ISSN: 2079-3286

Volume 8, Issue 17

Volume 8, Issue 17, Summer 2017, Page 1-362

The intend's effect on Melodious ( An – nother and Al Eman ) as a sample

Adly; Soubhi Awdh Al; Sara Dieaa Abod Shouib

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 1-20

wafi nihayat bahathna labd min alttarkiz ealaa 'ahammiat qasd al'iinsan fi al'iiqaeat alssadirat minh fyantajj ean albahth:
'inn alqasd min shurut al'iiqaeat fala yasihh nnadhr 'aw yamin min la qsd lah fi madlul lafazzihi, fala aietibar fi 'iiqae alssabi walmajnun walssukran waleabith walghadaban ghadabaan shadidanaan walssahi, kama la aietibar fi al'iiqae lilttamthil 'aw alttaelimi.
waykun qasd alnnudhur eibbart: ean qasd alnnudhur + alyamin bilafaz aljalalat + alqurbat lillah taealaa

Criticism in the book references with strong cord

Hussein and Sammy Sher Ali; Muna Yass khudair

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 21-52

Dealing with the subject of criticism researcher, evidence in the book of the strong rope, and showed a researcher at the forefront of research that the Book of strong cord has not been without critical views headed by Sheikh Baha'i to the grounds novels Olney quoted by the provisions of the doctrinal
Van Sheikh Baha'i in his strong cord was criticize the grounds and says the work Mates speech weak Sindh newly considerable and left Sindh shows modern and weakens the grounds and discussed the work of Palmshahur Jaber weakness of the bond, and work with talk-Hassan subject to the rule of tolerance in evidence Sunan, and that he was likely, evidence says that this talk not fit for opposition, such as the right to talk to talk, that gave us a description of what calendar can be punished for it every conversation and the road is considerable

Noldeka: Shia and the Quran

Ahmed Fadel Al - Saadi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 53-64

The Orientalist Theodor Noldeka and handles in his book “The History of the Quran” the readings that Shia has been invented and claimed that Abu Bakr and Omar had been distorted them, and that readings were talking about Ali and Imams and assuring oftenonthe words as Ali or Al Mohammad (Mohammad Family) that are added to the text without taking the meaning into consideration, as he claims pointing out to some samples, then he finishes his speaking with two points:
1- He says: May the organized inquiry of the Shia’s literature explores some strange things.
2- 2- His depending on the Turkish Moftis’speech that accuses Shia of throwing The Sura of Al-Ghashia out of the Quran and also the verses that descended for the purity of Aisha.
And Noldeka justifies this position of Shia that they are not happy to see the honour of the bitter enemy of Ali mentioned in the Quran.
And this essay is concerned with answering on what Noldeka talked about.

Mental interpretation of what it is and its importance and its limits

Hussein a khadim khuweir; Walaa a al-kareem abd-a-khadim abd yasir

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 65-89

Scholars disagree on the interpretation of mental curriculum and divided into two parts, the Department supports the work may be the mental approach of both types discretionary and Borhani and refuses to work interpretation opinion. . The other division, it refuses flatly to work as a mental approach have Kaltvsar opinion, which came forbidding him in novels, and this was the reason for forbidding the difference quotient. Hence, the researcher tried to offer very little to clarify the concept of mental interpretation in reality realism which are used in the interpretation of the Koran and its importance among interpretation methods and the statement of reason and legitimacy, citing as well as explanatory borders with other approaches.
This research found several results including the following:
1-mental interpretation is to take advantage of the obvious mental clues that are all sensible people accept to understand the meanings of words and sentences and, inter alia, the Koran and Hadith resource.
2-views received about the meaning of mental explanation is divided into three sections as follows:
First Section: Take mental explanation is to take advantage of the proof tools to interpret the Koran so-called mental interpretation Borhani.
Section II: He went to the mental explanation is thought to benefit from the collection of verses and chatter and then called mental discretionary interpretation.
Section III sees the mental interpretation of one kind of explanation Balroa.- mental interpretation when the front comes on two types:
The first type: make use of the mind and mental perceptions and judgments that take advantage of the means of proof Kaqrain to interpret the Koran and the mind is originally a tool in the interpretation of the Koran.
Type II: the use of reflection and understanding and deduction can be strongly thought confined to the collection of verses and so with the help of novels, language and so on. The so-called mental discretionary interpretation and mind here is evidence of interpretation. And the famous opinion that both types of sections mental interpretation of the two are permissible and after the debate shows that the fact is the mental interpretation of the first type.

