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Volume 6, Issue 12

Volume 6, Issue 12, Summer 2015, Page 1-285

The impact of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) in the establishment of Religious term (Quranic sciences as Example )

Durgham Karim Kadhim al-Moussawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 1-26

Praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon the Messengers Abu Kassim Mohamed and The God of the good and virtuous.
      The study of the Holy Quran and its sciences and engage him supervised tasks, which perish ages in the process, and enough proprietor of the concerns above all else, the Messenger of Allah said  from God Almighty: ((from his job Koran for the anniversary of the questions I gave him the best I questioners)) and said, ((if the Quran is the cuticle to touch the fire)) any of the knowledge of God the Holy fire does not burn the day of Judgment that was where trespasses, as was said in the sense of the news.
    It dilemmas raised about the establishment of Quranic sciences and terminology - what is aware of its features and its meaning rolling Halaa- he does not appear to the arena as an independent discipline concerned with the themes of the Koran, but in the fifth century, and the first book of a thousand where is the proof in the Quran Sciences Ali bin Ibrahim limbic (d. 430 AH ), is located in thirty volumes, Zargani says (T. 1367 e): (the Koran shroud blogger launched Science glaring by the limbic system in the late fourth century and early fifth and then patting the stone Ibn al and Sakhaawi and dad mole in the sixth and seventh centuries. then I grew up in the eighth century under the patronage Zarkashi. then hit the most and came to rest in the nineteenth century carefully Alcavigi and Jalaluddin Albelkana. then shaken and fondle and brought forth from each pair joyful at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the tenth actively Knight that field my book inking and proficiency in the Qur'an for the resettlement Science owner)
       That means he has not seen the light, but when Islamic sects other, and that the front had no effect in this art, but the reality is otherwise. If we go back to the sources and reference books, we find that the first seeds of this science was at the hands of the Great Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them ) they are the founders top of this science, and it represented the words and speeches of the Holy Prophet pbuh, and the Commander of the faithful Ali  as it was mentioned terms of this science, and found them either by direct teaching to his companions or indirect, as we find this clear foundation in a sermon Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her ) famous, and the rest of the imams (peace be upon them). This is what the researcher is trying to show it through their words (peace be upon them). The quest is about the founding of the term Quranic sciences at the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them), the research methodology Vaguetdt be Bembages four and a conclusion and the account of the most important sources, taking first topic definition Bahl house, Mraghithm, eat second part, the concept of religious terminology and its divisions and its importance, and the share of the third section the concept of the Koran and related sciences, and the emergence of this science and its development, and it was the fourth section Madna applied to male models from the Koran science terms, and the most important statement Conclusion The findings of the research.

Muhammadiyah properties in the Qur'an - Explanatory Study -

Mohammed Kazem Hussein Fatlawi Mohammed Kazem Hussein Fatlawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 27-54

Praise be to Allah, and prayed God to Muhammad and divine, it is known that the prophetic properties, which are not filled with limited leaves, is not known but it is His Highness the owner who honor God by prophecy, the conclusion was the Prophet Mamed major fact, a large great characteristics, consistent with what Wahba God of primarily Mahmood, but the manifestation of - as far as possible the researcher - these Almaizh him  characteristics of this research, as well as to determine the greatness of our Prophet Noble  and inspire educational lessons Semitism, which benefit them for the sake of the call to God, and because of the novels of taking the Lord statement of fact Muhammadiyah has clipped the Koran, He has been a researcher on the evacuation of this understanding of the verses of the Quran with the help Bamufsrin revealed to be in compliance and the title search without other characteristics of those resources, was the search of an introduction and two demands:
The first was for Almaizh for human characteristics, the second requirement for Almaizh characteristics  him on the rest of the prophets, and a conclusion and a list of sources.

