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Volume 5, Issue 11

Volume 5, Issue 11, Summer 2014, Page 1-413

Quranic approach And the theory of the dialogue of civilizations

Wegdan Eareeq Enad


Thinkers and philosophers interested in Western research in the history of human civilizations, and the features and characteristics that differentiated by each one from the other, and the fate of every civilization, and this was a cause for concern is the fear of Western civilization to be doomed to extinction.
Appeared many theories, but are not limited to: Chbangelr that theory to explain the emergence of civilization and the stages where he successively on each civilization dribble on any living organism of the birth, growth, aging and yard adopted; and Samuel Huntington, the owner of the clash of civilizations that theory that believes that the Islamic world theory will be a major reason for the fall and the collapse of Western civilization; and Roger Garaudy owner of dialogue among civilizations theory, which calls for intellectuals and politicians who live within the confines of Western civilization to the benefit of the Arab-Islamic civilization, Western civilization, so you can continue and survive ... and others.
This research will address:
First, the theory of the dialogue of civilizations and where: a glimpse of the definition of the owner of that theory, Roger Garaudy, and the status of Arab-Islamic civilization in that theory.
Second, the Koran and the theory of the dialogue of civilizations and in it: prove the fact that the Koran already Garaudy more than fourteen centuries in calling for civilized dialogue.
Third: Quranic approach to dialogue and civilized it: how the Koran lay a platform for Muslims to build a humanitarian project being positive dialogue and interaction with other cultures and peoples.

Features interpretive efforts in Atheist century AL safee example explanation

Mohamed Mahmoud Abboud Zuwein; Qasim Muhammad Shahid Ghayad


Praise be to God, who cherished his book slaves, and say their tongues lovely mentioned, and inspired them to understand the keys, and prayed to God for His Messenger Muhammad Secretary, and The God of the good and virtuous, and his companions Almentajabin and after
Muslims have a compact Koran study and research over the days and centuries, Vetoasloa with interpretation and writing, so she origins science tortured Mnahlh, and blossomed fruit in fertile land, and the book was al-Majid, told the impact and a stronger presence in the independence of science and evolution of the Muslims, especially those that are on the the closeness of the relationship with his texts and meanings, I do not think Kaltvsar note hired knowledge, science and the arts system and intentionally attempt in a statement of its objectives and achieve its goals of decent text like Him.
Perhaps you in such uncertain Atjd book heavenly holy major Toloh his family and care and attention to reading and memorization, and a statement of explanation ..... as conductor of the efforts of Muslims Quran Majeed direction.
In any case, for all Aigb view on the affairs of the Book of Allah and IMDB interpretive efforts start coming off interaction
It was the Great Prophet (r) first interpreter ((...... and sent down to you the male to show people what was revealed to them and perhaps they speculated)) {44 / bee} To this day, it was every era interpretative color that reveals the response of Muslims with Word of God glorified, and how they tried to understand the statement and disclosure purposes, Fajtfatt accordingly interpretive environments, and a variety of curricula in dealing with verses each including Besides, he thought, and including the donation of understanding and the surround knowledge, science and employ them in interpretive performance
Search impressed stand at the explanatory statement the body of a genuine effort of the product atheist century AH interpretative RPR than a thousand in his time on I said was unique and the scarcity of how to get to the meanings and connotations a combination of mind and transportation approach, in other words
One of the diligence of these lines to talk about the explanatory efforts in atheist century AH through Msaddagaha fullest and ideals fully, a net of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Murtaza known Balfad Kashani interpretation (1007 e 1091 e) and not of their research to talk about life and the life of the interpreter as much as it was his main concern Confirmation for his interpretive and how become a vivid picture of the features of interpretation in this century.
The study showed the two sections flood efforts in interpretation, and Quranic sciences, committed first topic to talk about the explanatory efforts and stop when interpreting the Qur'an by the Qur'an a model of diversity interpretative effort in net.
The second section Rasadda net efforts Science in the Quran and how to employ an application in a statement purposes and to be divine, he studied the reasons down and Mecca and civil burner and copied and readers coming Quranic stories Quranic and letters cut as well as the virtues of the fence Koranic. The sealed search of the most important art of scientific results, and proved in end of the list of sources used and references.
I have sought out these leaflets to alert the status of net interpreted and how it was a loop connection between the predecessor and subsequent interpretive efforts that contributed to the book the service of God Almighty statement and an explanation, but the scarcity of what has been written about this effort hope researchers from God to help and guide a parent charity, otherwise Vhsabhma faith exclusive him glorified.
And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and blessings of God be upon His Messenger Muhammad and Secretary The God of the good and virtuous

