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Volume 7, Issue 15

Volume 7, Issue 15, Autumn 2016, Page 1-490

The multiplicity of marriages between the Sharia Muhammadiyah And the Iraqi Personal Status Law

Ali Saleh Rassin

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 1-41

Polygamy is a social system practiced in the history of the Arabs before the mission, and was approved by the Sharia Muhammadiyah, and added to it the legislation of marriage Mut'ah, which he did in the Emirate of Abu Bakr, and Omar, and reinstated by the Amir of the believers and then deprived him Omar, The Shiites of Imamiyah), and when referred to by the violator say these Shiites sons of adultery, after the marriage of comfort, and continued the dispute to the day, and this led us to stand at this type of marriage to show legitimacy, as an outlet from the outlets to eliminate the spinsterhood Communities which we also stood for in this research.
The system of polygamy in Iraq has been eroded following the legislation of the Labor Party, the dissolved Baath Party, which abolished the sacred legislation to replace it with the Western-inspired laws of the West, and imposed a fine on the person who marries without the consent of his former wife.
God has removed the Baath Party, but their laws have not disappeared, but are working because of the inability of the legislative bodies that took power on the ruins of the Baath, as an attempt by the researcher, wanted to statement at the conference "Organization of Family Law" November 2013scheduled to be held in the month of 11/2012, has been delayed to the date mentioned, and vowing to put the idea of polygamy, including the marriage of comfort irritated many of the attendees, because the call to activate the personal status law on the basis of the provisions of the Jaafari doctrine is a time bomb , Just because the researcher spoke to the tall list of attendees and sat down T revolution, and beat him with words indecent, rose shouts and howling nonsense without based on a legitimate basis.
As well as the so-called moderation and moderation, or hold the stick from the middle, or Islam last time, and this makhalot money, which rich politicians, and intended to Islam Courtesy, and in fact is religious hypocrisy, and speak two languages, especially with the violators, Speech is different, and this phenomenon referred to by the Creator Almighty Almighty says (And if those who believe believe they said safe and if they go to their demons said we are with you but we mock
The researcher said that the prohibition of polygamy in the Iraqi Personal Status Law is an American law, which was legislated by the Congress in 1882, and we are still going through it .
And the great calamity that the people accept the legislation of America, and reject the legislation of God Almighty and at the time of writing this introduction 18/2/2015 We are doing so, we get married in the light of this legislation, knowing that the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq recognized Islam as the official religion of the state, The verse says: "You will be victorious over what the women of yours have done, like two, three, and fours. If you are afraid, do not change one or your own."
It is known that the verse has identified the pairing with four, which is the legal quorum, except the king of the right, and this is the rule of God, if we review the Iraqi personal status law, we did not find the rule of the verse male! He identified the association with only one, and if he thought of another it was a big crime.
Then what about the king of the right referred to in the verse, as it is stated in what is supported by another verse, saying: "And the protections of women, except what you have entrusted to your faith, the Book of Allah is upon you, and I have given you beyond that, that you may seek your wealth, and you will not travel. You have agreed with him after the obligatory, God was wise
Did not this need legislation in accordance with the law of Muhammadiyah and not the laws of the situation of people's need for fear of spreading obscene? Was it not in the time of the Prophet and the Emir of the Believers? What about the unmarried marriage that Omar has forbidden, knowing that the latter ended his rule for centuries, why should we follow his orders? Even if he is diligent, it is not permissible to remain in the tradition of the deceased, but not for what is rare.
For fear of prolongation in these matters, we confined the matter to the marriage of the Prophet. Did he take the consent of his ex-wife when he wanted to marry the sufferer, and we are bound by his Sunnah to say: "And the Prophet did not take you and take him away, and fear Allah.
In order not to get confused on the subject, we must know the meaning of the Sharia Muhammadiyah, then clarify the goal is to eliminate the phenomenon of spinsterhood and how to treat it.