The role of Imam Sadiq in addressing the issues of the doctrine of Tawheed is an example

Kareem Al Seragy

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 91-106

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the good-natured father and his companions, and those who follow him until the Day of Judgment.
Imam al-Sadiq played an important role in addressing the ideological deviations and symbols of heresy and heresy that were in his time. He spoke and looked at many of them and answered their questions and their questions, so that many of them obeyed and went back to the religion of truth. And this will be confirmed by evidence and evidence through research.
In the narration of Imam al-Sadiq-A, and from the debates, debates and questions about the issues of Tawheed, the proof of the existence of God, his unification, his descriptions, his justice, and so forth, he finds them with important, As many of the dialogues shake the ground under the feet of the other party and sometimes take him puzzled and surprised, and examples in many will come on them in the Mtawe research, as in the words of Imam Imam bases and important verbal assets to solve the problems and questions of many doctrinal questions, For example, when the Imam asks questions about Tawheed related to the divine ability such as whether your Lord can create a god or enter the world in the egg, he answers with a whole rule, namely, that the subject is not possible, Some are Roy.
He said: "The first religion is his knowledge, the perfection of his knowledge of the truth, the perfection of his faith, the unification of him, the perfection of his unity, the faithfulness to him, and the perfection of his loyalty to him. Every person is described as a person who does not have the capacity to do so, and whoever describes Allaah has lost his horn. And he said, Allam has been removed from him: an object not of an existing event, not of a lack, with everything, not a comparison. Cat and the machine, a visionary with no perspective of his creation, uniting as he has no dwelling, and he shall not seek refuge in his loss.
The research was divided into demands to address the first demand of the scholars of the public in the right of Imam Al-Sadiq. The second requirement was to prove the existence of God and to address the third requirement to prove his unification

The issue of antibody at Aware of assets

Shahid Abdel - Zahra Al - Khatib

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 107-142

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of all creatures, Muhammad and his good and pure family, and the constant curse on their enemies from the first and the other to the Day of Judgment.
After. .
The question of the opposite of the deep and delicate issues which are the subject of disagreement and dispute in all its aspects between the fundamentalists, they differed that the matter is something to forbid against him or not, they differed in the matter is it for the duty or scarcity, and whether the duty is simple or complex, And those who say the need for a word on different parts in kind or partial or adoption in the sense in particular and the adoption in the sense of the most general, and those who require the meaning of the meaning of the mental requirement in the sense of mental entanglement, and differed in the prohibition on the issue Is it forbidden Mallawi by the street or is forbidden to follow, They divided the ant in the matter into a special one It is one of the opposites existential and against the general is the Turk, and some said: The conflict in the public and private conflict, there is no dispute in the absence of the need to forbid him, and others said that the conflict in the private antibody, and the general, there is no dispute in the significance of the command to forbid him.
They also differed on the fundamentalism of the issue and whether it is one of the fundamental issues of the mind or the verbal, or is a matter of words or jurisprudence or is one of the principles of ratification or principles of jurisprudence.
And differed in the fruit of the matter between those who deny it and those who say it in the private antagonism in the health and corruption of worship as required, and those who differed between those who say nullity of worship, whether it is forbidden or forbidden, and between the author of the validity of worship on both the appropriate and not, They differed in correcting the worship of those who say that it is invalid on all parts, correcting the matter with the intention of the owners, correcting the matter with the intention of nature, which is canceled of all particulars, and correcting it with or without order. And how it was controversial in all its aspects.
The second section included the introduction of the definition of the subject of the research (the question of the opposite). It also included the definition of the terms of the question in the language and the terminology of the fundamentalists based on the language books and the fundamentalist dictionaries and the definitions of the fundamentalists. Between the fourth and eighth centuries, and to indicate their differences of opinion on the issue as necessary and not. The third section included the presentation of the views of the fundamentalists in the fundamentalism of the question of opposition by presenting three introductions. The first included the study of the fundamentality of the question, And the third in the fact that the issue of the principles of ratification or the principles of jurisprudence with an explanation of the place of disagreement in those introductions, and the fourth article ensures the liberation of the subject of conflict in the matter, which is broader subject, although the researcher deliberately abbreviated to fit the place, the researcher tried to show the conflict in the meaning The need to do something forbidden against him or against him and the general lack of it at the end of the comprehensive and concise in time and to emphasize what they went to the absence of absolutely necessary. The fifth topic is the fruit of the question and its jurisprudential applications, in order to influence the corruption and health of worship, as necessary and non-existent, and to show the emergence of this fruit in the special (existential) antibody without the general (nihilistic) antibody.
The importance of research: The importance of research is reflected in several things, including:
First: I took him to the issue of antagonism in all its aspects and to show the place of disagreement and conflict with it, and to show the views of the media in correcting the adamant objection in it.
Secondly, knowing the opposite of the acts of worship that are not valid is permissible in the first and the second is necessary. The second view is that it is necessary to forbid a person from it. The worship of him is invalid, because the prohibition of acts of worship requires corruption, and whoever sees that the matter does not require a prohibition against him, .
Thirdly: a statement of heritage and presented the matter by presenting the views of the applicants.
Fourth: Emphasis on the views of the late in the matter because they go to the matter that does not require the prohibition against him at all in any way necessary, which makes worship true because Islamic law authorized, there is nothing wrong with religion.
The reason for the choice of research: Many things arise on the issue of the antibody because it is an important and accurate matter, it is valid in the life of each expensive, so the researcher believes that the study of this issue because it depends on obedience to the legitimate orders must be diagnosed in order to make worship true can be approached to God Almighty.