The conflict between secularism and religion in the construction of human civilization

Razak Hussein Farhood


We have successfully research modest marked with (the conflict between religion and secularism in building human civilization) has reached several important search results and will mention the most prominent of these results, taking into account the brevity of this are as follows: -
1 - The research found that secularism must be read to open the eye and not Peixrha because its meaning in cognitive terms in the West is the source and the source of secularism means that the person this time to live and age any living this life has nothing to do with them, and not a secular source of science as nothing to do with it.
2 - The research found out that the reason for asylum west to secularism and show extreme hostility to religion, whether Christian religion or the other as a result of the deviation of the clergy and the fight for science and scientists and their control over the men politicians and leadership in their country, and the failure of the Christian religion itself about how to manage and lead the humanitarian community and keep up with regeneration and the development of civilization for humans.
3 - Through the meaning of religion statement, research concluded that the definitions of the clergy and the Islamic especially men front of religion that religion have regulates human life at all levels in this life and the alleyway other life, while most of the researchers of Western society and America have religious feeling felt by the human mother and a reality and the fact that it has no reality and realistic.
4 - show us the meaning of civilization is the sum of the values, concepts and developments, beliefs and laws, principles and habits that constitute a certain and specific behavior in humans and Thddelh certain way in government and life and dealing with others.
5 - show us that the secular civilization does not focus values and principles in human life, but the calls to human decomposition for most of the principles that are unorthodox in building human rights, so that the secular focus on the human self as it focuses on the vessels of humans.
6 - show us that the search of religious civilization is that the adoption of the values and principles of human rights that make a living case of reassurance and avoid anxiety and build family relationships, social relations and relations policy to build a proper live and thrive civilized human life.
And Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon Muhammad and The God of the good and virtuous permanent and cursing to all the enemies.

Qoran in Islamic jurisprudence Toeselip study the provisions of the Koran in Islamic jurisprudence

Dargham Kream Kazem al-Moussawi


Praise be to God, who sent down the Qur'an, a bigwig forgiveness, which is still generosity Mannan, prayer and peace be upon the best of mankind, Muhammad Mustafa, and the guardian Ali Murtada, and the house lights the darkness.
I read through some of the books of fiqh, and found there jurisprudential rulings pertaining to the Koran, I thought of what evidence these provisions, and whether there is a legitimate texts cover all of this large amount of Koran issues? Will can be collected in a separate book? Especially after he took the science specialize, as the issues related to the Holy Quran and in books for many Hadith can be folders, came to this project, which could we consider the foundation stone in a statement the provisions of the Koran in Islamic jurisprudence, The research of the urgent need to define a generation, and the general public on how to deal with the Koran, as there are of acting with the Koran is aware, as we see when booksellers, for example, it says the bookseller: how much is this the Koran, or that the Koran is placed and forsake not read it, or did not know that touching His signs is cleansed of foreclosed, and other provisions that go into all walks of life, the one who reads this research will find that the right to require us to the Koran like this work, which is how the constitution of this nation and its manual to God.
And require research methodology to be six Investigation, since taking the first section in a statement some of the demands on which depends the search, such as the meaning of jurisprudence statement, the Koran and Almqbesod jurisprudence Quran Is meaning of idiomatic or linguistic meaning, and in the second section displays search the provisions relating to the Koran in the door of the sanctity of the Koran and the belief and say the Qur'an, and the third section was an arena to display the most important issues in the door Alabadt of purity, prayer, etc., while the fourth section came in especially as related to the Holy Koran of contracts, and transactions of sale, and leasing, stop, and inheritance, and other , the fifth topic, which we desperately need for a statement of what occurred in the arena of innovations related to the Holy Quran, it is difficult to take the common man what had happened from the revolution in information technology, and in the sixth topic displays search for the most important literature that every Muslim should be mastered by. The seal of the most important research findings.
After this I would like to say that what is collected is little issues, otherwise the books of fiqh charged fatwas Hadith concerning the Qur'an.