Comparative Jurisprudence in Ahl al-Bayt School Al-Hali (726 AH) is an example

Balsam Aziz Shabib

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 43-64

The comparative Jurisprudence is one of the important Islamic studies ,it studies all the sayings and opinions upon a certain problem with its evidences to prefer what the evidence or proof had preferred as the Imami said " we follow proof " .The contrastive study needs a wide knowledge , where the researcher should be aware of all opinions , a high academic spirit and an honest aim which is to obtain the real truth .
The main bases of its success are the accurate scientific method, observing the dialogue elements and comparing without any bigotry.
Al- Hilly , the scientist ,was skillful in all these methods , he presented , in this field , three types of the comparative Jurisprudence represented by :- " Muntaha al Talab" , "Mukhtalaf al Shei`a " and " Tadhkerat al Fuqaha`a".
The Researcher

Islamic fundamentalism between Takfiri thought and holy violence

Abdul Razzaq Rahim Salal

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 65-78

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the best of His creation, Ahmed Al-Amin, and his faithful family and companions, whom Allah honored and purified. After that, the ideology of takfiri violence behind terrorism is no longer confined to the Takfiri elements who believe in violent and extremist practices. But spread over large areas in many Arab and Islamic countries, which for many years has been subjected to an enemy that adopts strategies based on brainwashing, under the pressure of the deteriorating political, economic and social factors on both the individual and society.
We refer to fundamentalism in terms of its general linguistic meaning, that is, reference to the origins. The assets of the Muslims are the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, whether they are true or actual, let alone the other assets that are the subject of disagreement among Muslims. But their consensus is about the Book and the Sunnah. Therefore, most Muslims are fundamentalists who believe in peace, dialogue and tolerance, and do not believe in terrorism. They do not practice violence. Fundamentalism in this sense is not a religious doctrine in Islam as it is in Christianity.
The term "fundamentalism" was used to refer to movements that followed a political line in which violence and terrorism were practiced in the name of Islam, not legislative, ritual or moral Islam. The researchers in the field of theories that deal with the phenomenon of fundamentalist terrorism, which has become a global phenomenon that excluded a nation, country or race, (The religious sanctuary), which has monopolized the political priesthood for many centuries. This priesthood has contributed greatly to the spread and nurture of extremism, giving rise to violent fundamentalist currents, taking advantage of the deterioration of the Arab and Islamic situation to declare itself a legitimate will chosen by heaven to save oppressed peoples!
The phenomenon of religious extremism, in particular its various religious and ideological ideological manifestations, witnessed by the Muslim world in its recent decades has emerged prominently through demonstrations against the ruling authorities. Or when there were military coup attempts and assassinations of political dimensions in the early seventies of the last century, preceded by events that paved the way for them, and founded their emergence later, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Jihad and Takfir, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat in Algeria and the Ansar League in Lebanon .
Hypothesis: The hypothesis is based on the existence of a contractual, intellectual and political problem in the approach taken in applying the law of God in dealing with the other party, which is opposed to the thinkers of Takfiri. Is the Islamic community a position of those groups with a difference of views?
The Importance of Research: I chose the theme of religious extremism and its relation to the sanctity adopted by terrorist groups because it represents today the most prominent event that occupies the international arena. The foundation or ideology from which Salafist fundamentalism began to embrace terrorism and violence, which is enveloped in the cover of religion, its spread, and the devastation and devastation it has caused materially, morally and ideologically, and the division it caused among Muslims because of its misguided and destructive ideas, The motivation that motivates all researchers to explore the depths of these dangerous currents behind which global and local agendas aim to destroy Islam and its tolerant faith. The term "sacred violence" does not refer to the sanctification of any violence in its various forms in Islamic law. Rather, the acts of takfiris of acts of violence which are described as sanctifying them are the justification for our invocation of holy violence

The fundamentalist structure of the Oneness News at Imamiyah

Abbas Fadel Abbas Al - Sarraj

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 79-106

Assets can be considered as a logic diligence, has an important role in the development of legal provisions, has given scientists interested in a clear and significant in its searches, and perhaps the most important of which their research on the issue of what is known as including (denote narrates lawful and purity), and air conditioning fundamentalist her, because of its great importance in knowledge of significance to the effect, and is utilized especially bases solution and purity - were realistic or virtual -, or also include the significance Alastsahab base, as some scientists realized them Alakhund Khorasani and others.
So were discussed by the two sections, the first review of it was narrates that could be a function of the three bases - purity and lawful Alastsahab -.
Since the statements in question multiple until I got to about six, has necessitated Search second part - which was held to highlight in the sayings of scholars and guides all say - most of the leaflets of this research, the importance of the search, and the large number of views on the matter.
The researcher concluded that the results of perhaps the most prominent founding Purity base phenomena and the solution through this narrates, this marked a detailed and clear in the research in this important issue.