The Qur'anic approach to building sound thought and achieving social peace

Jassim Hassan Abdul Redha Al Marsoumi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 143-184

Quranic method of absolute perfection Almighty is full, for a complete lack of human { poor people to God and God is rich Hamid} Quranic concepts but thought came to correct
Pre-Islamic thought based on the worship of idols and the sins and Oid girls, and exploitation. Vahtam Quranic approach at the hands of the Prophet building is based on love and intimacy thought, and renounce hostilities, and oppression
Even dhimmis (narrated that Abu Abdullah, for his fathers, peace be upon them that the faithful peace be upon him the owner of a dhimmi man, said to him, dhimmi: Where do you want, O slave of Allah? He said: I want to Kufa, and when he modified the way Balzma amended with him, dhimmi said to him: Is not claimed to want to Kufa? he said: Yes, dhimmi said to him: he left the road, he said, had learned, he said to him: not amended with me has learned that? said to him, Ali peace be upon him: this is exactly good companionship that the common man owner happily if departed from him as well ordered
Prophet, said to him: So? He said: Yes, dhimmi said to him: No offense but was followed by the subsequent actions of the stones, and I bear witness that I am on your religion, and he came back with a dhimmi Ali peace be upon him, and when he knew the safest)
And gave women's rights and my brother between master and servant, and between Sharif and debased. And this created the base because prevail Divine Thought community, Kaltouhad in divinity {is God Say } and the prohibition of murder {whoever kills the same or corruption in the earth as if he killed all people}, adultery, usury, wine and .. but the latest coup in the pre-Islamic thought on the conquest of Mecca, where its people detest the enemies of the Prophet (r) expect reprisals against them, but the rule of humanity Messenger was a day of Compassion is the axiom] [Go therefore you are free] overfill peace and safety of society. And it witnessed the Muslim world today, from terrorism and massacres is nothing but a deviation from the logic of the terrorists and the thought of the Koran.

Understanding the text of its factors and mechanisms

Raja Ajeel al - Hasnawi; Moayed Jassim Mohammed Hussein

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 185-209

The speaker did not specify interest in the fields of language, but shared this interest of the recipient because he is the party of the second speech, and the language of the speech is directed towards the purposes of the sender. The success of the communication process depends on the degree to which the text establishes itself as a link factor in the recipient's consciousness. The extent to which the text can activate recipient queues in understanding, understanding and processing.
This research is concerned with studying the factors of understanding the text and its mechanisms, and we have described it as (understanding the text, its factors and mechanisms). The research included an introduction, a preface, two chapters and a conclusion.
In the introduction we tried to introduce the concept of understanding in language and terminology.
In the first topic we studied the factors that help the recipient to understand. The second topic dealt with the mechanisms used by the recipient in the process of understanding, and then concluded the research concluded with the most important findings of the study.
Our study is an attempt to find factors and mechanisms that contribute to the reading and understanding of our Arab and Islamic heritage and culture. Life and understanding in our Arab world require us to re-examine our curricula and visions and to invest in scientific and humanitarian developments.
We have given up the intention that we will do our best, but if we are going to be God, if only we have worked hard in our work.
We ask God to reconcile and repay, it is Mawla and Nusair

