patterns of anger, in which the cultural reaction is monitored in the opposite direction of the tyrant's will and culture and behavior, Also formats.
Then comes the fourth section to be entitled: Kazem Ghayz, peace be upon him, and it is talking about his name and proportions and his titles and titles, as well as the conditions of anger.
Finally, the conclusion comes to bear the most important results reached, and then proved the sources and references adopted in this research .

Teaching Efficacy Required four History instructors in colleges of Education for Humanity Sciences

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 153-184

This study aims at identifying the teaching efficacy required for history instructors in colleges of Education For humanity sciences the population of this study consists of history instructors mades of females in colleges of education in Karbala Babylon education
and almustasnsiriyah
universities in the academic year(2017-2018).the population contains (15he aim of thr0)
instructor and ample which represents 40%of the population
to fulfit the aim of the study the researcher prepared a questionnaire which consists of (55)items distributed an four domains (planning preparing for the lesson human relationships and evaluation)
the questionnaire had obtained its validly by exposing it on a jury of experts and obtainer
its reliability by using spit half way .after analy sing the result statistically the following result has been gained instructors should be acquainted with teaching efficacies to overcome
their weak points in their performance .the researcher has given some recommendations
it can be helpful to use the list of teaching efficacies in evaluation secondary school history teacher

The military efforts of Prince Ahmed Bin Al Hassan Al Kalbi in Sicily

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 185-208

The al kalbiiyn had a role in establishing the Fatimid rule in North Africa Sicily. When they came to power in Sicily with a reign of the Fatimids, they did good deeds and continued their allegiance to the Fatimids.
During the reign of Prince Ahmed ibn al-Hasan al-Kalbi did not grow Sicily because of the threats of the Byzantines to them, but the dogs made successful raids on the areas of the Byzantines and managed to occupy, and following the defeats that were experienced between the Fatimids and Byzantines negotiations led to the cessation of fighting between them,
But the Byzantines vetoed the agreement which angered the Chalabi and pushed them to the conquest of Tabramin in 351 AH / 962 CE, which is considered the castles of the Byzantines, and a year later in the year 352 AH / 963 AD, the people of Ramtha came out of obedience to Prince Ahmed bin al-Hassan al-Kalbi in Sicily and turned the dogs to them and managed to control Followed by the besieged Kalibin defeated defeated by the Romans who supported them and fought the metaphor between them and managed to win them .

The Political Troubles Faud by Ahlulbait (peau be upon them) from 40 H.D – 114 H.D

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 209-232

The political problems that injured the Islamic nation after the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon God and peace beginning to the separation of the nation in Mabinha to several teams, and it was for each of these teams your guidance and style going for it without reference to the main pole club by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon God him by saying, "I am one who does not in you Althaglin the book of God and the people of Aatarta Betty Mann Thompsktm them will not err after me, never."
And places of gold the apostle next to Rabhany told him the case Saqifah and after the wars of apostasy and took Fadak from Sayyida Zahra peace be upon her so we find that the position of Ahlulbayt in each of these problems, the position of defending religion, peace and Whitthma together condescendingly his right to basic only one thing which The declaration of the saying of no god but Allah is Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, but they were living the tragedy inside their homes because they wanted this nation to do all the good and pray as the best nation that led people to do good and forbade evil. But this is in the meaning of the verse before the departure of the Prophet Muhammad , After having shut his eyes that Bug says to the people by saying ((and Muhammad Alarcol have passed before him apostles died or were killed Avan Anglaptm Oakabkm)) and a large number already turned on through its wake to harm them Ahl al-Bay
 .

