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Volume 8, Issue 16

Volume 8, Issue 16, Winter 2017, Page 1-377

Base Revision Applied analytical study

Balsam Aziz Shabib


There is no doubt that the knowledge of the assets is of great importance in order to collect the ability to devise the Shari'a rulings of the guiding evidence prescribed by the Muslims in all their buildings, especially after the journey of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his family at the general Muslims, and after the end of the era of the imams of the Prophet's family at the front especially, and the ambiguity of some evidence Some of these fundamentalist rules are the basis of the "revision of the map". It is one of the products of the need for methods that mimic and deepen the textual heritage and reach the virtual Islamic rule after losing the way to reach the real, legitimate rule.
The research has been done on two topics:
The first and the three demands: The first requirement: Statement of the meaning of the rule language and terminology. The second requirement: sayings in the fundamentalism of al-Qaeda. Third requirement: Sayings in its argument.
The second topic: the two demands: First: the applications of al-Qaeda in the development of jurisprudence. Second: the difference between them and similar fundamentalist rules.

Methods and means of preachers to God

Amal Suhail Abd Hussaini


Since Cain killed his brother Abel, there are two conflicting elements, arguing with the argument and the proof between the midst of the human race, embodying the whole evil first, and the whole good and the other, so that the conflict became a feature of them, the evil always looking for a place trying to prove its presence in it, With a cloak of guts and calm, he tries to avoid evil and conflict with him.
It was always the sky that did not leave the battle hot between the two, send messengers, prophets and reformers and guardians to be good is the victor, but the devil was always in the watch man tries to divert him from the right. There were many preachers, Noah was one of them, and after spreading Islam on the face of the earth, the guardians had their role. Hussein was one of those who ended their lives with murder but was not defeated, but remained a torch and leaders throughout the ages, lighting the paths of the Mujahideen who seek God's mercy.
In these few chapters, we try to compare the Jihad of the Prophet of Allah with his people and the methods and methods he adopted for the sake of reform, and the call of Hussein (AS) to save his religion from collapse. He was a torch for those who wanted to fight the oppressors throughout history. .
In order to stand up to the truth of these movements, this research was a search for the truth to be a beacon of generations. It was organized in three demands. The first spoke about the ethics of the preachers to God; the fact that God made the necessity necessary is because the reformers must start themselves first. To be the response and compliance and acceptance, and then comes the second requirement to review the methods used by the Prophet of God Noah in his call to God, and the Holy Quran mentioned in the verse: (Then I called them openly and then I announced them and I have them secrets) (Noah / 8-9), there is no way left But he used them with them and thus complete the argument on them, as was the role of Imam Hussein (p), exhausted all means with the people of advice and guidance and correspondence and send ambassadors around the globe, and this is what the third section to talk about it, and our last call to praise God the Lord of the World

Conflict between legislation and application

Jassem Abdel Wahid Rahi


I have opted for the theme of conflict between legislation and practice. Because it is a subject that controls accurate details in human life, whether it is related to worship or the necessities of other social life, peace is necessary in the life of individual and social human if the common peace common security and commitment, cooperation, and reached people to the top of virtue, which is a pillar and pillar of faith , If the society is characterized by peace was able to walk at a rapid pace towards the higher levels of faith, as it is the driving force and driving, which is necessary for each of the denominators of behavior to God Almighty. And contrary to the barbarism which is the subject of research in the element of corruption and large and effective in human societies and the cause of the destruction of ties and cut off ties, and vice of the vices of the behavior of severe damage to the minds of the minds of the poor and the consequences of the consequences, so the wise people in all nations created by God Passion is a non-civilized means that contribute to the backwardness and backwardness of societies.
Hence came the idea of research that defines this term and examines the views of jurists and thinkers. And the consequences of the consequences caused by the warrior. The research plan required me to divide it into five investigations, as follows:
The first part of the study deals with the concept of the word and its definition in terms of language and terminology as well as the Quranic use of this word. The second topic dealt with the views of the scholars in the narration and the warrior. While the third section is devoted to a legal statement about the punishment of the fighting and its proofs. The fourth topic deals with the conditions of the warrior and the punishment resulting from it while the fifth section is devoted to a statement of the types of punishment and repentance of the warrior and the conclusion of the search results and the list of sources

