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Issue 18,

Issue 18

Renewal fundamentalist Sheikh Mohammad Reza Muzaffar


It emerged from scholars who fought to study sharia law Sheikh Muzaffar, the founder of the Faculty of Theology in Najaf, the pioneer in the renewal of knowledge assets and refined. It reflected this wonderful experience in his wonderful book «jurisprudence», which is a quantum leap between fundamentalist books, especially Studying them. Sheikh Muzaffar has been able in this book that dissolves the complex and dry assets language in the verbal templates easy Siala, light on the brains, in a deep sense. More importantly, the educational method that instructs the student and the good works scientifically.
It should be noted that the power of regenerative owners see that the assets flag became tends to endoscopy and idealism and impartiality, and moving further away from the realistic and practical, making genealogy association with other scientific squares missing, although the
nature imposes upon close out the link, humanitarian Caldrasat, such
as: psychology, meeting and General Linguistics, law, and others. And it requires knowledge assets to open new doors of scientific knowledge within the assets, Caldrasat comparison, and others.
Sheikh Muzaffar has plans for a new and balanced with future thought his handling, ordained in the scientific dimensions of his school, and he was able to mobilize the approach in writing in line with the student and within the time period at the time, Vozaa Almmvrdat methodology on what felt taking the plan and supply the new, especially the lesson materials, such as logic and beliefs front and jurisprudence, flexible and contexts in supply and drafting tab

The late condition is a fundamentalist study


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, all creatures are good, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad al-Ahmad and Mustafa al-Amjad, the glorious dirham and the proud sea, our refuge and our exit from darkness to light and from ignorance to Islam, the love of our hearts and the intercessor of our sins and the beloved of the god of the worlds. And his advocates. . . After ..
The fundamentalist doctrine on which the Faqih is based and which is based on the understanding of the evidence is the study of the verbal evidence, as the evidence is sometimes verbal and sometimes non-verbal, and our words in the verbal evidence.
The study of the verbal evidence is based on the basic premises, including the introduction of legitimacy and the introduction of ordinary and presented

The styles of the literary article in the articles of the wide section of Dr. Ali Jawad al-Taher 1996


The article is a piece of moderate prose, dealing with a subject that is quickly addressed by its author, the daughter of the press that grew up and prospered. When we return to the oldest articles in the history of the genre, we find that the author depends on the expression of his thoughts and reflections or the subject of his study or opinion influenced by his character. As we progress in the history of this art to Dr. Ali Jawad al-Taher, we find it has developed for this literary elements new literary style that holds values, ideas and experiences live and the reality of the community.
Tahir liked the art of the article, took care of it, and raised its value, behind many of them, and was among the articles left (wide section) and various articles of various issues of society and culture. It was characterized by the style and the objective ideas, was a title in which we study the types and deal with some explanation and analysis.
These articles were compiled and arranged chronologically in a book prepared by (Mahmoud Karim Al Moussawi) and issued by the House of Cultural Affairs in 2007. In these articles, Dr. Al-Taher's linguistic and creative ability is presented to attract the reader in his sober style and his ability to match the language with the event to possess the heart of the reader and introduce him in his game called "The Art of Pans".
For this reason, the research plan required that it be based on three investigations, the first of which focused on highlighting aspects of Ali Jawad al-Tahir's life. While the second topic focused on the study of the article, and its origins and status at Dr. Taher. Then came the third section to review the types of literary articles in Dr. Taher in the book of the wide door, was divided into three types: the first is the article of characters, and the second is the article biographies, while the third type is specialized in issues of society. Then the results of the search are displayed in its conclusion followed by a list of sources and references

Miracles of knowledge of the Holy Quran Or the miracle of the graphic in the face of Arabic poetry


This research aims at rooting the pattern of the miraculous knowledge of the Holy Qur'an as one of the most important types of Quranic miracles. It included a prelude and three topics. In the preface entitled "Miracles of the Holy Quran and the Cognitive Side", the meaning of miracles in the language and terminology was discussed. And the epistemological / cognitive aspect.
The first topic was titled: The Miraculous Graph between the Qur'an and Poetry, in which it was said that the statement is the first appearance of the miracles of the early Arabs and the scholars, and was touched on the relationship between the Koran and poetry and discuss the dimensions of this monetary issue that occupied the researchers old and recent.
In the second topic, the knowledge of cognitive miracles and the most important bases of thought and its rationale were discussed. The third section discusses the knowledge of Quranic knowledge and the vibration of poetic knowledge due to the great difference between the certain facts in Quranic knowledge and the knowledge of belief that can be judged truthfully or falsely in poetry.
At the end of the research, the most important findings were established, followed by a list of the most important sources and references adopted by the research

