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Volume 4, Issue 9

Volume 4, Issue 9, Spring 2013, Page 1-398

Trends in contemporary jurisprudential rule deceased husband's sperm insemination comparative study between Islamic jurisprudence and legal

Ali Shaker Abd al-Qadir al-Badri; Haider Hussein Kadhim al-Shammari


Is the image of women vaccinated sperm of her deceased husband of images of modern jurisprudence that defines the term ( issues created ) and applications that have emerged in the western jurisprudence in the decade before the last of the last century .
There is no doubt that this picture assumes that a spouse, and during his life , had deposited in a bank for the purpose of seed embryos do his wife after his death inoculating herself babies get born .
Almost this image from Photos artificial insemination sparked controversy on both doctrinal legitimate and legal , where she developed multiple views can be summarized Broaan are permissible Sayers and Sayers prevention.
Where Ray Sayers is permissible , both in terms of Islamic jurisprudence or legal , that this picture award to the arguments we will refer to it in the search while the recount Sayers prevention arguments contrary to what referred to by the owners of the trend first . Generally , we we surveyed the opinions of various scholars of Islamic law from different sects and Dmthm professors Islamic Jurisprudence , as we pointed out to the views of the scholars of positive law , away from the legislative position , from different countries that possible to know their opinions

Factors of maturity and development of schools of jurisprudence

Khader Abdul Baqi Khader; Abbas Ali kashef al-ghetaa


Praise be to Allah who honored us by the grace of the mind , and praise be to God , who teaches anthropology unless , and prayed to God to the city of science and inspired the door and him . And after:
Van Islamic jurisprudence in its development seemed to note spontaneously , so that directed referendums multi -era companions and followers , Vaaml these minds to look at the texts , they said the verdict in which they agreed or disagreed , and when you began blogging classified these words , and then the need to codify the rules of fundamentalism , and when codified and has access to them appeared workbooks , annotations, Almtolat jurisprudence , and it appeared the characteristics that distinguish ( jurisprudential trends - or so-called doctrines from each other ) .
And the importance of this subject in the Islamic system of knowledge was this research under the title ( factors of maturity and development of schools of jurisprudence ), which was having on the three major sections , which have been Balambges primer on the meaning of the school of jurisprudence , and in the first section dealt with common factors in the development of schools of jurisprudence

Diligence process of historical metropolis

Nahida Jalil Abdul Hassan al-Ghalibi


The diligence enjoys high prestige and of great importance to all Islamic sects ; because it represents the very science of jurisprudence and fruit , and discretionary experience can solve all the problems solved by the Islamic community
And that the debt, which is not available on this kind of diligence and these conditions will not last long , and diligence , which does not take mental evidence and knew the wise will not help to renewed vitality and religion . And if the debt is robbed of regeneration and vitality will benefit communities in something ; because the communities in its renewable nature and animated
Since Islam under realism , he decided that the doctrine should be formed according to the proof logical , natural inference and to demonstrate , and to appropriate these realism allowed diligence in understanding the texts Quranic and hadith and devise away and apply concepts to reality , and thus devise images macro and micro to the position of Islam from the behavior patterns and even humanitarian Islamic attitude of the universe and human life

Jurisprudence in contemporary urban and problematic rationing and application

Hussein Kadhim Aziz


In the field of jurisprudence and Sharia shows demonstrated Islamic legislator tasks his performances in commissioning work, started work on the principle bases of Banja and forbidding what is evil, thus avoiding having to work for the Islamic sientific and other construction, change and reform to pour his model in the ideology combined effort until effort is its positive effects which left behind many behaviors that the society is not a Sufi woman her whims and orientation (physical and moral).
It explained the value of those provisions that highlight the value of Islamic legislation in creating a secure society with wizards and reform measures and p by those legislative values, so say what you leave Islamic law any file in whatever legislation degree accounts (even arch scratching), which seized her mishaps, it created in its intellectual and practical all precautionary measures and correctional purposes to prevent the penetration of any kind, and as demonstrated by Islamic thought that codifies the positive performances of contemporary in character can take something Of secularism or Orientalism or material, they are here to disrupt the legislative requirements of the age, but more than that it is considerable justice that Islam sought to build a civilized society and in accordance with the requirements of each era of the time and place

