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Issue 10,

Issue 10

Novel linguistic and literary texts of the rules of the modern novel Sharif benefit

Sobhi Mohammed al-Adli


Research Summary
1 we mentioned in the first section and the second some definitions of modern science Kalasnad and wound and the amendment, in order to indicate the role of science novel hadith in that it sort us chatter correct than others, who saved us from the transfer of lies and slander infallible (peace be upon them).
2 and through what came in Alambgesan former appeared to us that modern science is that showed the scholars of Islam sections conversations in terms of strengths and weaknesses, the mismatch talk frequently, which is adopted by all Muslims in devising the legal provisions, some of which is I think the breasts, some of which is weak and atonality , and based on that provided scientists frequent on other conversations, and gave the strongest to the weakest, and rejected all the conversations and stories false and spoofed on infallible (peace be upon them) and on this basis was built Shariah, and all this thanks to modern science contained in each of the first section and the second.
3 The statement was in Alambgesan first and second order statement the importance of modern science in the scrutiny and the purity of the second source of the sources of Islamic law, was reflected in the third section, which explained the importance of the science and the rules of other modern, in order to be applied to Novels Arabic language and literature, for scrutiny and purification of impurities Novels false and spoofed that led to this difference in views linguistic, literary, and when applied will show us the strong and the weak, and then we will give strong on the other, and thus we get the language and literature of the Arabs sincere and real, which would certainly conform to the methodology and rules of the Koran.
4 and thus came out of this research recommendation include the development of a scientific approach Rezin, as a way of Sciences Hadith take care sort Novels language and literature on the basis that we have mentioned, in particular, that the sources of this approach are installed in the research, in which clear vision in the course of his arrival to the results useful but necessary to save the heritage of linguistic and literar

Comprehensiveness of the legal dimension in the Qur'an


When you reflect on the Quran, realize that appearance Alosny to the greatness of God in this presence, and guided him to mankind, and his argument based on this earth, and his supreme in the kingdom, and realize that it evacuates the lordship of God glorified in the general universe, and in particular human.
The purpose of the Koran and not be a history book or stories or natural or statement to the secrets of the heavens and the earth sciences, and to present all of them, but the main objective it is (human Hedaya), crystallized this goal through college created by these various dimensions and formed significance through cosmic vision and ideology, as we draw a line broad and clear, and the way sound levels is the right path, which is the main objective and the ultimate goal of the route of the people and guided by God Vijrjhm his light from darkness to light.
The first of this great Koran great care with guidance and counseling, and employed the ways and means and methods and dimensions on the level of rhetorical miraculous, and at the legislative level, and moral, and at the level of statements and scientific references, and the historical and geographical level, employing all for this ultimate goal, and the ways and means , preaching the prevailing legal dimension in all its verses Almighty whether the listed incidents stayed behind or in guidance and direct warning or in several Oaidh and warned him and his preaching, through its verses stones.
In this research, we will stand at the significance account of facets several, as we will show concept, termed the language and we are exposed to its relations temporal and spatial quality and other dimensions, and shed light on the meaning of mind philosophically and psychologically, then offer a model Qur'anic narratively to show the citizen lesson and mind in it, hoping that we will have taken as befits this dimension given by the Koran very attention.

Transcendence the Prophet Muhammad for slanders against Study in divine revelation and the suspicions raised around

Khawla Mahdi Shaker


By studying revealing phenomena and the suspicions upon it as an attempt to defame the prophet character, the researcher concludes the following:-
1- revealing, for the prophet(P.U.H) is not as some narrations imagined, rather it was natural for him and what he had suffered resulting from the hole Qura n seriousness.
2- there were many parties that tried hardly to defame the prophet character by defaming the revealing and putting fabricated stories upon it, in past and present, yet their fabricated lies are so weak to end revealing.
3- the materialists do not believe in revealing fact save by watching or observation, and that reminds us of Abi sufiyan and his fellows of the pre-IsIamic time who were more intelligent than the unbelievers of the contemporary time who pretend that mohammed (P.U.H) created revealing by himself, while Abi sufiyan and his fellows said that he had studied it and that he had been dictated.