The Political Jurisprudence of Hakim Jamal Al - Din Al - Khawansari

Hameed Jassim Aboud Al Ghorabi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 107-144

The political jurisprudence in the Shiite heritage translation lively political life marked by the two experiments historical periods; one of the Prophet Muhammad Government (r) in the city of Medina and the second government of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) in Kufa, and, unfortunately, the Government of Imam Hassan did not last (p) because of the trouble and strife and exit of prostitutes by these experiences collectively provided the finest aspects of constitutional and civil state, Muslims breathe scent of divine justice and infallible (p) among them that they were the political freedom and Almsawaho election and all the concepts related to the ruler and the ruled in the light of the Qur'an and found her place in the Islamic political life Vkanta trials Uniquely, however, that after the Islamic political jurisprudence he shifted to the king of Edod shed tyrants and dictators on the necks of the Muslims appeared oppression and injustice nations and the rule of sultans prostitutes had to be Islamic jurisprudence that deals with these countries for the purpose of keeping Islam and Muslims From this standpoint was the investigator Akhawansara great services for Islamic Mojta as combining religion and politics in line with the legitimate interest of producing our political theory about the concept of the state Islamic religious perspective, led by al-Faqih Whole strips, and it was open to the rulers Hakpth approach reformist and Daouia to advise them and guide them, one of the most important characteristics that defined by the investigator Akhawansara which we desperately need today Openness to others Qur'anic approach has many great benefits at the level of power and authority, the state, the individual and society, these political theories that knew her Akhawansara but are explanations and footnotes to the words of Imam Ali (AS) and collected in a book tricked governance, which was still a beacon to guide through which the rulers the leaders and governors, they were not competent in his time (p) but invested investigator Akhawansara political reforms in his time to confirm the fact overlooked by many that the rulers and sultans refer to the thought of Imam Ali (AS) for the purpose of building the Islamic community has enrolled search in the introduction and three sections included section first: Biography of a wise Akhawansara, the second topic display general theory of political jurisprudence and was in the six demands, which included the first requirement of his theory in the relationship between religion and politics, and the second, his theory about the power, and the third, his vision of the political system, and the fourth, the most important conditions for the Imam and Caliph him, and V , his vision of the tasks of the guardian jurist and powers, and the sixth, his vision of the State of the unjust. The third section has included his theory of peaceful coexistence with the oppressive governments and the conclusion and a glossary of Arabic and Persian sources and references.

Some of secrets of the usage of Holy Quran A study at structure and Semantics

Dheyaa Fakhir Jabur; Dheyaa Fakhir Jabur

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 145-164

Research is summarized in the study of many of nice and wonderful Quran usage in structure and Semantics, such as the usage of meanings letters, the indication of plural form through (O) letter as in the verse: (And your Lord that you worship none but Him and dutiful to your parents), the usage of preposition (up) in the verse: (she was asked to enter the lofty palace: but when she saw it, she thought it was a lake of water, and she (tucked up her skirts), uncovering of legs).

Research has also dealt with the precise differences among similar structures as in the verse: (don't kill your children for fear of want: we shall provide sustenance for them as well as for you), and the verse: (don't kill your children on a plea of want: we provide sustenance for you and for them).

Research has mentioned the present tense after the word (Possibly) different then the common as in the verse: (again and again will those who dsbelieve, wish that they had bowed in Islam), stopping at a secret of marvelous secrets of Quran, throug surrounding of a letter in one verse as in the (29th) verse of surat Al-Fath: (Mohammed is the prophet of Allah…..).

