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Volume 7, Issue 14

Volume 7, Issue 14, Summer 2016, Page 1-412

Fatima Al Zahra (peace be upon her) Not valid for another proof of theft

Ali Saleh Racine Muhammadawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 1-35

Force in the world of street decorating and roads in different colors of the trees and flowers or means ornamental denote paper civilizations in those countries, only Iraq operation in which different often find pictures and different icons to figures different, and this erroneous culture Jpelln them of the days of the Baath dictatorial rule and remained entrenched in the minds of some of us, particularly gullible, and this did not raise eyebrows researcher, raised panel emblazoned with the words "Prophet Muhammad brings us" the Imam Ali divides us, and after the study and scrutiny found true, is the reason for our band and made us sects various evidence that the people Tkasemoh between loving and hate , One of the names Faruq, and this is what Attabarani Abu Dhar and Salman said taking the Messenger of Allah  However, Imam Ali in a long interview with him this Farouq this nation differentiate between right and wrong
  And called the Koran Balvrkan because it distinguishes between right and wrong in the household are the Koran spokesman, gravity and sincere, because the Koran does not speak a tongue, and he must Turgeman, it is not the Imam Ali Mr. Ahl al-Bayt
What's more, he did not pay allegiance to Abu Bakr, when he sat on the podium looked in the faces of the people did not see senior asked him so the people from the Ansar and they brought him Abu Bakr said a cousin of the Messenger of Allah and circumcised him wanted to make their stick (Muslim), he says: Abdullah and brother his Messenger, and was told he swore allegiance to Abu Bakr, he said: I am deserving of this is you, do not Obaaekm first synagogue and you are me, I have received this command from supporters, and they Ahtjajtm kinship of the Prophet and taking him forcibly us people of the house? You are not Zaaemtem of supporters that you are the first to this matter, including what Muhammad was you, Voattokm seat, and handed over to you the Emirate, and I protest to you as much as they Ahtjajtm by the Ansar We first Messenger of Allah alive and dead Voncefona, if you believe otherwise Fbuua injustice and you know
Us a lot of talk in this resource summed up: he did not pay allegiance to and agreed with him his associates did not Evalawa Vanksmt the nation in half, and this is evidence that this incident cause of good discrimination of the poor, and followed-Zahra (AS) followed suit in the struggle with the people, and it was what it was, and therefore died oppressed digestible has raised the banner of her lovers, and Hiatha Zlamtha until the existing family of Muhammad and thus its verdict sentenced her husband, Commander of the faithful and the master of those who worship Ali bin Abi Talib and free enough for him signal

Contemporary Studies in the criticism of the correct Mahmoud Abu Rayya a model

Ali Abdul-Hussein al-Muzaffar

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 37-67

Praise be to Allah, and the best prayer and delivery sent as a mercy to the worlds Muhammad and his companions and good Almentajabin.
         Sunna source of legislation after the Koran-run to build the thought of a Muslim individual from the first moment of the revelation of the letter to the Prophet , so it was the subject of the first Muslims care of memorization, writing, and increased this interest after his death , and divided the nation into two teams among those who called not to continue to identify the sayings of the Prophet but prevent the codification and represent the official position of the first three caliphs and the Umayyad state later even the rule of Omar bin Abdul Aziz late first century when he ordered the lifting of the ban and ordered to blogging, and the other team a trend Ahlulbait and followed their approach to blogging.
      This movement was born troublesome in practice, in the maintenance of the transferred of the year as reported by the , especially after the statute of limitations years and Tjoaz transportation sense, when modernists and scholars in particular, to show us following the official blogging movement Blogs Alhdithip and with it a lot of problems Sindhi and shipboard, which was born T. concurrent cash movement with blogging and emerged a number of science and rules to adjust the men attribution first, a series of compositions for senior preserve and across the centuries successive later evolved to include the study of jurisprudence and modern criticism Metn application stemming from the year agree to the wedding and then accept the mind with scientific rules and this is what Tzmt Studies done for the contemporary in the last century,
    This research aims to identify the nature of these studies to follow their own curriculum and intellectual visions in their reading Heritage newborn and in particular to the most important books (Bukhari and Muslim), selected model was a pioneer in this field (Mahmoud Abu Rayya) the subject of the study method in the book, and then stand up when you see it methodology and cash in my book study (Bukhari and Muslim) in his book (the lights on the Sunnah).
    The quest follow the curriculum analysis and evaluation of these systematic studies and chose some of them with reference to the rest of the lack of access to some of them or fear of prolongation.
     So divide the search in three sections and an introduction and a conclusion with a list of approved sources.