The concept of communication in the Quranic perspective Surat Yusuf example

Mohammed Hussein Aboud

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 55-70

Praise be to Allah and the best prayer and delivery to the master of creation Muhammad and The God of the good and virtuous .....
After the invocation, or the means of clear concepts, quoting and mind, and with that go into it, not merely a technocratic in the branches, it has taken an area of ​​the overall intellectual and ideological system Contemporary especially have become one of the problems that have long raised by some extremist trends that have taken the atonement It is a slogan extremism Dthara, Vaatacht to raise the social and religious band, intellectual chaos among Muslims.
Research problem:
   The most important reasons for the researcher stand on the merits of this problem is what emerged from the ensuing results are embodied fatwas Takfiri extremist organizations and trends, which presented itself as the legitimate representative of the Islamic theory, and began aiming the disbelief of both visiting the tombs of the prophets and Imams , or yelling and pleading Bmqamanm counts Menhm- false and Albhtan- to beg for Muslims, he begged accompanied by a belief independence - of pleading by Muslims - without God, which is not recognized by Muslims, or one believed him a uniform, but the belief held in the mind and heart when Muslims in general on the issue of begging, is that - Supplicant them - servants of God do not have for themselves hurt nor useful except with the permission of God and His will, and they are in need to the mercy of Allah and His pleasure, but they have won high shrines God, the greatness of worship and obedience, Vastefahm Almighty prophets and guardians and the martyrs, they became closer to God than others, and faster response than others to pray; so you see Muslims - based on that - rushing to their graves as well and shrines if Dahmthm adversity and calamities.
However, the evidence and the evidence - the permissibility of begging, but Bmarjo Hath- has ensured verses and novels Bouapanh- also be unveiled Seat- is that visions takfiri and extremist tendencies, has been eating away the imagination of the nation, and ridden unity through fatwas atonement, which Asthalt the blood of Muslims in general, the followers in particular, because not a day goes by, that were not only an hour and Thrq blood in the corners of the earth, on charges that they are polytheists without begging God Almighty.
For this and other reasons leapt researcher, to prove Mahbubah begging, the evidence of the Koran that do not accept a negation or rejection, has required research to be Bembages four, Taatbahma Ttaij search, then authorized sources, pray to the Almighty, that makes a researcher from the defenders of the origins of Islam It's the kindest and beliefs Alrahamin.
      Last Hamad and pray the Lord workers and prayers and peace be upon His creation Ohmaan Muhammad, The God of the good and virtuous and his companions Almentajabin

The impact of Ghazali in the curriculum Shahristani monetary

Hussein Hamza Shahid

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 71-94

Praise be to Allah, and Allah bless Muhammad and the pure and loyal companions ... After
One of the most important issues facing the researcher in the field of general Islamic thought and philosophical thought in particular is what is known as the authenticity of Islamic philosophy or what we might call (the identity of Islamic philosophy), meaning Is that philosophers of Islam were leap and chanting for the Greek philosophers also went to that some of the Orientalists It pursued them from Arab researchers? Or that they have their merits and their characteristics and circumstances that have arisen where a private philosophy?
Although addressing some of the researchers in the field of Islamic thought to the valley in this problem and discussed, but it remains a fertile area for research and study, as well as that every researcher vision and Station Search from which to address this problem, some of whom leapt to prove the authenticity of Islamic philosophy through theology as a philosophy of Islam to the truth, and some of them focused on the science of jurisprudence, and so on.
It is no secret to workers in the field of philosophical inquiry, that the criticism feature is one of the important features that graduated philosopher or the world of the pain of tradition to tradition, there is no doubt that any philosophy of what it is to perpetuate and keep it not armed with a weapon criticism, whether criticism of what preceded philosophies , or what was her contemporary.
These cash feature has epitomized are most at philosopher Abu Hamid al-Ghazali .ela that the monetary side with al-Ghazali was seen as a position, erasing and crippling the Islamic philosophy, and Mghebrha on immigration from the Levant after Canadian efforts and al-Farabi and Ibn Sina to the Maghreb representative Pflasvetha son Tufail and Ibn Baja and Ibn Rushd.
From here stems the researcher to determine the extent of this preponderance of opinion through the study of the impact of monetary tendency Ghazali in Islamic thought, especially at the thinkers who Jaeaa after him and them, al-Shahristani, who marked his writings critical approach is evident from the previous philosophies. Thus, we can define the purpose of this study several points.