Combining the Exoteric Judgment with the Actual Judgment

Sadiq Hasan Ali Al-Tufaili; Salam Razzaq Al-Zubaidi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 165-190

The research came in two sections, the first tackled the connection between the legal judgments and the contractual principles. The second section discussed the cautions of the exoteric judgment and the aspects of combining it with the actual judgment.
The results were as follows:
1- This issue is related to some contractual aspects like the possibility of the mind realizing the judgments, that the judgments are exposed to bad and good, that there is no incident out of the control of Allah and that the judgments are imposed on the ignorant and the knowledgeable.
2- The suspicion of Ibn kibah is the reason why the Isulis revealed the cautions of making the judgment exoteric.
3- The consequences of making the judgment exoteric are five and are different in formation and methodology.
4- The combining between the two types of judgment is made when there is presumption and decisiveness.
5- The Isuli scholars mentioned seven types of cases where the combining between the exoteric and the actual judgment can be combined.

Jurisprudence of difference Hadith is a exemplar

Falah Razzaq Jassim

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 191-218

The concept of difference of faqh in clueless the isswe of under standiy this kind and it was mean the meaiy in faqh rule concept or rule field that in lingniscs side to the word (faqh)means the understanding and adds to it the deep meaning into the text in the case to disconer what happened after .
The text and that may fiadfram devices of the scienhfic research , rules and knowledge article for that the points of view are different idea because the kirds of reference of the difference All of that oecur in the view of Al- Hadath Al-sharaph. Finally in the text must be understamding in the right way to doinot do any instakes .

Reform Addressed by Imam Ali

Ibrahim Mezher Saleh Al Moussawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 219-250

It can be said that, Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS), Was the leader of reform in the early history of the Islamic nation. His reformist approach was based on:
1-His tender to God and his faith to Islam never caused his pureness or caused him to bear a grudge on the caliphs who took over the Khilafah in very unlawfully way. but he stayed by their side to give them advice as they were seeking the advise from him and so he said (AS) (I will be in Peace if the muslims cases are in peace, inspite of the injustice that been made against me especially
This is a remarkable lesson can be learnt from Imam Ali (AS), that Al Khilafa is not a chair he want to sit on, but he discovered his outside influence and the role that can played.
2- He reached Khilafa through a major change was made by people as first step for reforming when the people elected him and announced him as a Khalifa. Unlike what happened in the first, second and Third Khalifas.
3- The clarity of responsibility towards people, when he announced his new method of reform. through spotlight the corruption and punishing the spoilers.
4- The serious action that he showing of his new method of reforms inspite of difficulties faces him and he was knew how much he would pay and loose but he went till the last for reform.
5. Imam Ali (AS) was keen to provide the first element of the reform process, which is the initiative and processing. As he believe the reform is not a slogans
6. Any reform process include sacrifices and losses, and faces difficulties and obstacles, but the when the leaderships stand together will makes it less difficult and closer to success.
7- Imam Ali (AS) took the initiative from the beginning of his rule for the implementation of the reform programs, by removing the spoilers governors who took their positions within the corruption government, and privileges and wealth of the nation
Also recovered the money to the house of money from the hands of the possessors of them illegally,
8. Imam Ali (AS) choose of best staff from his governors to lead and manage the affairs of the state and people.
9-putting control over the governors and workers, and use the punishment with any deviation or violation.
10. Imam Ali (AS) was the the leader in the war as he was draws the plans for his military and the leaders of the army and address them to avoid the war and not getting
started until the argument over with the enemy, and not to kill the wounded, and respect the women and not to attack people's property and not to terrorise children and respect for human regardless of his belief.
11. Finely, the most important reform that Imam Ali (AS) was focusing on is the justice and equality among the people in the bestowal programs, while people had suffered from discrimination among them, which led to classify the society into two sections: poor people and rich people and the accumulation of wealth at the layer, and increased poverty in the rest of the classes.
Of course Imam Ali (AS) Has faced a lot of pressure, but he stood against others will and insisted on justice and equality approach, as he says: (Are you asking me to gain the victory through injustice )