Health institutions in the Hilla Brigade (1921-1958) are developing a documentary study

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 233-268

The researcher's pens dealt with social studies in many literature, letters and letters, but they have branches that still need further study, including health topics. Therefore, the topic of "Profiles of Health Institutions in the Hilla Brigade" (1921-1958) was chosen to highlight this important aspect of social conditions , Which has a direct impact on all other social conditions.
The research included two sections dealing with the first topic: Hospitals in Hilla, including the Royal Hospital, which was established in the Ottoman Empire in 1893, and at the time of World War I (1914-1918), the work was stopped and re-established by the British occupation forces in 1918 to continue the work, Another hospital in the Musayyib district in 1941, and then opened the hospital in Hindi in 1943 and before the end of the royal era one year open Ibn Morjan Hospital for chest diseases, and the second section dedicated to clinics in the brigade Hiuiyan, the royal era has opened a large
This study was based on many references and was mostly focused on the documents in the Book and Documentation House in Baghdad, which was the first source on which this study was based, as well as some published documents, Arabic books and university letters

التنافس الغربي _ الشرقي على المنطقة العربية (العراق أنموذجاً ) 1950 _ 2012م

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 269-288

The study aims to focus on an important stage of events between the two major camps or the two world powers and their impact on the Arab region in general and Iraq in particular. These two camps are the western camp, By tracking the positions of each of the two camps or the two forces, and have a lot on the course of political events or military for Iraq , Since both camps had a special position on each event, which began with the Cold War and the rivalries between them on the Arab region in general and Iraq in particular, from the middle of the twentieth century until the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, The coup of 1963, the coup of 1968, the Iraqi-Iranian war 1980_1988, the first Gulf War 1990_1991, and then the US occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the result of that war, which ignited the green land, where there was fierce competition between the parties, And the impact on the Arab region and Iraq in particular, which made the latter arena of conflict and a scene of competition between them, and once made with the United States and another with the Soviet Union, until the collapse of the Soviet Union and then the United States alone ruled the world and control of Iraq without rival, The Soviets and its policy in Iraq and the Arab region, because of the preoccupation of the Russians with their internal problems, but this decline did not last long but the Russians came back strongly after the US occupation of Iraq, and emerged rivalry between them again and this time stronger than the first of the modernity and development of military equipment And the world's high technology, which made the United States this time of fear of the Russian bear .

Economic Efficiency in the Perspective of Islamic History؛ (Economic efficiency policy perspective of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) model

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 289-310

Sufficiency is the limit that removes man from the cycle of poverty and brings him to a level of well-being and wealth, in accordance with his position and status in society.
That the guarantee of the state does not belong to the Muslim, Vltmi who lives in the Islamic state if he grew up and inability to earn, was the expense of the House of money.
And the meaning of the economy is a term: as a state of mediocrity between over and over, and Imam Ali peace be upon him warned of evil in excess, and here focused on the Imam Ali peace be upon him rich and sufficient moral and spiritual, who created the universes, the Almighty does not leave them without organizing it estimated everything in his ability , Has created man and the amount of his livelihood.
One of the reasons for the society's economic efficiency is the trade and economic movement through selling, buying, labor, production and investment, as well as the loan, where it encouraged Islam to give loans in the interest of Muslims and push for the arrival of funds and a reason for investment and work and economic efficiency

Al - Khusaybi 's Curriculum in the Biography of the Prophet through His Great Guidance Book

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 311-323

This research highlights the important figure in the history of Islam is Husayn bin Hamdan Al-Khasabi of the scientists of the second century AH, who was a Shiite scholar, who was a jurist and at the same time was transposed to historical events, as his books carried many of the novels of the Prophet's biography of News of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and his life and these books book (the Great Hedaya) ) .

Social Income in the Islamic Economic Perspective

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 20, Pages 325-347

Islamic economic perspective< the problem of the social income is initiated onsd trying to answer the question of whether the Islamic economy is limited or not in the field of calculating the social income of the workers. The answer is that the Islamic economy is distinguished from the others in the sense that the social income is the result of three main angles : business returns , bonus and profit . All together, these three silent features should achieve the adequacy and meet the needs of the worker and the Islamic law as well. Actually, the Islamic law is an actual expression of human humanity whish achieves and ensures one's dignity and happiness.
The present study ends up with that Muslims are concerned with the application of the teachings of Islamic law and many of their countries have guaranteed the time of the the application of the opposite of the constitutions at the time of the application of the opposite of the constitutions . Hence , this paper calls for the search for the adoption of the Islamic economic rule to provide a minimum level of efficiency in the calculation of social in come and to legislate regulations in accordance to this case .