Behavioral objectives of educational applications   In some fence of Quranic

Azeed Abd Ahmad Zaki

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 95-114

Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and The God of the good and virtuous and his companions granite Miami and walked a gift to the Day of Judgment .... And yet ...
     The Koran is the word of God Almighty, who revealed to the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and his family and him to be the proof of the sincerity of his message, a timeless miracle saved from distortion and switch to the verse: (I mentioned we went to him and I privates) (Al-Hijr - State 19). And the Koran in the idiomatic meaning: is the word of God's miraculous home to Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family and the Arab verbally saved Balsdor written in the Koran as frequently transfused worshiper read out Starts Surat Fatiha and stamped Surat people (Al Ismail 0.2002 m).
     For the Holy Qur'an many names: the most famous Koran and the Criterion, and follows these names in the fame, the book, and the male, and downloads. Mohammed Abdullah Draz: Roy said in the Koran being renamed Mtheloa tongues as narrated in a book called being a blogger pens (ruby button 0.1998 m).
     This holy book has encompassed all Sharia landmarks, and the separation of everything that people need in order to get the farmer in this world and the hereafter, God Almighty says: (The day we send in every nation a witness them from themselves, we bring you a martyr on them and sent down to you the Book gives an account of everything and guidance and mercy and glad tidings for Muslims) (Al-Nahl - state 89). The Almighty said: (this Qur'an guides to that which is me and bodes believers who do good that they have a great reward) (Al-Isra - State 9).
     One of the greatest blessings the Lord's divine and grants what God favors him Knower, the Mighty Almighty to make this book Wise Qur'an described features advantages, and specialized characteristics, and apart from other holy, holy is the books, it is unique in the door, and a single in kind do not like it none. Its properties have multiplied and multiplied its advantages is dominant on all the books in all the science that you need humanity.
   As for the education of students and interests, summed up its significance following: -
1. call to the oneness of God and the controversy about them.
2. Male sermons and lessons, and the promises and warnings.
3. knowledge of do's and don'ts, and to clarify the laws to regulate the conditions of the community in worship and transactions and morals.
4. know the methods of the Koran and diversity in persuasion depending on the different natures of its target audience.
     The behavioral objectives important; it which are placed means, activities and methods, calendar and time, which is necessary for both the teacher and the learner and the learning and teaching process, it is that determines the teacher walking while teaching, and the first steps of teaching a particular topic, are: identification of educational goals (educational outputs). Secondly: Determine methods and techniques, methods and activities. And finally do the process of assessing the performance of students to see what has been achieved from the targets, because the goal of education is in the original is a change to be set in the behavior of the learner as a result of the education process (aggression --2 010 m).
     It is this spirit came to this research sheds light on how interesting the Koran taken into account in the areas of behavioral objectives and educational levels of each area compared to what scientists came (Bloom and his colleagues) of classification, classified as behavioral and educational goals into three areas:
1. cognitive domain or mental.
2. emotional or affective domain.
3. skill area (kinesthetic self).
     Thus the link between these levels and what is stated in the Qur'an of practical applications, and take advantage of these applications are in reality about general and in particular about the educational process.
     Some people may think that the goals of behavioral and educational interest in them is limited only when Western scholars of Education, do not deny their creations in this area, but the Koran first and most comprehensive and most accurate and earlier than Western scholars interest in them, The Koran Gelle recipes behavioral educational and for humanity.

The effect of widening the semantic guidance in the Arab lexicon lesan Arabs example

Najaah Fahim Saber al-Obeidi; Alaa Sahib Hammadi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 115-130

The form of expanding is a significant milestone in the dictionary LiSan AL- Arab, left an effect reversed by focusing on everything offers a help to the speaker through the facility in pronunciation and ease on the tongue, and moved away from the mechanism of construction, and contacted regarding to single word itself; so the sighting of Lisan AL-Arab does not notice any a trace to the expanding phenomenas ,which had the construction features like intonation - anastrophe, at the same time it finds a expanding phenomenas of attribute case being a major part in the dictionary, like substitution, assimilation, metathesis, implication, semantic relationships, the effect left by the expanding not involve the speaker alone, but included the listener who came in second rank, and the care in the beauty of the language message came in the last rank from the aspect of dictionary and lexicography.
This research tried to stand on the expanding term and its reception patterns, appearance forms, and then the effect left by this term in the dictionary through his appearance on the outskirts of linguistic communication process; speaker, message, and the listener, and reached at the end that Lisan AL- Arab - and from behind the Arab dictionary in general – is a connectivity texts devoid of aesthetic feature that makes the speaker its first goal by providing all of the relevant means of mitigation and facilitative mechanisms.