Intellectual and political trends and their poetry Blend Haidari


In the name of God the Creator and the great prayer upon the most honorable creature, whom God sent him to guide the creation of Sydney and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the family of his home and his family close. After: The poem Free became a poem many intellectual implications and that the culture of the poet became inclusive culture, you need to critic holistic to fathom the depths of a literary work, provided by poet modernist and it includes the shift and the ambiguity and the dimensions of semantic vary depending on the culture and poetic talent and everything organized under the banner of creativity.
The reader of the poem Trochee feel that most of the poets of modernity stems from concern as the worldwide obsession defeat at the personal and the public with a profound hope for a new advancement of this nation up to its past present deteriorating bright future direction of the founding of the Shining.
When standing researcher in front of the circumstances experienced by Iraq in the forties of the last century, see how the harsh conditions in the political, social, intellectual and economic sphere, and had these circumstances returns negative poets in that period we mean since the end of the forties, where they suffer from the forces of oppression, injustice and horror the country and the forces of evil that Tgk govern the world and although the Iraqi poets have expressed those conditions in most of the poems, but they at the same time were optimistic and dream of the sun of freedom and revolution against tyranny and perhaps Sayyab was more these poets expression mediated by the legendary symbols of the political and intellectual barrenness which experienced by Iraq

Constructions of verbs in abnormal readings in a book Calculated in the definition of the object of reading and clarification To Abu Al-Fath Usman bin Jaini 392


I chose in this study architectures acts in the readings of the large quantity and variety, I have tried to I pick some types it is impossible to take out the large number of research, it has been deposited in the son taking calculated from linguistic and grammatical and semantic and vocal opinions countless mentioned.
The research was divided into four paragraphs of unprecedented boot was on the paragraphs offered first to the concept of buildings verbs in Arabic and then offered to the second paragraph of the concept of Koranic readings and controls the position of the scientists of them, then it was initiating research Vksmth four paragraphs, the first paragraph have addressed different readings between the naked acts and whipped, and the second paragraph dealt with different readings between whipped acts themselves, and the third paragraph dealt with different readings between the active voice and act passive verb, then was fourth paragraph which dealt with different readings between the name and the verb, then the research found finale has shown the most important findings.
The list of sources and references that NHL including research incubator for Mazan requested by the subject of research

A message in the guidance of the reading of Ibn Muhaisin in Al - Istbirq


This treatise is authored by the scholar Abdul-Qadir Al-Baghdadi (d.1093 A.H.). He interprets Ibn Muhaysin's recital of the word istebreq mentioned in the Holy Quran. His reading is one of the irregular recitations. The researcher investigates this subject via depending on a unique copy of this treatise obtained after a long period of searching. In the first chapter, the author discusses the etymology of istebreq where most scholars thought that it is Arabized from Persian whereas others thought that it was an Arabic word. The author himself tends to believe in both opinions where he considers istebreq as Arabized and Arabic. In the second chapter, he deals with scholars' attitudes towards Ibn Muhaysin's Recital and arrives at proving it due to the fact that he is an authentic scholar in Arabic. Finally, the researcher shows in the third chapter the method of pluralizing and diminishing istebreq on the basis of its being Arabic and Arabizedً .

Formulas of narrative representation in the killing of Imam Hussein and the path of the spies of Abdul Zahra al-Kaabi


There are many studies that dealt with the story of the killing of Imam Hussein by the historical or doctrinal, but I studied it on the part of literature, and I mean that we dealt with the (killed) as a text written for aesthetic purposes depends on the aesthetic function and imagination, and we mean that it is a narrative text contains Administrative structures can be addressed and analyzed according to the methods of analyzing literary texts. In the course of our study by the poetic narrator, among the total of the Husseiniya fighter, we chose the killing, which was narrated by Abdul-Zahra al-Kaabi in his particularity. While the other fighter has a historical character, On the section on the events of Ashura only in an attempt to determine the search space. This research is a study of one of the structures of narrative text based on the story at its origin, a study of the patterns of narrative representation in the Husseini killing, or the so-called (formula), which is the way the narrator adopts its narrative, which depends on the distance between the narrator and the narrator. To study the patterns of presenting the fate of the killers, and the modes of presenting the narrator of words and ideas in it..