The concept of jihad in religious discourse

Mohammed Abbas Noman al-Jubouri

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 69-97

Praise be to God, which is jihad in the process, and promised him a great reward and a clear victory, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner says in the book (and it was really us believers) "Roman verse 47," and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger and his friend, the best fighters and believe militants and I would advise the subjects companions may Allah bless him and his the God of the good and virtuous who have sold themselves to God, and fought his way up to God showed their religion and their fondest believers and unbelievers humiliated them.
The Jihad for the sake of God of the best acts of worship, one of the greatest acts of worship, it is the best closer by Almottagrbun and compete with the competitors after the obligatory, and that only because of its believers and uphold the word of religion, and the suppression of the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and facilitate the spread of the Islamic call between the two worlds, and directed by slaves from darkness to light, and the deployment of the pros and rulings of Islam fair among all creatures, and so on of the many interests and benign consequences for Muslims.
Jihad for the sake of Allah the Almighty has major status accorded to the Almighty Creator, the light, the aspiration of jihad became every believer in any circumstances and at any time, there are a lot of Quranic verses that urged jihad and all types, although the guidance and kindness and the reward is an ally of the Muslim believer who is based in the jihad for Allah Almighty way that does not depart from it as he says in his book al-Majid (who fought for us holds firmly to good work and God) "Spider-verse / 69" and Mujahid reward and great pay, he says (and fight in the way of Allah kills or more will give him a great reward) "women / verse / 74" Vamajahd who sacrifices his life for the sake of pride and dignity of the Creator is bound to win the heart, a neighborhood when the Lord is alive and not dead, and as he says (Think not of those killed in the way of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord), "Al-Imran verse / 169."
Sunna has confirmed the status and higher value for jihad and this is what we find in the words of the Holy Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) (Shall I tell you the head of the whole matter and its pillar and its top is? "I said: Yes, O Messenger of Allah said: it's the head of Islam, and the pillar is prayer and its top is Jihad) jihad is a major status and grace that countless It is the duty and the imposition of underdevelopment can never be with him.
And organized the research plan on the front and four sections and each section to discuss the first two demands .valambges ensure that the definition of the language of jihad and idiomatically second section of Jihad in religious discourse was Bmtlpin: Jihad in the Quranic discourse, and Jihad in the words of the Sunnah. The third section titled philosophy of jihad and also divided into two demands: The first rule of Jihad came (or rule Jihad legislation) and the second the wisdom of the legitimacy of jihad. The fourth topic was among the types of jihad and Bmtlpin: First requirement jihad of the soul, and the second requirement strive against the infidels and polytheists. Then Valmassadr search results.

Prophet's approach in the dissemination of the principles of forgiveness and tolerance among Muslims

Mohammad Sirajuddin; Hazem Adnan

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 99-119

The Islamic world is exposed to violent wave of accusations sweeping torrent of criticism today because of what is attributed to him of the charges of extremism and inclinations to exclusion and violence, and these accusations certainly a lot of victimization and injustice against our religion and we embarked true, then the provisions of this Shara and its applications are such as incitement or systematic practices to the theme of extremism or violence against others.
I wanted through this research that broke up the dust from the curriculum of the Prophet in the installation of the concept and principles of tolerance between the Islamic nation, and it presented a statement of some Almruyat that this virtue rooted in the hearts of Muslims.