The thefts poetic - book preferences example

Adnan Mohammed Al Tohme; Hazim Allawi Obeid

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 131-154

Egypt has given the Fatimid Literature great care, and this is due to the stability of the political reality and the economic prosperity and cultural reality, and encourage the caliphs and Minister for men of science and literature, as they looked for all writers from within and across borders into equality did not Restricted by ideologies but their rule artistic taste, making this an attractive state of the pioneers of science and literature from around the world, and became a centerDestination masses of poets and writers to win the tender, or as required by boosting and prestige .
This boom was accompanied by a significant growth in the literary authorship, especially books that combined poetry and prose and criticism, including a book of preferences to the son of Serafi Fatimid and Me This research study thefts of poetry in which they represent one of the important issues and key in the Arabian Monetary Agency.

Strangely of moral and ethical qualities of the man

Najaah Fahim Saber al-Obeidi; Muhammad Salal Wazzah

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 155-174

The reflection in the field of studies lexical reader feels renewal and vitality , and earned tenderness and moisture , as included Almagamat a lot of aspects of morphological and grammatical and rhetorical and semantic However, there are aspects of the solemn much still needs to be extended to the hands of researchers , as Wendt of the efforts of the ancients through many centuries nuggets concerning the stranger lexical semantics own moral and ethical qualities of the man turned to the researcher , and then opened the doors remained Masdh to other researchers who were not focused their attention on this field .
The Thelont implications of scientific research in Mazan linguistic many , as were bits scattered here and there , could the researcher being spotted , and then tried hard to coordinate , take a beam of light it and for that deliberately to pick out these words and collected , take me in collecting and arranging assets arranged alphabetically under scientific plan is integrated underneath two topics preceded by exposure to the concept of the stranger in the language and terminology and then finished Find a conclusion stating the most prominent outcomes of the research, including:
1.The study concluded that some of the exotic vocabulary perished of use, including what to do Amit
2.The study revealed that most of the strange words came in moral character ugly and most likely to be due to the repulsion letters per word .
3. Show us through the study that the moral character of the man is more than his physical characteristics as mentioned by linguists , even though they wrote books about the creation of the human rights of Osamai creation and the creation of man to Thabit ibn Abi Thabit and create rights of glass ... Etc. , and the reason for this is due to the importance of manners to treat social phenomena .

Poem (strange on the Gulf) for Sayyab   - A study in the values Aljamalih-

Bushra Hanoon Mohsen

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 175-198

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings on Muhammad Syed senders and The God of the good and virtuous.
Whoever comes to literary text analysis writes around him, the quest does not get away from the concept of reading. However, this reading differs away between analyst and analyst on the one hand, and the student and the student on the other hand, and between normal reader professional Another reader on the other hand, and tools that Astunaha in the understanding of this text, or read are determined by the analysis, which arises from the literary quest landmarks . The text Siyabi Open Text wide open, waiting for all kinds of reading. One Valsaab of the leading innovators in the modern Arabic poetry and a pioneer of the movement, and his poetry represents modern Arab poetry walk, and we decided to approach a text of poetry we read on about trying to invent reading procedures where we could have chosen a poem (strange on the Gulf) to be the subject research and analysis as a result of the richness of this text is the subject, and an art, and a flood emotionally.

Glimpses of thought, Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Alasfi (Islamic Movement example)