The problem of poverty in the Islamic economic system and systems status

Saadia Mohammed Kazem; Rahim Kadhim Hassan


That the economic situation systems and principles upon which works to generate the phenomenon of poverty and devoted to the exclusion of the Islamic economic system is the cause of the phenomenon of poverty only if misused applied . The research aims to explain the reasons of poverty and the most important procedures and methods used in the treatment of this problem in the Islamic economic system and economic systems situation ( the capitalist system .) The importance of the study of the importance of the subject and its impact actor on all aspects of life in the community. The study found that of the capitalist system , despite what we achieved of progress and the accumulation of capital , but he is unable to achieve justice and equality and poverty eradication or reduction of poverty at the very least , because of poverty and inequality lurk Oadlogith . Failure or at least lack of policies and procedures to address the problem of poverty in the capitalist system. There is no problem of insufficient resources , but is sufficient for all human beings on the earth 's surface in the Islamic system ( the efficacy of the methods and procedures to address the problem of poverty in the Islamic system)

Objective view of Islam in the construction of the doctrine of equitable economic community

Jassim Hassan Abdul Redha al-Marsoumy


The doctrine of Islamic Economics : includes all the basic rule in the economic life relate to the idea of social justice
Applying the divine justice , became a justice in the economic aspects such as employment and distribution of the primary tasks of Islam
Knower and includes the laws of Islam are Closed , and what constitutes the void area , you may leave the task of filling Elyath Islam , or the Crown Alomariamloha as required Alohdavama of Islamic economics
The doctrine of Islamic economics , is that all you have human creature creator , and the priority of the creature and ownership are in the length of priority and ownership of the Creator { Him be praise } . (1) and .. { And it's all due to him } . (2)
The doctrine of Islamic economics look, and realistic for all aspects of economic life , Vojb on the rich and the poor- five ; meet the needs of the poor and to support the state money
And enjoined justice in the distribution of economic resources, the public , and it is obligatory social security
Kdahram Islam and arbitrariness , injustice and administrative corruption : - {and do not make every people their objects not mischief in the earth spoilers } . (3) and the campus of extravagance and waste { and eat and drink waste not by excess , He likes not the wasters } . (4)
And extending his hand to building the economy and societal cure poverty , Making kinship and charity Ttilan Age .. , Narrated that Abu Abdullah (AS) [ kinship and good neighborliness Aamran home and are increasing in ages . (5)
And looked at the market and look very Confirmation { weight with justice and be patient and do not lose the balance } . (6

Evolution theory crammed souls An analytical study of the term "re-physical" in the philosophy of innovative

Said nadhri tawakoli


Baptizing this research is to provide an analytical study of the concept of re- physical when Shirazi . We have tried to take the problem of research in all its aspects , through the disclosure of assets philosophical , Femizna between those involved from recycled physical namely:
1 - recycled material physical sense .
2 - Re- physical sense intangible .
And finished to ask two questions : First, does the hostile physical sense of physical relationship self Balmaad physical sense when Shirazi ?
 The second is : What is the fundamental disparity between the perception of all of Ibn Sina and Al-Shirazi from recycled and re- spiritual sense ?
To answer the previous questions we had identified in the thought Shirazi between the two ways they determine the physical concept , namely: the way of words and the way the circuit in the transcendent wisdom ; explained as the foundations on which our Shirazi in his re- interpretation of the physical distinction between him and re- spiritual . Then we finished at the conclusion of research to say that the opinion in the interpretation of the re- Shirazi is not the opinion of the interview , and it has already contained philosophical writings and verbal Previous him

Scientific Miracles in the water in the light of Quran

Abd Ali Mohammed Sawadi


After relying on God will be explained in this research scientific miracles in the water in the light of the Quran and some scientific facts discovered pro-Quran and Sunnah, in this modern age, so that the reader grasp the extent of the miracle in the creatures of God to require the wisdom of God that created, according to scientific bases clear and stable laws and on specific time periods despite the fact that God is able to create out of nowhere and without laws.

Readings and the problem of the production of meaning in the interpretation of the Scout Zmkhcri

montadher Hassan Ali


Readings and the problem of meaning production
Scouts in the interpretation of Zmkhcri
Represented readings form of enriching the meaning Quranic level reading books and protest her level or written explanation if different rates of vulnerability and Investment meaning between these codes, which are not limited in their dealings with readings on the issue of the health of the bond and the novel, but it went beyond that to enrich the language increases in semantic value.
The choice fell on the interpretation to the Zmkhcri for Scouts kept this book feature excellence in dealing with the meaning of reading, according to the curriculum issued uniforms it was formed for the adoption of dispute or without reading, or enter this dispute as likely to choose what meaning.
After collecting material relating to that intervention in reading and interpretation of classification and subject them to compare with some before Zamakhshari ran the research plan as follows:
Entrance in the readings, curriculum Zamakhshari in revenue reading, reading adopted in meaning, arranged meaning reading, widening narrow sense reading and, chock reading for meaning, then the conclusion of the most important findings of the research.