Analytical Balance of Hassan bin Thabit Al Ansari Before and after Islam


that Hassan ibn Thabit's poetry in the Jaahiliyyah was characterized by the power of the word and the power of expression. His praise in the Jaahiliyyah was more profound. He chooses from the words that fit the typology and the souls in absolute freedom compared to the Islamic praises he committed, which Hassan directed to the simplicity of expression and spontaneity and ease of performance has found a completely different picture of what is known about the Islamic poetry of weakness and softness of the depth and revelations and shadows and meanings carefully crafted brilliantly Wat Gan, and because Hassan ibn Thabit poet printed does not enjoy much of the workmanship and elegance, revolutionary little imagination lacks his hair of description and representation. Ahajih was characterized by a shift from anger and spelling related to the interests of the self to the anger of God and His Messenger and from literature to gain to the literature of the Aqidi to obtain the reward of God Almighty. And also moved the meanings of poetry inspired by the ignorance of the environment to the meanings of the Koran and influenced by methods and rhetoric and was the Koranic education and teachings of the Prophet resonant creativity in his poetry..

Obstacles to study the educational curricula in the departments of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences from the point of view of students


The current research aims to find out the obstacles facing the University of Karbala Islamic holy in the study of educational curricula in the departments of the college students of the Faculty of Science, and the research community students from science and Islamic's (473) divided into three sections for the academic year (2015_ 2016) The research sample has reached (80) students, who studied the educational curricula in the three departments of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences (Department of Quranic Studies, Department of Jurisprudence and its origins, Department of Arabic language). The researcher directed questions to the survey sample and in light of the students' answers, the researcher prepared a questionnaire consisting of five fields field of students, Mja The results of the study showed that most students do not feel the importance of educational curricula in their practical life. , and that most of the students believe that the educational curricula are secondary materials that do not affect the scientific level, and this researcher recommended an increase of interest in organizing lectures and educational curricula and holding educational seminars in scientific departments to know the importance of the students' curriculum The educational impact in building the student's personality and work to find the latest educational tools to facilitate modern teaching these curricula and attention Pedros guidance process to increase informed students and their interest in such courses.

( The extent of the practice of faculty skills for effective teaching in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences)


The current research aims to recognize the reality of the practice of faculty members of the skills of effective teaching, at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.
For the purpose of reaching the goal of research researcher adopted the descriptive approach Descriptive to learn about the reality of the practice of faculty skills for effective teaching, depending on the survey method.
As the researcher prepared a tool consisting of 42 paragraph answered by choosing one of the five alternatives (LEKART) the five - year, existing scale in front of each paragraph which (available very large degree, are available significantly, available moderately, available to a low degree, are available very low degree).
The volume of the research community (468) The core sample has reached its size (96) students (20%) of the size of the original society.
The researcher used the following statistical methods: the weighted average, weight percentile and square like, and Pearson correlation coefficient to find stability. After data analysis results showed the following:
1. The results indicate that faculty members are highly skilled in teaching, which amounted to (34) out of (42) This is a good indicator.
2. skills is achieved eight skills are: the use of therapeutic methods for low achievement, employing educational technology in the classroom according to the educational situation, concerned with appreciation and rewards when the achievement of learners to work effectively, using modern teaching methods commensurate with the educational content, being tribal tests to identify the readiness of students and levels, using a variety of methods to close the lesson to suit the nature of the scientific material, uses appropriate strategies to cope with behavioral problems in the classroom, using a variety of methods to prepare students for the new lesson.
The researcher recommended several recommendations , including:
1. the development of a system to ensure continuous calendar and follow - up to ensure the efficiency of a university professor in the performance of his duties.
2. the Continuing Education Unit in the College oversees the professional development of faculty members at the college.
3. The establishment of ongoing seminars dealing with issues of teaching as a treatment of behavioral problems among students and design treatment programs for low achievement.
4. Development of skills and computer skills related to information technology and technology education and the development of the faculty.

To complement aspects of the research researcher proposed the following procedure:
1. Conduct a similar study in other faculties at the University of Karbala.
2. A study to identify the main problems facing the university professors.
3. Conduct a study to know faculty members in the college training needs

Mecca Religious and Commercial Center in a Arab Peninsula before Islam


The religious and commercial mediation of Mecca before Islam. Mecca had it's own mediation in Arabia before Islam for it's historical , religious and commercial site especially due to it's skillful people who succeeded in establishing comprehensive religious and commercial systems among Arabian society that time.
The means of transferring trade had been connected with exact management during the pilgrimage and trade seasons.
Thus, trade before had become a sacred tradition in the life of the Meccaeans, then, a group of professional men and women worked in trade and participated in spreading Islam outside their land

The campaign of children from the point of view of Orientalism The history book of the Crusades of Versailles is a model