Denying suspicion of questioning the authenticity of the phenomena of the Koran

Kadhim kadhur Hamza


This research tackles ( A rebuttal to the misconception about questioning the authority of the apparent meaning of the Quran ) .
Actually , I have discussed it from various aspects . each aspect includes discussing the issue from different ways . At the end of the research , I have come to accurate results that have been proven .The most important result is:
We basically need to prove the authority of the apparent meaning of the Quran in order to hold on to the Quran and Sunnah .
It is clear that there is no way to hold on to them unless We prove the authorty of their apparent meaning . thus, we must seek conclusive evidence to prove this authority .so we can consider the exotrtic meaning of the Quranic verses and narrations.
After the study , it turns out that we must adhere to the apparent meaning of the Quran

The uniqueness of the narration of Hadith and its impact on the evaluation of narrators

Mohammed Jawad Kazem Al-Salami


The research is characterized by (uniqueness in the novel and its impact on the evaluation of narrators) the concept of exclusivity among modern scholars, and its sections, and the most important reasons that led to the emergence of uniqueness, and the images that branch out of the types of talk you meet with him, as well as the provisions that relate to him in terms of acceptance or The response and how to rule the modernists, on the one hand.
On the other hand, he presents the words of the men's scholars on this subject and how they dealt with the narrator, who is unique in his speech - the abundance or lack of exclusivity - as well as the nature of the judgments they have made towards him, and what are the projections generated by the uniqueness of the narrator.
key words
The concept of uniqueness, the sections of uniqueness and the reasons for its emergence, images of uniqueness in the novel, the rule of uniqueness in the novel, the applications of uniqueness in the narrators

The concept of Sabians at the interpreters

Mohamed Idan Mohamed


Muslims disagree on religion Alsabiah Are they people of the book or not, some of them said they were from the people of the book and may be taking a tribute from them, and some of them said they are not of the people of the book is not permissible to take tribute from them, as well as that of the Islamic religion believes in tolerance and peaceful coexistence, whether they are people of the book, or they did not. The religion Alsabiah of ancient religions, as mentioned by the commentators in their books are a mixture of Judaism and Christianity and through the study shows the researcher, she is closer to Christianity, and focused in the Finder on the most important dealt with the commentators in their books to show the doctrine Sabean from the point of succulent interpreter. Find five sections included are as follows:
First topic: Sabean and idiomatically language:
The second topic: the opinions of the commentators at the origin of religion Alsabiah
The third topic: the origins and history of the commentators when Sabean
The fourth topic: books, homes and structures have binoculars
Section V: Sabean beliefs when commentators
Section VI: Sabean sections when the commentators

Words function to the briefing and inclusiveness

Raad Naama Radi


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the honorable messengers, our master Muhammad and his good and pure family, and after:
The characteristics of the language of download in the meanings of the words, that the word often returns a year to benefit comprehension, Fidel on many things take, and when God addressed the Almighty humans in the language of the Arabs addressed them with their tongue on what is known of the meanings and what consisted of the breadth of this tongue, In the texts of the Book, it appears to be a statement of comprehension and generality
And because the meaning of the term or concept (comprehension and comprehensiveness) of the important meanings called for the need to communicate, and understanding the meanings of the speech so I am by the grammarians, interpreters, fundamentalists and others.
It is agreed by linguists that this term has language formulations, but the definition and limitation of these formulas are controversial because of their differences in what is comprehensive, but they nevertheless agree on a variety of formulas that many sources mention for their own time. This is what this study will mean
This research is an attempt to monitor the words of the (comprehension and comprehensiveness) in the Koran and what he intended to use and how the Holy Quran has employed those words in the context of Quranic many of the miracles and the statement.
In this sense, the Department of Research on two topics, paved the way for the introduction of the concept of comprehension and comprehension and to address the meaning of language and terminology
The first topic dealt with the formulas that are self-explanatory: the forms of the moral emphasis, the names connected, the names of the question, the names of the condition, and the word "surround" and its derivatives. And added to it, and the negation in the context of negation and prohibition, and the description, and the submission and delay and then seal the research concluded that the most important findings of the results
After: I hope that the ideas contained in this research useful and useful for researchers and those interested in Arabic and its immortal heritage, God bless success.