Uday Hatem Abdul-Zahra

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 199-222

Iraq was in the era of Ottoman domination 1532- 1918 in the worst stages of historical because of social and economic deterioration and poor services, but in many stages in March Ottomans ruled sectarian .uallah retreated life and desertification mind and moved away from objectivity and rationality for Iraqis who have converted to a footnote belonging to the Sultan. It is here the effects Arab renaissance in Egypt and Syria did not fruit in Iraq because of the stiffness of thought and decay of altruism when Iraqis, especially Shiites them.
The Spirit of Islamic kinetic stopped at the corner of the mosque and numbness Islam motor because of conditions in Iraq and the struggles was a breeding ground fertile for the entry and invasion of invasion of Saudi Arabia, for example, the city of Karbala in 1802 to apostasy social to nomadic and tribal boards, this tragic conditions were good assistant to the British occupation of Iraq in World War .uchaart Islamist movement Shia that their presence is in danger and it took advantage of the conditions of international support in the British hit, but they want to wake up and play again was a strong reaction to the British, but did not kill thought and especially the Islamic movement.
The conditional Iranian 1905 conditionality Ottoman Empire in 1908 is an important factor in proving that when the Islamist political movement decides supports its rules and trying to wake up and the Renaissance and the good that has been exploited intellectual freedom and support different appeared book opens gifted Islamist activists to work a (alert the nation and disliked the religion) of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Alnaúana. On Although that did not take the lead, but proved to be alive and present and could not Ottomans of killing and even the British when they were forced scholars to migrate to Iran and then requiring their return of non-interference in Islam, there were dozens of ways of support for the Islamic movement until the fifties of the last century when I got up the Islamist movement nutrition intellectual of the oases of Islamic Thought in Iran, Egypt and Jordan and then stand on the feet in the declaration of the entity Islamic political stage endoscopy for all pictures actually from a political to the social to the economic Among these theories velayat-e faqih, which was Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Alasfi one of the men theorizing of this concept Indicating mandate of God and the mandate the nation and the state of absolute Faqih and special relationship and its requirement and conditions are represented.

Custom tribal standards of ethics of the Prophet An analytical study

Zainab Ali Abd

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 223-242

The ethics of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) of nutrients for many Alvraeiat at various levels and therefore we will focus in our research on the compatibility and incompatibility between the ethics of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) and custom tribal, and because the ethics of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) standard to correct the behavior of nations, so our study will be punctuated by historical analysis, criticism and stand on some of the negatives in the customs of clans and how we find solutions to them than the attitude of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family).
And divided the research into several sections are as follows First topic: historical overview of the ethics of the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family), the second topic: conventionally obtained support from the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family), the third section conventionally rejected the Prophet (Allah bless him and God him), section IV: clans today in constructive criticism circle, conclusion and recommendations. We have adopted a range of sources :, the history of the Apostles and the Kings of Tabari T. 310 e, morals for Tperse T. 548, full of history to Ibn al-Athir T 630 H,, ... with a set of references.

Right Alantzai and Legal and its impact on the loyalty of Organisational Islamist economic perspective

Ali Karim al-Khafaji; Karim Zamad Al Fatlawi

CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC STUDIENS MAGAZINE, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 12, Pages 243-285

This study deals with the right Alantzai and Legal and its impact on Organisational loyalty. In order to achieve the objectives of the study were to adopt the theoretical framework of each of the right and the right Alantzai Legal and Organisational loyalty. The study tried to answer a number of questions reflected the real problem of the study, including:
1. Legal right is an inalienable right of the individual.
2. The organization is working to give legal right to its members.
3-possessed workers claim their rights culture Alantzaih.
4-organization does not take the initiative to grant workers their rights Alantzaih only after the claim by them.
5-acceptance of workers belonging to the Organization kind of loyalty Organisational.
6-use of soft skills (dealing humanitarian) by the administration sings Organisational loyalty.
7-organization is keen to give the utilitarian rights in accordance with the standards will satisfy everyone.
8-workers get the incentives fairly.
9-organization is committed to developing the mental capacity of workers in order to achieve awareness and loyalty.
10-participation of employees in the organization's policy fee generates mental awareness to belong to the organization.
The survey was conducted in a number of faculties of the University of Karbala: Faculty of Tourism Sciences and Administration and Economics and the College of Education .az been getting the necessary information through a questionnaire prepared for this purpose, where he was seeking the views of the sample represented by a number of Altdresen various educational levels and number of staff. I have been using a set of statistical methods to measure the correlation and effect relationships between the variables of the study, and the study found a set of conclusions come in the forefront:
-azart The results of statistical analysis on the variables (right Alantzai Legal and right) that the organization attaches great interest in each of the two rights for their workers. The study then concluded a set of recommendations, most notably:
The necessity to develop a strategy to establish the concept of legal rights by the Alantzai and their importance for workers through awareness and education programs.