First Ghadeer: Samuel - Talot Ghadeer II: Muhammad - Ali (Quranic study compared)

Amal Suhail Abdul al-Husseini


Each Tracker history finds that his multi-faceted movement; and to the last know to know the truth does not need to be excavated in the past papers and sounding the above events Gore, even have information on the length of the journey to a conclusion unknowns, which Aftrt minds it is that we use a real introductions certainty to a conclusion ultimate sanctioning information realism, Valhadhar can not stand the truth, only by reference backwards and analyze historical events for the assets of the issues and races, when assets see the result on the mirror provided; and because the movement of history has filled its pages good and bad and making improved abuser events, and where what is real and what is false subject typed rulers and sultans pens and ridiculed for that hired pens; therefore it is necessary to determine accurately circles and lines to show the owners all the way through. And the emergence of these pages present can be achieved only display their movement in the events of the past on the basis of science; because of religious legislation and regulation divine is built on information only without the other, they must display of human movement on this legislation and regulation, for science base reality show work, and the Koran Karim compare science to work, to show the truth at the cusp of the introduction, and the confusion is happening in front of a researcher with the result.
In order to get the truth does not have to look at the eternal provided which then began creation, when those provided see the science that it has identified the movement, and after consideration of the submitted eternal discover what happened along the human process of looking for a straighter thought, movement and Khulushma of impurities humanitarian illusions and Alelqaouat diabolical .
From here and door (history repeats itself) and (the whole history contemporary history) are trying to stand on the plight of the prophets and the righteous in their calls to the right and to the path of God Almighty and stand on Aptlaouat Nations, Aptlaouat objection to what planned by the sky for this humans who Grth strength to wish to God on what he wanted from him good in this world and the hereafter.
As plagued previous nations, the nation of Muhammad (r) are the other has blighted these ignorant people who have strayed from the principle of the message in spite of all that I've heard of this nation of warnings, whether this warning from the sky directly or from the author, was talking to them the Almighty said: {to Tercbn according for dish} (split: 19), no (to Tercbn the first two years and was by you) (1), Imam al-Sadiq "p" to say about the meaning of it: (for Tercbn Sunan of it before you, from the first two conditions) (2).
What warned by the Holy Prophet after that resided argument on the march: (HEM God. You have left such white a vibrant path that is clear) (3), and increased in the novel: (not deviates by only Hulk) (4), has received all of this after rejected the inauguration of the nation chosen by the sky, and chose from them indicated passions.
From here emerged the idea of writing about this topic, since the ordeal every ordeal suffered by the Messenger of Allah (r) at the inaugural Supreme Commander of the Faithful "p" on Ghadeer Khum, trying to make a comparison between this object and an interception children of Israel, the prophet Samuel "p" when installed on them Talot order of the sky, throwing light on the most important outcomes of this objection, namely what he told the Prophet Muhammad (p) in the march will see after the deviation of human patterns consequent movement weird religion, and this result seemed crystal clear in saying (r) (Islam began as something strange and will return strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers) (5); to deny this sunburst seal the messages that have the wealth of this land, and to live after that suffering and tragedy and hardship ... and play with her fancies and crises, has warned forward faithful "p" of the consequences of slipping this dangerous situation, saying:) mandate nation bewildered after prophet either you if you make the feet of God and Okhrtm of another God, and you have made the state and genetics where God set them, what high Waliullah nor Tash share of the ordinances of God, two nor differed concerning the ruling of God, do not fight the nation in something of God's command, but we knew that from the book of God, taste the pAL and the hands of God and made slaves of darkness and will teach those who wronged any return overturn)

When human understanding of religion in Human knowledge framework

Jassim Shehab


Can be classified as research in the Department of philosophical inquiry about religion reason with humanitarian actor influential in understanding the religion the starting point of the belief that the Koran is empowered to draw the borders of religion and the areas of intervention in human life and enjoyed by the religion of the prestige and influence on the course of human life, the fact that religion instinctive trait in human nature and its long history since the emergence of humans and offspring . The place occupied by religion in Islamic societies have made a thinker and a philosopher Frenchman of Algerian origindramatize of this stature he says to the place occupied by religion in the Islamic and Arab societies is a contemporary of horror and magnitude to the degree that we can be seen as the first issue and the core should be educated to take care of them .
Find and sees the role of the humanities in relation to the framework provided by the formation and deepen the understanding of religion and how to employ the results of cognitive convergence towards religious determine the function of religion the function of religions fall under one .