Components of the speech of Ms. Zahra in the Fadik sermon

Haidar Mahmoud Shaker


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, O God, pray to Fatima and her father and Baalha and her sons and the secret stored in it, the number of your knowledge, and counted in your book, with your mercy, O mercy of the merciful.
The reading reveals in its search for the components of the speech with its pilgrim features and its textual structure in the style of the Fatimid sermon of the Lady of Zahra, which constructs its general structure and establishes the tributaries of its references in its own composition, because the words of Mrs. Zahra are entirely derived from the Word of God, In this way, the mihād will be able to present references to the khutbah and its occasion, so that the reading begins with its references to the secrets of the name and its relation to the occasion, including the engineering of the preamble For the speech and the movement of its textual structure within the discourse, which leads to reading the statement of semantic proportionality and its contextual hierarchy as a pole of the elements of the structure of the composition of the text of the speech with its components, and to search for the features of others in the structure of the text of the speech in the power of truth, In terms of the divine other who chose God and created him and lined him up and made him for himself, and in terms of the other positive ground, and through this will be in the study of the receipt of the Holy Quran, the first two: exemplary; such as the opening of the Koranic initiation, and the employment of vocabulary, The second is indicative of the direct and direct reference to its blessed verses and its characteristics in the structure of the textual discourse. Then the reading removes the secrets of repetition of the key word and its pilgrim function in its specific scriptures and scriptural sanctity, such as repeating the word " , and the word (my father), and (the son of) my uncle, and the word (book) God , and at the end of the components be extrapolating the questions of the structure of rhetoric and the work of the pilgrims, in their sections according to the number of the operation of its tools, and the totality carried by the subject of each syllable section and direction Haggia in terms of It is meant by Ms. Zahra , which supports her speech in communicating with the addressee.

Effect of readings in the kufic voice study

Nawal Kamal Al Naqib


The study of sounds is the first thing a student of the language, if he wants to study a language is a scientific study correct. Because they are the origins of the words (spelling letters) and know the properties of these sounds and their characteristics when combined in the images of words.
Hence, the Arabic linguists, starting with Hebron, felt the need to study the voice to understand the secrets of Arabic. Other linguists like Azhari, Ibn Duraid, and Ibn Jinni followed his approach. And saki. This study was known by the people of the readings after Hebron.
And that the simple voice in terms of the director and his character and character in the composition is the imam of the Quranic readings and the reason for their difference.
Bergstrasher said: "... and the first to put the assets of science Khalil bin Ahmed" and was able to build many of the assets of grammar.
Kufa is the home of reading, and most of the Kufic linguists were interested in the readings and sciences, and they have written in the books of Tajweed, many opinions and details have had a great impact on the study of grammar.
Bergstrasher said: "The science of sounds at the beginning part of the parts of grammar, and then borrowed by the people of performance and readers, and increased the details of many taken from the Koran.
And reading science, is a study related to the study of sounds in terms of their exits and descriptions and different conditions.
Al-Kasai was the founder of the Kufi grammar school, and was one of the seven imams in reading, and the fur was related to the story of the letters of the Qur'an, And interpretation.
Therefore, the research begins with a preface that summarized the saying in the reading school and the readers in Kufa, and showed how Kufa was the home of reading when Imam Ali (AS) took the center of the Caliphate, and came with the companions such as Abdullah bin Masood, And then Hamza bin Habib al-Zayyat, then al-Kasa'i, the author of Kufa and the founder of its grammatical doctrine, to show the seed that was scattered to create the flower of the voice study in Kufa.
The subject of the study, which is the voice study at the Kufin, sheds light on the following topics: implication, substitution, cue, and tilt.
We have shown in the paragraphs of this subject these phenomena sound as available in the readings Alksai and fur, as provided by our sources.
In this way, I hope that I have fulfilled the issue of his right and my compromise, except in God Almighty.

Al – Tawsheeh : a rhetorical study in the techniques of quranic style

Asaad Jawad Yousef


Al –Tawsheeh is considered one of the arts of al – bade which depends on semantic contrast on the levels of antonymy and synonymy as a constructive being for it on the condition that the second element should be an interval in the verse creating on the part of the listener the possibility of expecting the antonym of the vocable for the first element on the levels of its shape its prosodic and morphological form and its deeb level which comprises its lexical denotation . and this intellectual association that is motivated by the characteristic of repeating the creation of the intervals of the former verses to the verse containing Al– Tawsheeh , and both lead to expecting the form of the interval which constitutes antonym for the first element that is opposite to it in the structure of Al– Tawsheeh or a counterpart to it .
This art did not interest by the rhetoricians in comparison to the other of
al-Badee in addition to its confusing with other arts near it regarding the construction like Al – IRSAD whereas there is a great and obvious difference between them .
This research is conducted for giving this art its due right , and this is done by stating the aesthetic value of its techniques and revealing its rhetorical secrets , and this is ultimately done by conducting a descriptive and analytic study for it depending on the generative approach which is based on the surface and deep levels in studying this art.
The holy Quran is a vast arena for applying the art in question . it constitutes a reliable stylistic phenomenon resting on antonymy and the music of the quranic interval which creates this quranic stylistic phenomenon