Foundation construction and EDM in Mecca and Medina until the end of the era of the Prophet Muhammad

Koutaiba Mohammed Majid


The basis of administration organization in macca and Al-Madina until the end of the prophet era Mohammad (pea ce on him)

The research concentrate on systems fundamental and administrative in mecca and medina on the most important foundations and systems confirmed that the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in the administrative building of the state of Isism the young whichis areal model in state building as well as the genius that was able to act together the nation that was controlling the destinies tendencies ignorance has distributed search
First: management systems in mecca dealt with in
1- Mecca and religious significance and geographical
2- Administrative function in mecca secondly:
1. Medina when immigration
2. Foundations of Islamic organizations
3. Administrative organizations in mecca

Jurisprudence and education on trends in the state of the father when Imami marriage pristine governance model

Shahid Abdul Zahra al-Khatib; Mohammed Qasim al-Maliki


Mandate of the father begins from the first day that the father and that meet to form the first cell where distributed responsibilities on both sides, and the principles of Islam to be the leadership of each grouping if they were two, was given the lead in the family of the man with the specifications leadership formative which summed God Almighty men became known Agaymoma when responsibility to be between the couple, and the state when the father, in a specific area of Zumih and other undesirable, is located has a responsibility to manage these cell development, to improve their production and grow healthy growth intensifies promises and Aana fruit to give it harmony and happiness, and evolve the responsibility of the sperm bears parental responsibility through recipes educational which donated the sky and legitimacy FAQ achieved by scholars of the duties and mustahabb actions and Mbahat and Mkrōhat and taboos, taking advantage of the mind and the experiences of others, and informed him of science and excreted civilizations, the more progress this creature in the growth differed responsibility and changed with the five sentences differed instructions scientific laws needed by each role, embryo has provisions and the baby has its provisions and the boy has provisions amounting him provisions and well after puberty and adulthood, when the formation of a new cell meant it may own provisions to return the life cycle of new and thus spin life and reproduce Nations, and we are trying here to review those responsibilities in total and then focus on the mandate of the father the eldest wise to their importance and the large number of words and their relationship to the concepts of freedom, education and the distribution of responsibility.

The call in the poetry of Mr. Suleiman

Mackie Mohi Idan; Karim Sawadi al-Jubouri


Hair was still a fertile field for many linguistic studies at different levels, has excelled in which poets many take many of them his share of the study and brought them many lights, and received enough attention from the presence of modern scholars to be on the other side stands a group of poets remained creations forgotten, and omitted Pens researchers, despite the fact that in their hair material Therh worthy of study and research, because of an article linguistic enormous, and those of Mr. Suleiman the Great, who died in (), poet born in Najaf, and when he shot to fame emigrated to Hilla and Metzj inform them, one of the family known historically as the family of Al-Shehab of households upper ancient and back attributed to Imam ZainalAbidin (peace be upon him), he was a man of letters virtuous and poet strong intuition, and I saw that the lion a bit of a shortage that gripped this character, appealed to the study of style appeal linguistic study Applied fall within the rhetorical semantics taking a model of his office and was the title of an applied research (NIDA in Haralsid Suleiman the Great); lies the importance of research and of being cast light on the style and hired him to carry the poet accurately sense reflected in a clear picture of his views and his beliefs and feelings
The nature of the search warrant study (method call) after his language idiomatically; divided on two axes, the first intake Tools appeal in court, has divided the types are (O waHamza whatever), addressing each tool according to their numbers and their structures contained in the Office poet, came the call tool (O) in a dozen complex, and then the tool Scar (Wa), and Hamza in the three structures, and (whatever) in the six structures, while the second axis was allocated to study the purposes of metaphors that came her appeal when the poet 0

Presentation style and the delay in the Office of Antar bin Shaddad al-Absi Empirical Study

Aladdin Hashim; Maitham Abdul sada shiblawi


Research Summary
The method of application and the delay of the important methods in the Arabic language and has a large aesthetic in Arabic rhetoric as well as the purposes of presentation, multiple delays and a variety of formula in this research who specializes in the Diwan Antara may search method which section into two parts
1- To provide and delays in the nominal sentence
This section has combined to provide news on Alambndo and the disagreement between grammarians as well as the patterns that included stating this method in the SAI and then provisions apply of Naana obligatory and passport .