Travelling objective indication of the pieces and the pieces The the Islamic ruling

Haider Mohammed Ali Sahlani; Hameed Jassim Abboud Ghorabi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 121-155

Praise be to God, who does not reach praise sayers do not count Namaah transgressors and prayed to God for the good of the slaves and creatures on the The God of the good and virtuous.
After ...
The search fundamentalist important research and paved to devise a legitimate government has been able to purists including knew him from a scientific richness that Aspreua Gore assets science and revise accountability and build their buildings jurisprudence.
It fundamentalist issues important (issue of the pieces) were then stop by many scientists because of its impact in determining the jurisprudential buildings and the development of legal provisions loved researchers must stand when the matter to uncover the scholar and the statement of the theories of the scientists in pieces, types and order of jurisprudence on those types Vantzm Search at the entrance and demands: it ensures the entrance: cutting definition and origin and its authority. And ensure that the first requirement: the divisions of the pieces to my way or purely objective and ensure that the second requirement: to answer the extent to which the Emirates and assets shrine pieces Travelling objective and cutting
The third demand: in doctrinal applications
We ask Almighty God that we have been successful in the presentation of the statement of the sayings of our scientists flags in each paragraph had their intervention and otherwise, and we try to simplify the gateway, and remove ambiguity of this science has been known Besaopth and complexity and high heel, God brought us out of the darkness of delusion and blessed us with the light of understanding and open us the doors of mercy and hereby we Alomk cabinets mercy, O Most merciful and the blessings of God on the beloved Prophet and his household divine good.

Legality of crying in Husseiniya Revolution - study evidence in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Mohammed Hussein Aboud

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 157-181

Praise be to Allah and the best prayer and delivery to the master of creation Muhammad and The God of the good and virtuous ...
After ..
      I've summarized the messages of the prophets throughout its long history in achieving the meaning of happiness in humans and awaken the noble values ​​inherent in the depths of himself, of Remote Sensing and awareness of the fact that his presence and the very creation, and he is the successor of God in the land.
   So it was the first goal of the prophets is to rid the human reality corrupt, and edit the intellectual limitations that made him a slave to others, and was the reason for creating the tyrants who stole his humanity, and made him a follower of their whims and their will and moved in a wide area of ​​courage that install themselves gods of the people Cnamrod and Pharaoh and others.
   It was obvious to those humanitarian meanings that worked hard prophets (peace be upon them) to be planted in the hearts of people to take effect; for grooming a generation of reformers and revolutionaries who took the initiative in order to change the reality of their communities.
     But as long as the size of the change the size of sincerity and as far as the purity of the goals of personal freaks and the like, but he did not write the immortality of the revolution, as it was for the renaissance of the master of martyrs (peace be upon him); because it was focused on one goal, is to revive the religion of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) and the salvation of man.
research importance:
   We have reduced the blessed renaissance in the goals and objectives of the prophets projects, this allowed its owner the right to be the bloodline and Mohi-year Final Prophet (Allah bless him and his family), and it was natural to gain this immortality Lord, and characterized without the other revolutions benefits of individual and marvelous.
   Perhaps one of the most important characteristics is likely to have emotional inventories, because of the crying was a great role and actor in the spread, and give it human depth penetrated by the limits of time, place and belonging, to come out of into admiration and praise to the Square of belief and loyalty.

Authentic linguistic fundamentalists say when modernists

Jassim al-Turabi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 183-201

It has become the old and modern learning jurisprudence need to devise rules college, and look at the branches and its response to other sciences, represented the cornerstone in understanding the chaos and circumstances, it is the most important science and precede it for so Arabic language sciences; because it is science that contributed to the understanding of the Quranic text, and in the semantics on meanings, which called for scientists to require skill in these sciences, even reach diligent to understand the legal provisions properly, it became know the language standard in the Queen diligence health, and in this sense says Abu survive son lives (643 e): ( jurisprudence linked to the Arab knowledge; it Eptna to learn the Quran and Sunnah, do not know their meaning only Arab knowledge, and therefore was a condition in the health of diligence) (1) 0 the fundamentalists Ulloa their care and concern for the Investigation of the language, did not interest stops at the benefit of scientists studies, but to exceed so to know the authentic language to say, the existing foundations in the taking of their words, and to indicate their suitability, and whether that language is taken as saying the door of the certificate or experience the language and consider, and other problems in this section, and that's what take care to answer this research 0 and Almtsalm that each research issue that needs to introductions foundation to determine the basic terms contained in the title, we must supply them the outcome of cognitive adequately allow Sir conscious in the paths thereof; so that every art or science of doors generally closed from purports access to the courtyard and tapping into the knowledge of is to create keys necessary to do so, and what scientific terms to that of science or art, but is like those keys, which are essential to cross to the other side.