The concept of education and ethics among Rusafi and Iraj Mirza ((Objectives and content shared between the literature of contemporary Arab and Persian)) A Study in Comparative Literature

Abd ali Kazem al-Fatlawi


The purpose of addressing the subject show the right foundations and the qualities of good and how to deal beneficial with the social reality in terms of reform and construction , as well as highlighting the role of these two poets in the educational process and ethical for taking the positive aspects of her and then touched on the cases of negative social emerged or been active because of colonial policy and neglect taking place in the side educational and moral .
Obviously really anywhere and anytime to keep education and ethics is vital and fundamental rule in the construction and the progress and prosperity and on this basis has become a preoccupation of many scholars and intellectuals and politicians , because of the lies where the benefits are evident and the benefits of a valid long awaited members of the society , and our nation Arabic , but those of the nation , which is alone without other nations benefits offices to summed it up to Allah ( sWT ) the characteristics of reputable and distinguished , was the forerunner of civilization , construction and legislation and repair, which emitted light of civilization and guidance to parts of the globe as a whole, has the body of the Great Prophet , peace be upon and the God of peace and of the subsequent companions Almentajabin valued and great leaders , education and ethics Bmoizinha correct orthodoxy best embodiment of good building and came on his tongue (r) ( ( was sent to complete morals ) ) the outcome of the service of humanity and the nation , the community and the base of the reform and construction.

Secrets of the Koran grammatical expressions in the interpretation of Ibn Arafa (d. 803 AH)

Mackie Mohi eidan al-kelabi; Ali harbi Salman


In the name of Allah ,Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the noblest of creation wholes Muhammad and his chaste progeny and his companions granite and followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment, After:
Which is conclusion that the Quran has served employers including attached language from the temptation of meaning and charm statement and agile method , as it was miraculous all the methods and purposes and meanings Semitism Having embarked employers language to explain his words and the statement of its meanings, turne commentators to formats it , which falls in the semantics , and then spotted emitters indefinite article , knowledge and application delays and male and deletion etc. purposes , as they tried to reveal their secrets and uncover their meanings , and then opened before remained the doors on the other , and guaranteed the fragments of this section .
The main stakeholders in this field Khatib Alaskafi (d. 420 AH ) in ( Dorat Al-Tanzeal and Gorat Al- taueel ) and Zamakhshari in ( Scouts ), as was most of what of the masterpieces of the statement, and wondrous systems from the product of his mind open-minded , and taste good , and his knowledge of the explosive , then grabbed a constellation of scientists him , and walked on a gift in his writings , and followed him . One of the Wuxi his works in this color from the study Al-Razi (d. 606 AH ) in (Interpretation big), Abu Hayyan (d. 745 AH ) in the (ocean sea) and Alusi (d. 1270 AH ) in the ( spirit of the meanings ) and other.
Ibn - Arafa among those who tried to explain these mysteries grammatical and concepts , came his research along the lines of what eating his predecessors , although we found it in many of the citizen is out of this box as he turned to what did not pay attention to him first , and then the research in this section it runs the risk of novelty and innovation and originality , was proficient in this field, and proficient in the tracers jokes rhetorical and secrets expressive , and that this interpretation may be included between cover to cover colors of Science Arabic, was filed author Investigation great , and material heavy , and nuggets of consensus grammatical that broke on the effects of this personal dust , and unearth what annexation book from an article in Science especially Arab secrets the Quranic grammatical expressions .
((The expression Quranic artistic expression intentional. Every word but every character in it put a situation technically intentional, not taken into consideration in this situation verse alone nor Surah alone, but taken into account in this mode of expression Quranic all, I have found out that he did not put words in vain nor is the expense of , but are placed and accurately calculates the precise situation ) ) We will address in the search important aspects that emerged in the study of the Quranic expression which dealt Ibn Arafa , and this will be detectives as follows:
.1- The first topic : the knowledge of the secrets of the indefinite article
.2- The second topic: Secrets of the presentation and the delay
. 3- The third topic : the deletion of the secrets
Finally, I hope that I have managed to make its contribution to seek scientific satisfaction of God , and ask him to reconcile all of us

The only similarity between the extremes Abbas ibn Ahnaf hair and a model son Zeydoun