(Perhaps the door) from the book to explain the slave shine to the son of paint study and investigation

Fayyad; Wafa Abbas


Received the book (shine in Arabic) to the son of reaping and a greater share of attention and care, explained more than once. I had the good fortune we have found nine pages do not exist in the investigator book (slave to explain shine) are present in the Graduate Library at the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad under the number (2025), entitled (slave to explain shine) to the son of paint (d 569 AH), a photographer for copy in Turkey under No. 930 Library Kulaij Ali Pasha. This comic version represents the second section of the book, which begins door appeal.
The research deals with the achievement of the text of the traditional texts relating to the Arab Balnho, but it is painful and unfortunately at the same time that the manuscript had been to burn like other manuscripts that were abound in the Graduate Library at the Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad also told us that Dr. Tarek Abdel Aoun Al-Janabi, which concerns us from the comic version of the manuscript is to achieve (the door hoping) no other.
What concerns us in this research is the second topic of it, and that was two parts: in the first section addressed by the study, and included documentation book ratio (slave) to the author, described the door (hoping) said in a practical and systematic investigation. This included the second part of the investigation section.

Facilitate the expression and the rules of the Arabic language for the stages of pre jurisdiction

Khaleda Omar Suleiman; Azza Adnan Ahmed Ezzat


Our students suffer in the Kurdistan Region of many problems in college, perhaps the most important Arabic language, when entering the Committee of the Whole gives them hell lecturing, they are either in Kurdish, Arabic or English, Victhvon that Aktnsoh over twelve years of Arab science hardly Wiseman or sing from hunger, as well as to study the Arabic language rules cumulative study of the student can not control overnight.
In view of the above, we have seen that we address in our research this Arabic language books bases in three stages: primary, intermediate and secondary, relying on the same subjects, but smooth as explanations shortcut through the tables and charts that we see a significant impact in facilitating education as well as the use of colors Oalkht dark, Oalkhtoot under some words as far as the Balmktop, and we believe that this method helps in raising the level of the student, and give it a look a public college on the subject accessible to study, especially if the lecture presented by powerpoint, in the precision and clarity and thrill a lot, not through changes accompanying slide show, but also through the involvement of sight and hearing in education, which is one of the modern methods of teaching, which fit this time, which is where the computer is not significant in all areas of life role.
We ate in the boot something easy for dictation and us what to express the relation with it, how much of the word change shape depending on the location of the expression in the sentence, and we tried to show the difference between the name and deed through Alamathma, some students do not distinguish between the name and the verb, as well as to differentiate between the types of acts, then we dealt with in the first section, entitled: ((express) signs) the expression of nouns and verbs signs through two axes: first: the movements, and the second: the letters, then we dealt with in the second section ((translated site of expression)) five axes: lift, monument , traction, assertion, and sporadic, which is sometimes between this and that, such as discrimination or exclusion, or advocated as well as the disciples, Vshlna thus the student parsing sentences, because he knew what was raised, and what is Mansoob, and what is the drain, and what is Almdzom, and know the expression marks (lifting the monument and traction and boots) shreds expressing Wholesale very easy for him after consideration of the components.
, monumentˈmänyəmənt

The objections of vowels by changing the conjugate and acoustical reading

Adil Nazir Berry Hassani; Alaa Saleh Obaid


The study is engaged in treating the objections of vowels by changing . It counts these objections then it treats them without making little of anything else in Arabic text . It makes the basics of modern sound lesson tool used it to remove the obscurity . It makes ( the objections as one of vowels 'parts ) standard to accept or answer the justifications which justifies the rules of vowels . The study mentions those rules what was said to justify the changing in it by the ancient , what do the moderns mention . the study has two points . those points treat the objection of changing vowels in Arabic language . this study ends with important results which reaches to it .
Finally , I beg God to accept my effort which I aim to participate in providing the literary library with this effort as far as I can , so as to serve humanity and science .