The Intellectual Role of al-Aqeeda (Doctrine) Magazine Najafi

Hilal Kazem Humiri


Al-Aqeeda (Doctrine) Najafi Magazine is considered as one of the targeted languages in Najaf, established in 1948, chief-edited by Fadhil al-Khaaqaany , and first issued in Diwaniya then transferred to Najaf.The magazine had tackled different moral, religious, political, and economical topics; hence, it introduced a new vision in treating the different aspects of contemporary problems. It severely criticised the official principals then accusing them of being people of self-concern rather than being concerned much of their own people. Therefore, it state authorities prohibited the magazine and claimed that it had led a destructive thoughts, especially Communism. Such authorities made use of the fact that al-Aqeeda had had good relationships with all Iraqi social classes in Najaf regardless of their education resources and their own intellectual trends. Accordingly, it had been entirely closed after editing only twenty issues.

The morphological phenomena of Qur'anic readings and their effect in guiding meaning

Kareem Sawadi Moin


Addresses research an important topic in the exchange, where the researcher reviewed the important aspects of the phenomena morphological, and focused attention on the work of these phenomena and the different readers in that 0 was considerable disagreement whether the dispute between the visual and Alkoviin or between owners doctrine grammar one, and then turn search to follow the witness Quranic and different commentators stating depending on the different morphological rule, and the differences in reading Quranic verse with a follow-up to winning the dispute between the commentators, noting the most common in reading Quranic verse


Kareem Zamd Mushir


This study is trying to diagnosing the effect of the social behavior on Islamic economic applications by applying it on social individual in holy governorate of Karbala, life requires and the economic fast movement in different fields enforce individuals for moving economic behavior that suitable with their interests and the relations with community interests , also the environmental , doctrines effects and it’s role for organizing the individual behavior also and then community , because of the big troubleshooting that community faced from modern economic system movement it should be doing a try to know the two-way effect and linkage levels between the individual behavior and Islamic economic applications as a try to know individuals staying power to use behaviors that pass the failure and keep up with the general tendency of Islamic economic.
To arriving the aims of this study we but tow probabilities by using modern economics manners also using connection parameter to measure connection sign between variables and T test the volume effect of independence variable in the follower variables . this study depending on holy Karbala’s community ,because the religious natural of this governorate and headmost engagement with economic Islamic applications, depending on application form as a main tool to gathering data for practice field .
The study included (41) citizens, included different sections and the result from this study is that:
1- community behavior influenced on Islamic economic application and every positive change on Islamic general principles obligation accompany with change in the same side of fundamentals , so the total result is that general principles accompany change the same side of fundamentals, the result that the influenced of general principles on Islamic economic application is larger than influenced of community behavior.
2- the study shows that community individuals interested with general principles, but also with not pursued levels . generally the community care with material and immaterial values and the reaction of individual is founded with this values that making it’s to have spiritual morale power that affirm the respect of Islamic religion and this is a good sign towards these applications .
About recommendation of this study is to put a clear strategy by the state for building the mental knowledge of individual community towards Islamic economic applications from serial procedures , the first is to put a plan and the last is to educated citizen in Islamic economic behavior by individual

Women are exposed to local religious radio stations and their broadcasts

Haidar Shalal Mutab


The research (women exposed local religious radio stations and Acbaat earned them-a survey on the housewives in the holy city of Karbala) a new subject has not been dealt with before, and the goal of this research is to detect patterns and habits of women exposed local religious broadcasters realized and Acbaat of this exposure, and longer this research was descriptive research in terms of type has been used as a researcher in the style of the survey data collected from respondents adopted a resolution on the tool as a tool head in the collection of research data using a simple random sample
The researcher has reached a number of conclusions, including:
1- The listeners to the local religious radio stations in the age group (38-47 years) came first prize and 35%.
2- The most prominent social situation in the research sample are (married), which came first prize and 50%.
3- more respondents who distributed them to the questionnaire are of the crops on the certificate (BA) as obtained their first place and by 30%.
4- came respondents who listened to religious broadcasts by (85%), while women who were not listened percentage (15%).
5- stated reason for not listening (relied on other means such as television, newspapers and the Internet) in the first place by (36.6%), and was the cause of (easy listening to the radio while doing other work) first prize and the rate of 3.35% of the causes of hearing.
6- respondents most listened radio (1.2 hours), as happened on the first place and by 46.5%.