The actions of slaves at the different Islamic sects

Ibrahim Mezher al-Musawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 203-245

The world is witnessing today takfiri wave of thought and belief and behavior, generating movements and trends ideology is built on the basis of inaccurate in forensic science and Islamic extremism has resulted in calls for the annihilation of all dissenting opinion. While there is much research that attempted to delve into matters of faith and theology, but we still need a lot of conscious studies of the era and the simplification of the explanation for the reader and student ideas to spare our society that would not building demolition. In order that this research offers a presentation of the most important Islamic teams that stood on (the actions of the subjects), religious and secular, and their behavior and how to deal with reward and punishment through the Holy Quran and the Sunnah.
Keen researcher to provide three-eating seasons in the first quarter, including the actions of the subjects when traveling Islamist difference between the emergence of these teams and developments standing at the most important beliefs, moving on to say reparation who attributed the acts are all slaves of God and what it has to say of the circumstances coming mentioned in the first chapter.
Turning in the second quarter to Mu'tazili and the idea of ​​the mandate that drove acts of the Department of divine judgment as a reaction to what I think Ash'aris which also got us the circumstances mentioned .. supplement perceptions approach between two and Matqdahma thought explaining the face of convergence and divergence ..
The third chapter highlights the idea of ​​the matter between the two things that came in response to a mandate algebra and also staring into the faces of convergence between Ash'aris and Mu'tazila and those who say that the matter between the two Finally the result was the index and research sources.

Judgment Day in the Qur'an Read in the light of the science the language of the text data