Simplicity and complexity term cash and rhetorical

Kamel Abed Rabbo; Jassim Abdul Wahid Rahi Aekabi


Praise be to Allah the Lord of mankind, the creator of the things of antibodies, to be a mirror for keeping it above peer, and peace and blessings on the most eloquent of Baldhad pronunciation, intercessor Almhf Day of Summoning, and his family good glories, and his companions Almentajabin pickets.
Ancient Arabic dictionaries referred to the terms of simplicity and complexity, according to two different uses of language:
Simplicity in the language of the extension: the numerator and the antithesis of the arrest: the numerator: Publishing, brushes and tide. Unwrap the thing: published, and unroll thing on earth: Nfrh. And simple of the land Kalpsat of dresses, rugs and mats. In the modern: Do not extend your arms energizes the dog: No Tafrchehema on the ground in prayer.
The numerator: the tide, and the extension of so and so his hand extended. And it says ((While extended your hand to kill me)) (). And unroll the day: extended and long (), and simplicity: Hassan and easy: a simple woman said: well-facilitated by the body. Extraversion: Leave modesty (), which emerge.
The complexity of the language is the antithesis of a torsion solution, and the node: the size of the contract: The combined contract, and strings complex stressed the multitude. It is said the rope knot: it is knotted, and it is the marriage contract. The most complex of the goats: in which paired twisting, and the wolf more complex: crooked guilt. The twist in the decade in which the guilt of sheep Kalakdh. The marriage contract Dhabi: any inability to put his neck on the compassion has to sleep. The knot of the tongue: What thicken it, and in his tongue knot: any distortion. And held his words: any Oaus and blindness. And indemnity against possible and convenience ().
And complexity: Almaazlh, reportedly contracted dogs: Taazlt (). And Almaazlh: the thing is overlap in the thing (). It was narrated from Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra), he said, some of the Arabs: "I am not of your own poets Iezl speech did not follow Houshia." And he did not Iezl: Which did not make some of the some did not speak Balrgia say not repeat the pronunciation and meaning ().
Which notes through extrapolation meanings that came out to the lexical meaning of the terms of simplicity and complexity. Simplicity that overlapped with other terms Kalodouh, convenience and exposure ... and others, as well as the complexity of the case with the term, which overlap with mystery and Ays and Almaazlh ... and others.
I've got a term simplicity and complexity of the attention too much attention, and that attention and that care only as they relate to the essence of a literary work in terms of the creative and the text and the receiver on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is up to the difficulty of determining Mvhomanma, because of the multiplicity level Drjathma in determining the meaning, as well as the multiplicity uses language as well as the difference in determining the bearings, and their significance.

Features of thought in the legendary hair Obaid bin lepers

Nawras Ibrahim Abdul Hadi


Mythology is an important tributary of the tributaries of Arabic literature since the old covenants, and still are. Has enriched the heritage of the Arab symbols and signals, and came freighted with immense symbolic peoples and civilizations, and reflected us imagined intellectual old man in the process of growing up and configuration, and his view of the universe and of life, and relationships of objects and things around him. From here originated Mutaiologih theories that try to explore the roots of mythology and intellectual dimensions and functional, and the implications Avatar.
I've hired a poet Obaid bin lepers imagined legendary in his hair good representation, to unite the art of imagination, and illusion, a dream, and magic harmoniously enriched noodles purposes identified according to the imagined good or evil, praise or satire or pride.

The Orientation of the Orphans/Parentless towards the Governmental Orphanages and Social Stigma: A Field Study in Al-Diwaniya City