Western studies were very interested in the Crusades in terms of the causes and the conduct of battles and results, so the Western Library is proud of the valuable books in this area. On the other hand, the Arab-Islamic interest in these wars was born late, without denying the existence of a few books whose authors recorded the events at the time of their occurrence as Ibn al-Qalansi (555 AH / 1160 AD) and Ibn Asaker (571 AH / 1175 AD) Own information in one form or another.
The crusades that fought these wars were eight wars and lasted for 265 years, and were sparked by the speech of Pope Urban II at the Clermont complex in 1095. This number, however, does not include a campaign of European historians, called the Children's Campaign, The number of campaigns will be nine, but the wars have remained eight.
The children's campaign was launched in 1212 and was characterized by emotional excitement, and it was one of the most campaigns that overlapped with legends more than others. As we mentioned, it has attracted the attention of European historians without Arabs and Muslims, because the feet of its young soldiers did not take the land of the Arabs. The orientalist's point of view is that the orientalist views things as a double vision for two cultures. So he is the most immersed in the factors that have manipulated the minds and ideas of children to move towards the mysterious East.
Orientalists chronicled it because of the effects of the East enabled the organizers of the mobilization of that number of children to lodge themselves in the dilemma of moving to the east under the slogan of the liberation of the Holy Land .. The model we chose to study his ideas and how to read the campaign is Rensiman who left us a book proud of those The history of the Crusades is one of the most important works in the history of the Crusades. Its author Orientalist not only documented the Crusades, but also contributed to the detailed writing of personalities, places and Islamic events. The campaign of children or childish campaigns is a page of Crusader history. And the location of this campaign according to the sequence of the Crusades between the fourth and fifth and did not include an independent chain like other campaigns, and this may appear from the lack of conviction of some of the campaign that it did not leave the European territories While others classified it as a campaign because the goal is to keep European passion inflamed against the Arab-Muslim world.

Education in Libya under colonialism 1911-1951


Education has become a cultural, social and national demand in all developed and developing countries, whether basic education or higher education. The responsibility of education towards society has been to pursue rapid growth in knowledge, , And to provide the human resources necessary to achieve development in society through scientific research in the various fields of theory and practice, so that education becomes a salary in the society in which it works, feel and feel its problems, and seeks to achieve the ambitions of society.
The Arab nation in general, and Libya in particular, have faced many international, regional and local challenges since the beginning of modern history. The fate of the Arabs in this age depends on how their children will be educated and educated to face these challenges. From the developing world to this reality since the beginning of the twentieth century, as well as the fact that has been stable for centuries about the need for (education) As a way of any real renaissance, but the new in the last years of the twentieth century is the growing realization that the issue is not a matter of any education, but rather that it should be a new kind of education that prepares the individual and society for the realities and dynamics of a new era, Future research experts estimate that the volume of scientific knowledge will double every seven years, ie, the accumulation of this knowledge during the remaining years of this century, for example, will be equal to or greater than the accumulated human knowledge since the beginning of recorded human history.
In this context, and in response to the contemporary international transformations, some Arab countries, including Libya, have sought to develop their educational systems, especially after their elimination from the era of colonialism which Libya has undergone in several stages and the colonization of various countries. Libya has allocated large budgets for education, Education, to the extent that is sometimes described as the Arab educational revolution.
In addition to the global challenges facing education in Libya, there are other challenges, which may often be more dangerous and influential, including the geographical location and desert nature of the country, the constant migration of the population and the many dialects spoken by the people of Libya.

Al-Husseini speech in the era of communication globalization


The media is one of the most important topics that a large group of researchers are interested in. Media recruitment is the most important. There are a lot of objective facts that need to take care of this subject, which is an important topic of discussion. And the connection of the Husseini ideas and the Husseini theme in all its forms and implications. If the media is the fourth pillar in the building of democracies and human experiences, the vocabulary of the Husseini topic has evolved in a cumulative manner over hundreds of years. The theme of Husseini evolved and expressed his image, as the means of communication, which are now suffering from overcrowding, intellectual output, which spanned from the oral culture and the first contact images to the literary arts and then began another journey of developments on this subject from books, periodicals and articles to stories and poems Films and documentaries to research and symposia, as well as mass media outlets from public and specialized radio, newspapers and satellite channels, and all means of mass communication from seminars, meetings and gatherings, to personal communication channels from mosque lectures and daily public gatherings from channels of communication In the traditional markets and regions, and therefore the Husseini topic is almost contact and communication activities are instantaneous and daily through the exploitation of all tools of direct and indirect contact throughout the day find posters and pictures and banners in all joints of life in cities, regions and countries, to the uses of modern technology sites Web networks, search engines, Facebook and Facebook pages to mobile ringtones to use multimedia media in the integration and production of images and video files .