Hassan Abdel-Ghani al-Asadi; Mujeeb Saed Abu Ktevh

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 247-279

Praise be to God, who does not break his promise to his apostles flashes willingly to bless those who were oppressed in the land and make them Imams and make them inheritors, then prayer and peace be upon the Prophet witness the creation of an evangelist that the Mahdi of his descendants, and the successors of his family dates Bastkhalavhm in the ground and enable religion to make him known, despite hating the haters ungrateful to them.
No offense to bring divine justice in this world as possible is the goal of life but who was not removed from the goals of reformers, politicians and wise men and philosophers throughout the ages. Although the idea of ​​a day when justice and peace is achieved and in which all of creation under one banner appear in Judaism through Jewish preaching Christ, and when the Christian world in Christ himself Jesus son of Mary . It is noticeable in the beliefs of these religions on the issue of the establishment of fair divine state they are based on clear texts in ancient holy books, not to the interpretations of scholars presented obscure texts strapless faces interpretive ability ().
Faith is the inevitability of the establishment of the State Fair which come to an end the war and bringing peace and justice in the world is not concerned with the heavenly religions, but also include the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism as «Christians Ethiopians awaiting the return of their king Theodore birthplaces in the last decade, as well as Indians believe in the return of Vicnoa, and the Magi lives Uchidr, It is expected the return of the Buddha Buddhists »(), and also includes the intellectual and philosophical non-religious schools. We find in the human intellectual heritage of many of the statements in this inevitable such as telling British thinker Bertrand Russell: «The world is waiting for the repairman unites under one banner, logo, one» () as if he professes the occurrence of the day when all of the earth shall be subject to the Lord and one religion and one commander one, close to this to say what he said physicist Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity as saying: «the day that the whole world where peace reigns and serenity, and people are loving Mtagen not far» ().
Some sages and philosophers of ancient and modern and was baptized to place the name of this state, and stated qualities and characteristics that distinguish them from others also appeared in Plato in the (Republic) and Al-Farabi in (utopia), the English philosopher Thomas Moore (Utopia), and (the new Atlanta) Francis Bacon, and (Christian city) to Johan decoding, and (the sun) to Tomaz Kampala city, and (Konfasius Island) to Hakeem China and other names developed by the philosophers of the towns in which prevail peace is achieved in harmony.
In the Koran dozens of verses that emphasize check the day when the whole world of Islam prevails on that count )an religion with Allah Alasalam( "Al-Imran verse 20," and the promise of a future day long-running shows in which the religion of Islam to all religions, he says:) he who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion, however Almusharkon( "repentance: 33" (), and religion is at the time the whole of God Almighty, says: )oicon all religion to Lh( "Anfal verse 39" () and how not to be all religion to God and that the sons of Adam )ma ordered not to worship God sincerely his religion Hanafa( "evidence of verse 5:" it was not the purpose of their creation not to worship the right Gel TAKES says:) I created the jinn and mankind except to Aabdon( "Almariaat: 56 said ". It confirms the Koran achieve this promise, saying the Almighty: )anma Totn to Sadiq (5) and that the debt to Oaqa( "Almariaat: 5-6," The promise of sincere verification religion emphasized using all Almakdat as confirmed by the department in the first sura )walmariaat Dhiroa( "Almariaat: 1 ", then use the tool that benefit the assertion (that), and L-emphasis Almzhalqh) to Oaqa(, and the use of the name of the actor )oaqa(, nominal sentence stating constancy and stability. This suits the commissioning time and life on this earth.
It verses that emphasized this check today says: )qal then get out, you are accursed (34), although you'll curse the Day of Judgment (35): My Lord, said the Day of Resurrection (36) said you theorists (37) to a day time Almalom( " 34-38 stone. "
The study of these verses to try to keep up with the developments of modern language, and access them to know it, and apply what suits them with the Arabic language.
Since this work for theoretical assumption issued the effect that a closer look at these verses reveals a set of words was consensus on the significance of what will happen after the death of the creatures and the end of the commissioning time. If these words have gained significance peremptory on the Day of Judgment and the accompanying events and scenes when other Muslim scholars.
Search and found those who had been treated as fixed as it is still something to be said, but perhaps it - will also appear in the folds of this research - different to what it more compact interpreters and linguists. It found that the search of these words describes the events that will fall in this life and the run-up to the Day of Resurrection long a time, nothing to do with the death of the creatures and the end of the commissioning time, the worldly events and not making coupled with the fact that the resurrection or brands. Has been made to research this to say via the criticism systematically committed Find walk it; it is trying to detect the face, which was adopted by the commentators to say that this word related to the Day of Resurrection not otherwise, have resorted to the criticism and the statement of the face of weakness enlightened scripts standards looked at her de Bojerand and clues contextual in that this regard taking other circumstantial evidence outside the Quranic Entries Kalohedit prophetic sayings and people of the house and some Arab poetry, not being checked for the possibility of semantic words but Meddh studied him for being.
And our analysis of these verses will be in three sections and are as follows:

Study Title:The narrative rhythm in quad Ismail Fahad Ismail

Study Title; The narrative rhythm in quad Ismail Fahad Ismail

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 281-313

Interest research one of the themes of time novelist a subject (Speed narrative) and, after presenting search for tools procedure for the study of this statement and forms of acceleration and deceleration try searching the application of those tools on the quad Kuwaiti writer pioneering Ismail Fahad Ismail order to find out the pattern rhythm dominant novels this writer and that advantage from other Arab novelists and that was one of the main reasons that brought his novels of the modern novel pattern and make it appropriate to the nature of the contemporary reader. The research method in the French poetic studies and his patrons in the field of narrative studies Mahith, as a summary Try searching identify procedural terminology adopted to overcome one of the most important problems facing the researcher in the field of narrative studies that a problematic term resulting from multiple translations of the same term.