Graphic images In the Diwan (regular poetry committed in the praise of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family)) Sheikh Adkawi

Muslim Malik Asadi; Asra Mahdi Shahid Aldhan

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 211-226

Despite the hardships of life and the tribulations of the trials and tribulations that characterized the life of the Arab individual and the successive foreign invasions, pain, hunger, and nightmares that characterized their lives after the disappearance of their state and the disappearance of their drawings, but their printing and their language and their nostalgia for their first occupation, the poetry was lost on their hands, and their segments were still followed by the presentation of a writer from here, There is a poet and a descriptive describe what is happening and happen or sing to the owners of ignorance and waits for them or see them in a reverse journey to describe the self and retreat to it to achieve rest for the same suffering and suffering and those poets Abdullah bin Abdullah bin Salama Al-Shkafi, which is trying this study Following the graphic image that his book contained, especially that he grew up in a literary environment that was concerned with the meaning and manifestations of the Maawari, so the researchers tried to follow these pictures and describe them and analyze their content and approach its meaning in the sense that the poet wanted.
According to the requirements of the subject, the research was based on a preface and four topics. The first topic was the study of the metaphorical picture. The second was concerned with metaphor and what the poet derived from the surroundings. The third was interested in the canonical image and concluded with a fourth section. The metaphor was its main orbit. Followed by a list of sources and references from which the research was taken

Referral antibody in a letter Ibn Zaidoun comics

Safaa Hussain Lateef

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 227-239

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on Muhammad Syed senders and The God of the good and virtuous .
This scientific exchange research based on the idea of a study assignments antibody in a letter Ibn Zaidoun comics, a look at the behind the comic text of Ibn Zaidoun in his comics, what Ibn Zaidoun did not say in his letter A_i_rgueth antibody assignments that can influence them to recipes son Abdos rivals who sought hard to Dr. Neil sweetheart girl Almcetkvi birth, taking the aspect of the curriculum lingual talking labeled with the knowledge of the script language (some text) means to study the text of Ibn Zaidoun prose .

Shaykh AL-Waheed AL-Bahbaani and his efforts in enhancing the fundameutal school in Iraq

Auday Hatim Al- Mifraji

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 241-288

Scientific motion passed in the holy city of Karbala in multiple stages between the prosperity and development of scientific and sometimes between scientific chill noticeable at other times it has been this holy city that it included the body of the master of martyrs Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas (peace be upon them) and it was accepted by the world's attention and the focus of Rahal scholars, clerics, and over the centuries that followed the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in (61 AH / 680 AD) with a group of his family (peace be upon them), the religious establishment has flourished and established a religious university where scientists and scholars lecturing from different countries have Dahr where scientific battleground sole of his time and unique Nahra mark wormwood Mohammed Baqir al-Wahid Behbahani in the twelfth century AH / brief summary of the seventeenth century and returned glamor scientific movement shines in the sky of science and knowledge and was Dhorh the beginning of change for the benefit of the fundamentalist trend has turned this city into a scientific, religious and intellectual square and mental research and transport and religious center prominent Shiites thanks to his presence and the presence of his students after him as Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Sea Tabatabai Science, which is the greatest of his students and religious authority, known as the first religious leader receives leadership and reference the existence of the only Behbahani alive and is one of the know disciples and virtuous affair he was considered the greatest clerics in Karbala, as well as Sheikh Jaafar detector cover in Najaf and Mr. Mohammed Mahdi al-Shahristani, who also turned his authority in the city of Karbala after the only departure Behbahani and Mr. Tabatabai, who was recognized Bovdilath in the holy city of Najaf and Karbala after the death of Mr. Muhammad Mahdi al-Shahristani, and Sheikh Jaafar detector cover and Mirza Abu al-Qasim al-Qomi and Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Alnraca and other media