The verb differed and some of its interpretations in the Holy Quran

Hussein Saleh Zaher

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 251-282

The difference of Muslims among themselves and with other non-Muslims and extremism in some of them became a striking phenomenon, even described Islam because of the religion of extremism and terrorism, and the effort of many historians throughout history do not refer to the real reasons for this difference, which led to the dismemberment of the nation, and in this research we will try To look at the significance of some verses, which indicate the difference of people among themselves in one of the things and the context shows that accompany these verses, namely: the position of Sharia, the Holy Quran of any difference, the Koran is the Constitution of Muslims and this means the Islamic rule of Islam, The Patriarchal, which together represent the real Islam Oulfkr legitimate, and how to deal with the difference and the judgment, whether this difference in thought and belief or in worldly matters, and the rule of the Koran was clear on this matter, leaving judgment to God the Day of Resurrection. Where did these ideas and positives come from, which permit the killing or persecution of the offender at best? This is what the research sought to shed light on, ie: the causes of the difference and its consequences, with a reference to the meaning of the difference in the lexicon and the formula

Poem Abd al-Jalil ibn Wahbun Mursi Alhmazih An analytical study

Safaa Hussain Lateef; Muslim Malik Al-Assady

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 283-304

It represents a philosophical outlook based on the arguments and evidence highest levels of mental sophistication because they are able to direct the path of thought and wakes up to the fact of existence.
This is what has always him poets who hold philosophical insights into their poetry and Andalusian poet whom his brilliant philosophical tendency that employed by the purpose of self-pity over his masterpiece Alhmazih lament mentor Abe pilgrims Alcentmra more familiar.
This paper deals with the poem the poet Abdul Jalil bin and Habon (already yard What lasts survival) in cash and analysis because it represents a philosophical peak in the technical Andalusian maturity; because they showed us the product of cognitive through its load of scientific facts and signals interpretive about what gets man after his death, whether in kindergarten Jinan or dig in flames.
Therefore, the reader is the make, and researcher prudent will stand in front of a poet versed his tools of poetry in this poem, in addition to identifying capacity treasury of the same meanings function and the exact words, Valgosaidp opens the way for a researcher to find room for research and analysis; because it is replete with high-level poetic values formed the formulas and methods of overflowing possibilities provided by the poetic language of the poets because all the phenomena of creativity and individuality take them, hence the importance of research emerged.
The poem is paid then it is obligatory because reconsider where more and more to stand every time before something did not realize the last time; fruitful and mature Valgosaidp in more than one area of research and analysis, and perhaps this attempt is a gesture to help simulate creative texts Andalusian and analysis.

Hussein bin Ali (peace be upon them) in the poetry of Muzaffar Al Nawwab

Hashem Jafar Al Haidari

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 305-332

Most of those poet were famouse on lace and Arab laves , many of them was the poet Muzafar Al Nawab when this research is writer .
He was known as the poet of the free word , ignoring critic and had no interest gaining any benefits . His pen was his mouthpiece loudly screaming on behalf ofendif then oppressed and suppressed and those who were abandoned even those who had no homes who were truly honest.
He called for their rights defending them .when belonged to the labours and the weak is inonically demonstrated here .
Few researches and critics wrote about Muzafar Al Nawab and we could not find who really dedicated his research and writing to Iraq exclusively to Al Hussain [peace upon him] and his eternal revolution .
However , we are apt to proceed with what we think is a part of the scientific honesty to justify the poet and unfold some facts.
• It is significant to explore this matter and focus upon it details especially the demands of the phase how Iraq is now experiencing the worst circumstances ever which threaten it unity and the safety of his land beside his existance or being after the crowding of wolfs that devour its delicate body and those who planted adversity in each house along with sectarianism and racism.
the research consists of four sections and a conclusion . first section starts with the birth of the poet to his voluntarily return to his last exile place in syria .The second section shows his attachment to his country and his origin .The third section focuses upon symbolism in his poetry .The fourth section concentrates on his relationship to the father of the free man and the shaikh of revolutionists Al Imam Abi Abdullah Al Hussain { peace upon him} and a conclusion.