Construction methods when fundamentalists

Jassim Abdul Wahid Rahi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 315-334

Islamic jurisprudence issues and issues revolve around the axis Altklevah provisions and these provisions derived from the construction methods, whether construction methods that inferred formulas known contained in the Arabic language of command and prohibition of contracts ... or formulas news that comes out to the construction, not the Koran committed nor the Sunnah one form of those methods, so the need for the jurist to be mastered those techniques addressed by the Qur'an and Sunnah to be claimed to understand the legal provisions ordered in to devise rulers.
This research is intended to study the construction methods when fundamentalists, and how they approach these methods to identify foundations supported them in divided of Investigation construction, and how they approach these methods according to the function-based approach will reveal us this study is important in terms of the fundamentalist studies methodology, which came in the Investigation fundamentalists FAQ.
The importance of research in the reminder that all of Jurisprudence and issues revolved around a single center, which try to identify the legal provisions as is well known: the duty and the Grand Representative and hated and permissible ... These provisions are derived from the construction methods and news reporting function on demand; the command and prohibition, and given a choice. .. so it: either to be sworn or non-assertive, Valjazem is to be; and non-assertive is a delegate. The prohibition is also to be either firmly or non-assertive; Valjazem is Sacred and non-assertive is hated. The absence of constraints is permissible which is arranged independently.
In this research touched on to study construction methods and divisions and this divided by two sections, it was the first of which deals with the background of the study and its importance, and singled out the other two methods when studying the construction of fundamentalists

Jawad Saleh Toma's position on the linguistic phenomenon of double taxation in Arabic literature

Ali Abbas Salman al-Rubaie

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 335-361

The research views in favor Jawad Toma critic in the case of taxation of language and the use of (slang) in fiction, or theater; Vamah has a striking phenomenon in the foot, connected - historically - era ignorant, but they have emerged as a problem methodology in the modern era, due to the attempts of Western colonialism urge take colloquial way of expressing and education in the areas of scientific and cultural life, and the abandonment of eloquence, and that was in the late nineteenth century and was (William Wilcox) first called to be used instead of the classical, and make it a tool for expression, questioning the possibility of Mandarin to communicate with civilization, but its promise an obstacle in the construction and operation of thinking, calling for benefiting from the British experience while abandoned Latin, after they have someday writing language and science.
Dr. Saleh Al Tohme felt that the issue of classical and vernacular a controversial issue arising from bilateral to express, not just linguistic; it is a general problem effects are clear in various linguistic fields, such as education, psychology, literature, and their relevance to a close political and religious factors. Therefore, attributed the causes of the suffering of the book stories, plays at the bilateral use of vernacular and classical literary work, which is necessary for the writer that harmonizes her personal role, and language.

patterns in hair Sayyab The poem "In the dark of the village" model

Maitham Rashid Hamid

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 363-381

This research is attempt to discover the theory of syntax-semantics in the thought of Arabic that individualise between theory of evoking, and truth theory. the research study this trace in poem's alsayyab, and it's applicative approach in some a problem like concept, and his relationship between representation and intention.

Blfezta divinity and its relationship to the sun and the moon - Semantic study

Alia Nusrat

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 383-412

Praise be to God, who guided us to the knowledge and wisdom, and we have to guide us for the fact that God has guided us, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Mustafa, and his family and companions ..
Hence this research, to stand on the meaning of divinity, and its relation to Blfezta (Sun and Moon), a full census of these three words in the Koran, The research is divided on two sections scoop boot explains the idea of the gods when old, and included the first section on the semantic study of the word (the sun), The Semantic Study of the word (Moon), and the second section semantic study of Fezta (Sun and Moon) combined in the Koran, relying on Amat language books and commentaries, such as: the meanings of the Qur'an for glass, and complex statement of Tperse, and Searchlight Zmkhcri, and the proof in the Koran for Zrkachi Sciences, and other . Conclusion This was followed by the most prominent findings in this research, and proven to sources and references.
This is my God, if it is hyped preferred him to the Almighty, but failed, Vhspa, I worked hard, and God burden any soul beyond its power, he and the Lord Yes Yes protagonist