Kadhimiya in the writings of orientalists

Zainab Ali Abd

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 289-317

I was looking for a title for Kadhimiya, and since I write my doctoral thesis on an orientalist, I decided to write about Kadhimiya according to what the Orientalists did. I was concerned that I did not give this address the right to time constraints, but I was surprised by the accurate and interesting information that they mentioned in many places. It is important to note that the specialties of the people we have documented are multiple. Some of them are geographers, some of them are clerics and some are included in certain tasks to facilitate their arrival. Specific places they wish to collect information about.
The goals of these orientalists who visited the region differed according to their specialties and methods, but they were in one tributary, the ambitions of the West in the Orient, especially in the period of the collapse of the state that became known as the sick man. And take evidence from the words of one of them, Jean Otter, who said, And I had to persevere to receive a decent reception for a good reason, which is that they have the right to need me as a green card .. "Although there are a lot of questions in this text, but we will overcome them as long as the purpose of the mention has been made .
We can not deny or ignore that these studies have informed us a great deal about the details of the events they witnessed and the places they visited, because these orientalists spent many years and studied very seriously every few minutes. Between religions and sects, and many others, suggesting that they have left a legacy of information that must be explored, but we must be careful when reading what they wrote, it is inevitable to resort to comparison and scrutiny and this is what we followed with texts that we doubt some accuracy , And most of us in this The study we had to shorten because of the time and space we were allowed to write. But we are determined that this research is the nucleus of a detailed book with the same title, we hope to see the light soon, God willing.

Individual consumption controls in the Islamic economy

Mohammed Ali Hashim Asadi; Huda Abbas Mohsen

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 319-334

Consumption patterns vary from one economic system to another. This is the way in which the economic doctrine expresses its concept of needs and how to satisfy them in its various aspects. Therefore, the limits and limits of consumption differ from one system to the other, absolute and restricted.
The Islamic economy has been characterized by a moderation style between launch and restraint, in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law. Hence, the importance of the subject is derived from the need to highlight the pattern of consumption that distinguishes the Islamic economy from other economic systems, especially after the changes in recent consumption patterns.
The method of research depends on the method of extrapolation and comparison between the positive economy (capitalist and socialist) and the Islamic economy.
The research plan included: introduction, introduction, two papers, and a conclusion.
The introduction covered the importance of the subject, the research method, and the review of the research plan. The preamble included: definition of the subject language and terminology
And the first topic; addressing the principle of freedom of consumption in the positive economy. It contained four demands. The first deals with the freedom of consumption in the capitalist economy; the second guarantees freedom of consumption in the capitalist economy; the third deals with the freedom of consumption in the socialist economy; and the fourth examines consumption controls in the socialist economy.
The second topic deals with the theory of consumption in the Islamic economy in two ways. The first includes: the rules of consumer freedom in the Islamic economy; and secondly, addressing the determinants of consumer behavior in Islamic legislation.
The conclusion was a general comparison of consumption in the Islamic, capitalist and socialist economy.
The conclusion included the main findings of the research

The role of the Al-Husseini TV programs in shaping public attitudes towards the 40th visit

Karim Abdullah Karim Taher Albaidani

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 17, Pages 335-362

The research (the role of the pulpit Hosseinieh television programs in shaping public attitudes towards forty visit) out of the question: Does the pulpit Hosseinieh television programs play a role in shaping public attitudes towards forty visit? As a problem of the study was to identify the target detects that role according to a scientific plan of research.
The study of descriptive studies based on a survey of the public's Sadr City as a society for the study sample is representative of the community amounted to (100) single and multi-stage according to the sample.
After counting procedures and processes statistical study it found a range of results, including:
1. Permanent monitoring solutions (daily), first in viewing software platform Husseini Options during the mourning season for the months of Muharram and Safar, followed by the medium viewing option (sometimes), to form together accounted for (92%) .. As received viewing option at home the majority of occurrences where he arrived to (98) among other options recorded low repetitions (14) Vnzula.
2. got the option of viewing (pulpit programs Husseini evening indirect) on the consensus of the sample, while dissolved category (search provided by al-Khatib in the lecture), first in the question of what your favorite part of the vertebrae and parts in the pulpit Husseini programs are based.
3. Question favorite channels to follow up on the pulpit Husseini programs replaced (lights channel) First up high, followed by (Oqaila channel) and then (Karbala) channel.
4. The majority of respondents agreed with the fact that Husseini pulpit programs contribute to the formation of cognitive and affective component (emotional) and behavioral.