Anees Shaheed Mohammad


The domain of childhood is considered as one of the significant domains that requires a full understanding since it is regarded as a fundamental and important period in man's life in which the general features of personality are shaped. Thus, building up necessary programmes to take care of and to look after it is regarded as a necessary demand. Especially, promoting the level of services and social sponsorship of children has been achieving success in this respect depending on the scientific researches in the field of patronizing childhood has become a basic characteristic of this era. Any society aims at promoting the universal social and economic development of life seeking the welfare of its individuals must give childhood its due care and
Taking care of children, those who have been deprived for any reason, of parental care is considered as the most important aspect of human ones since they cannot , individually, and in the absence of their parents or those who take care of them under family care to satisfy their needs. Thus, they become deprived and at the same time liable to deviate and this leads them to their loss turning them to be a source of danger inside their society. Since our society is one of those societies which faced up with strong political shakes that have lead to the death of many of their dear individuals and left many orphans and parentless without breadwinner/family supporter who maintains affluent life. According to the statistics of Ministry of planning and Developmental Cooperation, the number of parentless children in Iraq is about 4.5 millions among them 500.000 homeless in the streets whereas the governmental orphanages/ institutions include only 459 parentless children. Under these disastrous conditions, the life of children in Iraq remains in the stream of wind without any future security.
The subject matter of this research (The Orientation of the Orphans/Parentless towards the Governmental Orphanages and Social Stigma) brings up a very serious problem that necessitates and deserves deep study and analysis.
The problem of this research is embodied, in the circumstances that the children live in whose family system has broken as a result of: death, social, economic and health isms or as a result of several factors that hinder the function of the family which cause the deprivation or abuse and homelessness of the child. Thus, necessity ,inevitably, gives prominence to the role of society, state(government); as alternative systems and means to implement protective, remedial and constructive programmes.
This research aims at seeking to know the reasons that prevent the unable supporters to afford and take care of them in a proper way which help making a good generation away from psychological complexes and deviation and its relationship with social stigma that the supporters of the parentless children are subjected to especially those found in the governmental orphanages which are built for them. It also aims at studying the possibility to educate the members of society and their reactions towards these parentless and their families and not to caste them and to embrace them in big society turning them to be good and productive members in their society.
The significance of the study lies in the fact that parentlessness, is a social problem exists at any time and place; and it is aggravated through crises of the societies, especially armed and bloody disputes that cause death of thousands of peoples and the traces that leaves behind. The means of solving them through social work are numerous and varied among the societies of the world according to their creeds, values and ideologies. The process of changing and social development necessitate conducting social and scientific studies that go along with this change throughout the means of work and its convenient programmes with the era in which the society members live in. Thus, the significance of the study comes from being mere a scientific and systematized attempt to achieve such an aim, and diagnosing the problems that impedes the harmony with the process of development and tackling these problems.
The present research has a number of hypotheses, the following are the most prominent ones: 1- Deprived of sending the parentless to the governmental orphanages is due to social stigma they are faced up with from the society. 2- Deprived of sending the parentless to the governmental orphanages is due to the fact that the supporters make use of them through working in the market. 3- The parentless supporters' unawareness of the advantages that the parentless/orphan has when he/she join the governmental orphanages and the atmosphere of these orphanages that help making the parentless a good person in the society. 4- Most of the individuals of the society do not send their daughters to the governmental orphanages since they defame them and their social status in the society.
The present study enfolds an introduction, the problem, the aims, the significance, and the definition of the related terminologies: social stigma, the parentless/orphan, and the governmental/institutional orphanages and also the clarification of the theory social stigma and tracing, historically, the foundation and the development of governmental orphanages and taking care of the parentless/orphans in Iraq. Whereas in the practical part of the study , a sample of the families that have parentless members has been chosen. Those parentless members suffer from bad living conditions and their supporters are unable to send them to schools. The scientific means are used in this research since it is a descriptive study. The social survey and the questionnaire have been used in collecting the data of the study. The sample has been chosen at random from the poor places which undergo poverty and are unable to support the parentless/orphans whose under their sponsorship. It includes 50 families of the studied community.
The present study has come up with a number of conclusions and recommendations related to the studied phenomenon; of them: 1- Social Stigma that the parentless family is subjected to is one reason of those ones behind depriving them from sending the parentless/orphan to the governmental orphanages. 2- The unawareness of the supporters of the advantages that the parentless/orphan has from the governmental orphanages has pushed some of those supporters to deprive their parentless/orphans from sending to the governmental orphanages.
The present study recommends the following:
1- Holding special symposiums for the families in the poor places and clarifying the government/state orientations towards taking care of the parentless/orphans and the advantages that can be obtained from sending their parentless/orphans to the governmental orphanages.
2- Presenting lectures via auditory and visual mass media concerning the governmental orphanages and their invaluable role and not to exploit the parentless by their supporters in such indecent works that lead them to deviate.
3- Conducting intensive studies about social stigma and deviation and their effect on the upcoming generations.
4- Upraising religious awareness of the parentless/orphan's custody and limiting the effects of social stigma.