2 - Presentation and the delay in the actual sentence
This section has combined to provide effective to do so patterns and provisions relating to obligatory and passport, and then join the other type of file which offer wholesale semi actual sentence patterns and then provide its effect on the perpetrator and also patterns .
In all of this research focused on the method of Antara in the introduction delays and highlight

Morphological status on the subject of the book ratios Sibawayh

Osama Abdul Ghafoor; Abbas Ali Ismail


Abstract :
This search we called downloded morphlogical on the subject in abook ratios sibawayh (180 ah ) .
The search includes several sections are :
1-linguistic meaning of the word and the reformist downloaded in the book sibawayh .
2-Downloaded morphological to triple in broken eye .
3-Morphological downloaded in proportion to what etcetera (ya`a).
4-Downloaded in morphological ration to maak (taa) feminization .
5-Morphological downloaded in proportion to the exclusive name .
6-Downloaded morphological ration in the name other deleted .
7-Downloaded morphological ration in the name of the boat .
8-Downloaded morphological ration in the name of the combination .

Dialectic meaning and grammatical health research (as have its meaning factor grammatically)

Najah Saber al-Obeidi


Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings on Muhammad and the master of creation The God of the good and virtuous, and his companions Almentajabin, the Day of Judgement.
It is not a new invention to say that the Arabic language specific inexhaustible, and the male does not obscure, it is one of the languages that a lively and tender; the immortality of what keeps them from all omissions or loss, and we mean the Qur'an, which was revealed preserved from thermoplastic Mighty, Wise.
And then this language Basmath retained, and its properties, and likeness, as immortalized Arabic language whiter, not where Shih, they Alavsah tone and fuller statement, and the most charming, was the face of a bright object likeness.
From here, this language has gained honor and greatness and holiness, prompting scientists - the ancient and modernizers - to make every effort to serve and the statement of their characteristics, and the faces of Aajazha, a neat meanings of the greatest download witnessed in human history. Were efforts in succession, and business enrich, even behind us these scientists a huge heritage, featuring everything generously by Qrihthm; so rushed their children to follow this wrong commendable that have been to be Huda are sharp, generation after generation, until the work has become the obligatory and mandatory, not leave to go into it, and leaves work on it; because redneck him Mazur, and industrious it paid, albeit mistaken, or different; because the difference of the nation's mercy, and giving them a blessing, no matter parted, or Tmzhpt; because carefree where preemption towards the good, and hasten to forgiveness .
This research has been a matter of this error that lasted a very desirable to all researchers, to achieve from behind two things:
I: Bari satisfaction - the Almighty - and the Holy Messenger.
The other: to come Track old kills lesson and discussed.
What is new in this research, is overwhelmed by the claims that have been a factor sense grammatically, line up the path, with grammatical factors to indicate the functional impact of semantic grammatical elements.
Therefore, marking this research (b dialectical meaning and grammatical Health), and mean Paljdlah: Joining grammatical elements with semantic elements in the establishment of the installation, and direct syntactic positions.
So this research is distributed on two themes: first, entitled: meaning and safety of installation, between the researcher synergy between meaning and installation, to demonstrate the coalition elements of linguistic logic that governed social custom. The second, entitled: the meaning and impact of grammar, between the researcher how to have meaning both parts: lexical and Almqami, combined with grammatical factors in directing the syntactic movement time, and founding her again.
This is manifested by the addition to the famous saying about the Arab heritage, translated by Dr. Tammam Hassan said: (express functional meaning branch), and this addendum, which was felt by the researchers, is to be expressing meaning semantic branch; to become argument incomplete saying: (express branch Career and semantic meaning)

Read the monologue of Imam Ali for the security

Shaima Hato


Monologues for master speakers and rhetoricians, which is conversing with his Lord words resonant and beautiful music and phrases Sadhh radiates such honesty and gratitude and adherence to God and to recognize his divinity, and communing: secretly call. God knows the secret also teaches public (1) The reader of this intimacy can be divided communing on two sections: Section I question his Lord the security, and the other part recognition and acquiescence of a slave to his Lord, moreover, it contains methods and structures and techniques of aesthetic and binaries antibody and realistic images and intellectual Tnaghi mind and heart together.
We can define the features of annexed by communing following:

Social criticism in the poetry of Abu ALATAHYAH

Hussein Obaid Al Shammari


Nfluenced by the poet in any era of Ages environment in which they
live positively or negatively, and be influenced by different between poet and last, according to relationship vulnerability and impact exchanged between the poet and his community; Therefore, we believe many of them were interested in issues of their society and alerted to the responsibility that lies on Awatgahm in monitoring and toleratedhand, and addressed and fixed on the other hand, those poet Abu ALATAHYAH who excelled in Tsoarmojtmah
The research social criticism in the poetry of Abu ALATAHYAH, Azard poet prominent social issues pursued people in treatment with some of them, have criticized Abu ALATAHYAH himself and his community in terms of behavioral, economic, political and religious advance to the recipient a comprehensive picture of society, The research is divided on the boot and two sections.