The woman is a poetic witness in the commentary of Ibn Aqeel

Khaled Hawir Shams

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 333-351

The search is intertwined between two views, one grammatical and one monetary, which belong to the modern age, namely, the theory of cultural criticism, and the two of them meet in being normative. In the same context, the output will be a coherent reading based on the interpretation of the reason for the use of grammatical Ibn Aqil - as an environment for research - to choose this witness specialist for women without the other, the idea of inspection of the engine, and the bug of this choice, was a societal culture represented by the tendency of men towards A woman is sexually inclined, or a masculine melancholy, or a tombstone of her stature that needs to be minimized.
This is a comprehensive reading, and the culture is controlled as a hidden author of the most important cultural criticism thesis adopted by the Arab critic Abdullah al-Ghazzami. This criticism is based on the discourse and the search for non-aesthetic, and the statement that the research does not work on the text mentioned by women, Grammar resort to this house without others.
In order to achieve this endeavor, this vision began to research the introduction of the definition of the witness and cultural criticism, and then the first study in the sexes of women, there were four, and these races as species that are more general type. First sex: single women, types: mother, wife, daughter, beloved, neighbor, current, aunt, aunt. And the second sex: a group of women with descriptions, towards: Guani, for example. And the third gender: the general woman. The fourth gender women's own-named, towards: Salma, and rain, for example.
The second section investigates the apparent indications of martyrdom. It was a grammatical intent, such as: codification of the rule, protesting against a grammatical argument, and refraining from the weak, the rare, the rare, the abnormal, and so on.
Until it came to the third topic to clarify the signs of the martyrdom of martyrdom is on two images, the first positive image, about: attachment to her, and reminded her lawyers, being a status of pride, and sanctity. And the other negative image, and is based on degrade, and deplorable, and show the pattern of panic on them through the practice of sex, and non-compliance with the borders, whether married or not. And then pride in the culture of the body by mentioning its charms towards: good, chest, and others.

Badi in the poetry of Imam Hassan

Huraa Kazem Jawad Al Khozai

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 353-368

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad and his family
Either Imam al-Hassan Ibn Ali (p) of the rules of radiation, and the sources of Islamic thought is one of those men whom God inspired by a penetrating sense of truth, which is not concealed in the earth or in the sky, so it is not a compliment to beauty or pretense. A genius mind is flooded with sincere passion that appears between its lines, and is reflected in the meaning of heartburn, not frank minds, and dissolves in the niche of the pride of the soul, not the questions of science, and radiates in its aspects the twinkle of hope and the fire of pain, the cry of fear and the pretext of challenge, the heart enters without permission and without knocking the door of the minds .
Although he did not say much poetry compared to his prose speeches; however, the phenomenon of negligence in the arts and the benefits of Baidayh popular between the folds of his hair without coercion or cost.
In the year 296 AH, the son of Mu'taz, who died in 296 AH, proved that this phenomenon had become rooted in the Arab heritage as a ignorant poetry and a holy Qur'an, and a sermon for the Prophet and companions, and poets' poetry in the times that preceded the days of Bashar ibn Bard and his followers in his poetry. (2), but he could not determine the relationship between poetic image and poetic expression. Is the relationship of the part to the whole? Or the relationship of something unique in its value?
Al-Hasan ibn Ali (p) did not know his poetism among the general public; he was known for his religious and political speeches imposed by reality. Society in which he lives.
Thus, I interpreted these pseudo-arts in his poems exclusively. My research is divided into two sections preceded by the preface in which I spoke about the good and the young, raised in the house of the message until his death, and the most important conditions that faced him.
As for the first topic, al-Budai'a is a language and a term (al-Budai'a in the poetry of Imam al-Hassan (
The second topic / Al-Badi'a in which it was said of poems that spring with sense and movement
And finally the conclusion and the most important findings.
I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who helped me with a letter and insulted what I saw as difficult and in my career to write this research, because my goal is to show the facts honestly, impartially and comprehensively, and God is behind the intention

Historical Documentation in the Holy Quran

Razak Mahdi Hammadi Saadi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 369-397

Koran divine book than guide people and light the way in front of them, did not call for a way to convince Alawabngy her way, and historic facts and events from within what touched him the Koran Entertainment to His Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) and take a lesson, and historical events that came in the verses of the blessed evidence the unification of the great Creator, who perfected the manufacture of all, what the man Aln seen the creation of the heavens and the earth and the wonders to know his Creator, and on this historic Vllhdt great importance and not the Koran did not mention what happened prior to the UN that it was not pointless, consider what happened Previous Nations sponsor Ban Yahia sick souls, especially if speech is made by God and mandates that raise contained fan of the human soul, for the wedding of the sweetness of style and sincerity talk he says cliques: 23, and to learn a lesson people told us the Koran historical models he tastes divine punishment in this world and waiting for the painful punishment in the afterlife pharaoh and Karun and Nimrod and others, and told us the Almighty Amthelhllsalehin prophets and guardians The righteous and the wise men who have their minds God and remained their words constitution to build people Luqman: 13. for man heading to God Mentfa he mentioned to him, and to know that God's law makes it compulsory upon faith he, and a commitment to the heavenly legislation, and reform of state of the nation, if left the road to Allah held year divine him and his community, the revelation of the painful punishment, as happened the previous folks, and the Koran explicitly documented the colors of torment, and the flood, but the best proof of that