Saleh Ahmed Rashid


Praise be to Allah , the Lord of the Worlds , and prayers and peace be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers , and on The God of the good and virtuous , and his family resplendent. And after:
The critical reading of the text of the Abbasid remain subject to conscious mental , though not without this text in certain times of the creativity of the automatic . Whereas the Arabic Rhetoric in part, applied one of the means in the formation of the image ; came this search to address the rhetoric in terms of the application in literary texts , resulting in in the end the contradiction with some of the findings that were based on reason , logic or texts to stand before a rare , and the few in our Arab heritage about the similarities between the extremes . Which makes Rhetoric able to absorb experiences of poetry that is not governed by the standard , or not bounded by the restrictions in the light of contemporary studies of stylistic , or cash . , Which was the diligence of this research, and especially that move fiction arises from the power of sensation ; Visttia to form images are vague , which means turning the material in the spirit of self- poet .
Eat first section the similarities in analytical application sets him apart from the standard , and provisions ready , and the expansion of his constituency in monetary terms , at the same time makes the reader will soon understand the text in the light of the application clearly , and facilitator . Studied researcher impact of the similarities in the formation of the image simulations , and orbit around which this image . theoretical basis and is indispensable to the reader with him .

Functions modulated

Wafa Abd Mohammed al-Waili; najah Fahim Saber al-Obeidi


Inclusion is considered as a mean of correction means that wefind it familiar in form due to its composition, then it is considered a mean of Quran text directing , since the text outside doesn’t fit the linguistic law, indicating meaning or standing relationships between the two phonations in accompanying , So inclusion returns composition or phonation back to its first section , that is why we find this question we as a language specification, which its phonation carries meanings of other phonations and composition indicators for letters .The research has been divided into three chapters, then it has been concluded with the best results I have reached

Literature Husseini and the Arab Spring

onsia kzaly


Insider cruised poetry renaissance of Hussein (AS ) significantly and we must say that he did not knock poets Pope also knocked the door of the hair -Husseini and sang the Basie and deep sadness and enthusiasm high .
Ash that the enormity of the calamity Hussein (AS ) , pressure rulers injustice , idyllic movement of Ashura and also be encouraged imams of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) were the primary factors for the emergence of al-Husseini and hair growth.
Maan and encourage them , but as they saw the effect of this art in Arbitration religious relations and the resistance and the secret to a mixture of passion and that the jihad of the important factors in the resilience of the Muslim rulers against injustice . Naturally that makes the spread of the facts of Ashura is a question mark on the forehead of those Alham Hmanm and legitimacy .
Not surprisingly, and to prevent the spread of these poems Alham and not impressed by it that drives people to poetry spokesman Gin in reaction they also found in the door full of visits under the title " Noah gin on Hussein

Root historic Mrkadin Mosques in the holy city of Karbala and their impact on demand On religious tourism

Allawi mezher al-Masoudi


Praise be to Allah , and peace and blessings on the good creation of God and the Prophet of mercy Huda Mohammed bin Abdullah and his family and companions .
  We dealt with in this research topic of the root historical Mrkadin Mosques in the holy city of Karbala and their impact on the demand for religious tourism , and the motive for choosing this subject is to know the importance of shrine Mosques and their role in the booming religious tourism , which is an important source of economic and financial resources that contribute to the development of holy city of Karbala this on one hand, on the other hand to the religious importance at a wide range of Muslims, which provides the city of Karbala millions of visitors each year to perform the ceremony of the visit to the holy shrines .
 Has divided the research into three sections in addition to the field study and the concepts of research, addressed in the first section a brief history of the life of Imam Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib ( peace be upon them ) in terms of his birth and upbringing and the proportion of the revolution generally Sultan unjust and his defense of the spirit of Islam and the redemption that his Spirit and his family and the people of his home . The second topic was talked about our master Abu al Fadl al Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Talib ( peace be upon them ), the owner of the shrine second only to the shrine of Imam Hussein ( peace be upon him ) in terms of religious significance , and the talk in this section for the birth and upbringing and lineage and its role in supporting the Imam Hussein ( peace be upon him ) Any victory of the Islamic religion and to defend the people of the house of prophethood and Imamate advance his soul an offering for pure dogma and doctrine. The third topic was to talk it all caught tuff year (61) HJ incident that changed the course of history and showed the spirit of sacrifice and the sacrifice for the victory of the true religion and not to succumb to the rule of the unjust pursued by each of the Umayyad to the strain pure of Ahl al-Bayt ( peace be upon them ) , Vakdam Hussein ( peace be upon him ) to fight (3000) fighter b (70) fighter all this in less novels of his family and his family is worth a pause and reflection and consideration to these courageous unprecedented , but the position of his grandfather the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and his family ) generally Quraish in the beginnings of the Islamic Dawa