Was entitled boot (the concept of social criticism and motives when ABU ALATAHYAH) consisted of two parts, the First Section Search linguistic and terminological meaning of the concept of social criticism, and included the second part of the study of the most prominent boot social motives that led the poet to use social criticism in his hair.
He came First research titled (Monetary moral and religious) as highlighted on the most important advantages of congenital and behavioral deviant and rejected morally and religiously by criticism poet and ridiculed by the public, and he suffered the poet in cash. clerics and preachers and judges, in advance of the reader a complete picture of the nature of social life in the his time.
While came second section name (Monetary economic and political) has addressed this topic criticism poet of the nature of economic life in the community and the suffering of the poor and stingy rich and greed, price increases and injustice caliphs and governors, and then came the conclusion that recorded the researcher the most important findings in his research

poetry Shas ibn Amr al-Asadi Study in the purpose of poetry

Hazem Fadel Muhammad


Praise be to God, who taught man that which he knew not, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions walked on his approach Aloqom, pride and praise to our language that God has cherished his book (the Koran Noble), and that made me a Muslim Almighty Ali knowledgeable.
After .....
The study of literary heritage step to revive it, which is building the edifice of Arab civilization of the nation, and our heritage literary track those writers and poets, and was among those poets poet Amr ibn Shas Asadi, and found in the poetry of Amr ibn Shas Asadi containing (311) beta poetic available in Diwan, achieving d. Yahya al-Jubouri, the characteristics and features of what to be singled study highlight the themes and stand on their properties, despite the existence of a study preceded me Booze was entitled: Amr ibn Shas Alosudai_ substantive and technical study: the researcher Jabbar Shamkhi Deim, Master Thesis, etiquette / Baghdad 0.2004 m, but the piece to become sour in friendliness issue where does not prevent it from studying multiple poetry of ways and methods and that was hurt in one demand. In this hair like that in other pre-Islamic poetry of the treasures of precious needs more study to be met ..., so that our knowledge on etiquette of any age will not be a complete and thorough unless go deeper in the study of poetry poets individuals depth specialized study, biodegradable hair and explore aspects, and stands on its properties ... and then through these many studies of poets Tour of different approaches stripes and environments can be image sincere fine hair that era, have been asking me that, precision and briefing and inclusiveness for all his hair available in court, was the study titled (Amr ibn Shas poetry Alosudai- study in poetic purposes), which consists of a boot on his name and lineage and surname, title, his tribe and news and prestige when scientists and death, and the two sections The first title (the main purpose of his hair), one of the pride and description and spinning, and the second, entitled (secondary purpose of his hair), one of the satire and wine and praise, wisdom and admonition (social dialogue), where the label for the purposes divided and sequencing by abundance and the oligarchs, then ended the study conclusion and a list of sources and references.
And this could search the familiar themes of Amr ibn al-Shas-Asadi, and removes dust from the poet of Arab poets, to serve the neighborhoods literary heritage, it was that it is the grace of God, although not Vhspa that he tries to work every hard-working share, and God Crown success ..

The reign of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to Malik bin Ashtar Read the ideas and drafting