(Educational methods in al-ahqaf)

Salem Gary Hadi; Siham Hameed Mousa

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 399-416

The research aims to identify educational methods by the Holy Quran in Al Ahqaf to assist in the upgrading of education in the Arab and Islamic society.
For the purpose of access to the goal of search adopted two researchers descriptive approach Descriptive analytical work to reach a variety of educational methods derived from the Sura of a number of its verses ( 35 ) any relying on the method of analysis of the content.
One of the most important results of the findings of the study is the diversity of educational methods received across the sura, the most important of persuasion, the method of reward and punishment, and the method of the story.
In the light of the results accumulated recommended a number of recommendations and proposals, including:
1.We must take from the Koran mainly springboard to raise the educational level in the Arab and Islamic societies and to solve the problems of education.
. Should the delicate balance between the use of educational methods.2
. A similar study in other wall from the Koran.3
4.Conduct a study to identify the most prominent educational problems suffered by the Arab and Islamic society.

The role of political parties in guaranteeing rights And public freedoms

Maitham Hussain Al Shafei

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 417-460

Institutions and organizations are important in contemporary society, and some jurisprudence emphasizes that any modern political system, whether democratic or inclusive, is necessarily characterized by the existence of many institutions and procedures for resolving and resolving the conflicts that accompany modern societies. Organizations are a prerequisite for progress. A channel where the views and preferences of individuals' efforts converge to achieve the common ends of societies that lack the capacity to build institutions and suffer organizational collapse. Political parties can play a more important and broader role in shaping public opinion. Political parties form a link between public opinion and government. And it helps to spread the enthusiasm of the masses and thus expand the prospects of public opinion and make the democratic system possible. The presence of political parties is necessary to confirm opposition and the possibility of peaceful change of governors. The movement of the parties in their transition from the majority to the place of minority in the House of Representatives and then the attempt to return to the place of the majority, all achieve the non-tyranny of a particular party or a small group of government or monopoly of power.

Adoption of university students on satellite channels to identify the political views of religious institutions "An Empirical Study on the students University of Kufa & Diali, "as a Model"

Thergham Saade Alazzawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 15, Pages 461-490

Religion and its institutions play a major role in influencing young people in Arab societies, especially Iraq, because of the social nature of which is based on religion as one of socialization and trigger factors of behavior no matter what the individual has reached the status of a scientific or influenced a particular environment.
The media of the most important channels that help people to recognize the opinion of religion in various issues and events, especially in the political sphere as the public is exposed to bulletins directly and covers television and analytical programs and take it upon themselves and the interpretation and analysis of the speeches, directives and opinions of religious institutions in the political affairs of the transfer In Iraq, after the 2003 stirred the religious leaders in different religions and sects in Iraq, public opinion in the political affairs and outlined by the study in a historical review of the most important political events experienced by Iraq after the political change and the entry of US forces take individuals and groups in Iraq from the mosque and religious center and ministerial institution concerned with affairs whatever the religious reference for knowledge of view as is halal and haram and what should be and what should not be said of the act and which constitutes the behavior of individuals, groups and have public opinion constitutes a majority opinion.
The study found that the researcher adopted the form of a questionnaire circulated by the (400) students and students from the Faculties of Sciences and Arts at the University of Kufa and Diali that the public always rely on satellite channels in the identification of religious-political organization directives since (5 years) and this shows increase Ray importance of political authorities in recent years. The public relies on the satellite channels that offer political opinions, religious institutions known to have larger and in favor of "independent" of religious figures that political directives appear in the satellite and want to identify the details of topics related to the Council of Ministers also believe that the satellite take a position (neutral) from the Foundation directives religious.