Jassim Abdul Wahid Rahi


Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings on Muhammad sent as a mercy to the worlds, and The God of the good and virtuous, and peace on the pious faithful companions.
And after:
The The reign of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) to Malik bin Ashtar of legislative and literary important texts, but I doubt that this text is Menhala Thera and approach humanly does not adhere to one's time is not important what is its comprehensiveness, and accuracy in addressing humanitarian issues, and the magnitude of the capacity in knowledge . It is a literary text style with high accuracy in the presentation of topics and issues contained. It is this description might be violating the common moral argument (fresher hair Okzbh) and defeated the argument (fresher Hair believe him) and issue-related elements of the literary text, especially the ideas and emotions. If overwhelmed by emotions on the ideas in the text. Money to exaggerate. And exaggeration otherwise honesty and if overwhelmed ideas on emotions text becomes a static-free noodles. This equation does not find its application in the text in question is the text has plenty of exclusivity features, and these features appear to the reader in many ways it is a coherent text foundries like mold were freed by the ideas. Renewed read in every age and serve as a fine example of what embodied aspects of literary and accurate information from and we believe that the matter back to the specialty of the owner of the text of the properties, including RPR its features is the words of the eloquent speakers and who is (his word over the word of creatures and without words Creator) ().
RPR has words of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) features special advantages, made him impressing a lot of scientists and researchers, they tried to go into the revealed stylistic characteristics, and our belief that the style is the man to know the exact method must know the owner. So we tried in this study is an important aspect of life lighting Imam Ali (peace be upon him), we believe that has to do with the production of the text. And our belief also that the speaker eloquent take into account in his receiver was on us to show aspect of the life of Malik bin Ashtar (RIP), of this research was on two themes: included the first two expanse cognitively, which we explained interlocutor three; the first of them a specialist statement term Covenant and distinctiveness from other Arts Kalrsalh of prose and oratory. We dealt with in the second axis to reveal some aspects of the life of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), and the latter was a specialist along the axis of the life of Malik bin Ashtar statement (RIP).
The second section of the research, specialize studying the ideas and language are two of the most important elements of style as the literary text builds of several elements come in the forefront of ideas and drafting so we restrict ourselves out of our sense of Ptlazmanma and their impact in the understanding of the text and illustrated optimally for this split this section into two categories: The first of them competent to examine the ideas we have explained through the most important issues and topics contained in the Covenant were too many. I do not think that the position that we are in the position to prolong, so we restrict ourselves to the most prominent of those topics and issues in anticipation of the shortcut if the position subject to prolong Otalna.
The second section has been confined to the study of the reign of the editorial has dealt with three issues. The first of which was linked to the linguistic aspect, which was confined to the linguistic phenomena prominent Kaltkadim delays news and Construction
The second issue has been dealt with in the most important means of graphic imaging Vaguetsrt the simile and metaphor and metonymy.
At the end of the search, and before the conclusion was the last issue that we addressed the question of rhythm text has included a prominent voice phenomena, the most important of alliteration and repetition and rhyme, then sealed the most important research results. Reader I do not imagine that I met in the text of the stylistic characteristics, but I dealt with each other as far as clear idea not long search.

Inner Interpretation according to the Ismaiilism (A historical and doctrine study )

Haider Muhmmad Abdullah Al-Karbalay


In the three chapters, we discussed the interpretation inner according to the Ismaiilism since it is one of their Pillars and a center of their doctrine. They believe in the inner and outer. It is a path they follow to reach their goals, defeat their opponents, and spread their doctrine. They believe the Propher Muhammad (May Allah grant peace and honor on him and his family) is the Speaker , that is he was concerned with the rites and outward shape of religion, the inner meaning is revealed by the Imam. That means the Imam knows the inside of the doctrine and the inner meaning of Quran. They disbelieved anyone believes the outer without the inner. They worked to establish their thought in a philosophical acceptable way ; rarely found, in order to spread their doctrine to guarantee the acceptance of their thoughts in a community where thoughts and doctrines became a center for debates.
The Civilization during the Abbasids Era opened new prospects by the mixture of cultures in the Islamic World that time. The Ismaiiilism connected their doctrine with the Interpretation accusing their opponents with ignorance to know the outer without the knowledge of the in inner. They wrote to defend and confirrn their doctrine. Their opponents found it an opportunity to pour their anger on the Ismaiilism; accusing them and their doctrine really and void.
The Interpretation; according to the Ismaiilism is different from Explanation; a concept known by many of the Islam groups, means translationg a word or a phrase/ sentence in the language while interpretation is the inner or hidden meaning of the core of the word.

Iran's foreign policy towards Iraq After 2003

Samir Hassan Falih Mayali; Fadel Hassan Ktafah Yasiri


The occupation of Iraq on 9 April 2003. by the United states and its allies , it was considered a serious historical turning point in the history of the Arab region and the Middle East, and a major turning point in political, economic and social events of all countries in the region . Based on that, the occupation of Iraq was an important factor in influencing Iranian policy, upon both internal and external cases. And on the relationship between Iran and Iraq on one hand and between Iran and the United states on the other. And started since the first monthes of the occupation signs of tension in relation between these parties , and after that the finger went towards Iran from an Iraqi, Arabs and American parties , and others, that Iran being the incentive of the violence in Iraq and that Iran has a program to divide Iraq.
Iran is one of the most neighboring countries, interference in Iraqi affairs, because Iran was found in the political landscape in Iraq an arena for optimal stretch and regional hegemony, and a rear door of the foreign policy of Iran in their conflicts with the United States or with neighborhood countries.