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Volume 3, Issue 7

Volume 3, Issue 7, Autumn 2012, Page 1-15

Religious interpretation Iraqi beliefs and ancient Egyptian Comparative study of religions

Saleh Jabbar al-Quraishi


Drawn from research in our hands several points can be summarized as follows: -
1 - The two ancient civilizations of Iraq, Egypt, far back in soccer, as proven by the excavations and discoveries of archaeological continuing held in Iraq in the first half of the twentieth century demonstrated and proved that the civilization mature in all its basic elements started in Iraq by other countries, even before Egypt about 100 - 200 years and is worth mentioning that religious sources refer to this as well.
2 - Iraqi civilization was characterized by the emergence of cities as a phenomenon and a prominent feature evident in the ruins of Warka Camden, and Ur, and Lagash, and Oorma, and Laredo, and Kish, and other cities.
3 - Zhongwei said both countries shared in the worship of celestial bodies and natural phenomena, especially the sun, water and air was imperative for the Iraqi and Egyptian human Iatkda that the phenomenon of multiplicity of gods, according to multiple sources of things goddess.
4 - the emergence of (the royal tombs) in the Egyptian heritage considered feature singled out by the Egyptian civilization, and distinguished it from others, as well as building the pyramids, which were considered unilateral advantage as well.
5 - notes that the ancient Egyptians tended to sanctify some of the animals in their worship, especially in contrast to pet them veterans of Iraq notes that their perception of these animals were normal.
6 - that both religions Ahtmta morality and behavior of individuals and avoid evil acts and the tendency to the side of good and love of humanity.
7 - notes the emergence of political unity in both countries with a preponderance of power in Egypt more than it is in Iraq, probably due to the homogeneity of the human population in Egypt and stronger than it was in Iraq.
8 - both countries were the basis of originality and the source of civilization in the religious thought and cultural, ideological and moved their civilization and culture to the ancient world, especially the Persians and the Greeks and Romans, and others.

Sense of homeland When the pre-Islamic Arab poet

Diyaa Ali Abdul Redha


The study was home when the Arab poet ignorant in this research small focused on two elements represent the fact home to man the Arab-Islamic: the land and the tribe, was to land a permanent presence in his poetry has been elaborated to express them and was keen to explore everything related to reveal that the depth of his sense of the identifierevery ounce of definition Bdzeiadtha, and the tribe is being who sees the poet himself and prepared shelter that houses it and shade by shade, and so he finds himself obliged to maintain its integrity and singing Bomjadha.
As he put it all belongs to the earth, as is indicated by his emphasis on the stand on the ruins - the lost homeland - and crying and publicize the location of residence location location ...
The tribe has been keen on the pride of belonging to make it affects supporting it and that was unfair to abandon her!! As did Duraid and Antara.

Quranic interval In Express the Koran for nahhas

Ali Abdullah Hussein; Salam Aoojed kilkal; Leith Kabel Obeid


Quranic longer interval of the important issues that attracted the attention of researchers from ancient and modern; because of the impact of their voice and rhythmically moving in the soul, and to afford an appropriate sense of the content of the verse. The fur was interested in acoustic terms of Quranic comma, referring to the requirements of the compatibility of voice and harmony and coherence between the verses, evoking the ire of a number of researchers son Qutaiba of ancient and modern beach girl.
The Abu Jaafar copper shall be deemed as we saw the world second only to fur who cared comma, referring to the value and impact in creating manifestations of linguistic regarding the construction of separation and interdependence and compatibility with commas other, thus bringing interval build its own could get out of the assets and the rules formulated by grammarians . This is the one who called us to study (Quranic interval in copper express the Koran)
The nature of this research requires that includes a prelude and four sections followed by a conclusion and proven sources and references. The boot فبحث Quranic concept of separation. The detective was as follows:
1 The first topic: Delete the Omega. 2 Section II: increase per thousand.
Section 3: reverse the formula and installation.
Section 4: choose to read and properly

Reformist trend when Sheikh Mohammad Reza Mozaffar

Mohammed Murtada Muhammad Ali


The city of Najaf role civilized and privileged position at the level of thought and culture of the leading Islamic manifested in position flags including record dating ancient and present in the development of the Muslim mind and its development and restructuring in accordance with the requirements of interaction and cross-fertilization and influence the formulation of visions Islamic in ATM what happened on the scene intellectual with excellence in maintaining the constants and awareness requirements phase when the world faced a speech modern renaissance was to present Najaf scientific contributions influencing the kit and number to attract accomplished qualitative concepts of renewal and keep up with the reform process and the appropriate decision in the social and political issues and to participate in the establishment of structures aimed to achieve the aspirations of the nation's rising reasons sophistication mental and moderation in concordance between tradition and modernity in a balanced space to consolidate the modern science, including offers for the future generations have increased cognitive accommodate the concerns of the people and the community and transcends human generosity towards rooting language of dialogue with others and tolerance, love and peace.

Vanajaf embraces in its territory Three prophets and guardians p and doors wide open to science students to ينهلوا of knowledge they could Bgdam Fabtdat Najaf men had a clear impact in the march of human and advancement moral or morally or note substantial, it is these excelled Sheikh Mohammad Reza Mozaffar; to be Nora city lights generated was Barra do his best and preference over the same without Najaf and its people.

This study presented a summary of the most important stations and correctional Muzaffar memories in the religious community Najafi - goal in his possession and intellectual elements - and visions present at that time and the future as is predicted.

One was a preliminary study with an introduction to research, and then offered several research themes included:

First topic: his autobiography.
The second topic: social and national efforts.
The third topic: Muzaffar literature.
Section IV: his efforts in curriculum reform and science.

Search and seal conclusion included things must be remembered concerning Sheikh diligent scholar and again and its scientific and reform, and then sources and references that أفادتني to complete the search.

Cognitive system Quran Sciences

Fadel Meddeb muteeb


The duties of the scholars in this era systematic re-spirit integration between forensic science, Anmozjh revelation unit and the centrality of the Koran, and taper Islamic science and knowledge about maid him they "statement."
Providing knowledge in the pattern and functional on the image concepts scalable and threaded cover different subjects without there being fragmented or split of knowledge to the fields detailed useful in highlighting the unity of science in general and forensic science in particular, and this is the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education esteemed in unifying curricula and development that stands barrier "in attempting to dismantle science and blur some truths to reach the desired integration in forensic science to restore unity and Hautea and comprehensiveness, and the right to represent the cause of the Islamic nation steeped in history and glory.
Through teaching the material sciences Koran and found unit Anwanat available in vocabulary curriculum but some views that may represent theories important to some scientists Science Koran different among themselves, including what does not affect the doctrine of Muslim ignorance or known and may lead to corruption nodular him and also "there Science Koran is not him at all, "but rather is a servant to him and for this should be lifted from the Koran to be the science within the Koran as reasons disembark science and reads
One of the issues that bear on the joints not in its title year some things that impair the person Apostle and greatness question chill revelation from the Prophet (r) after his first meeting in Hira with the Prophet (r) as the novel narrated by Bukhari in his Saheeh: 1/6, 6 / 215 as well as the true Muslim: 1/98 The Prophet (s) is am sure the truth of revelation and a real message that cost provided to the people Vimay to attempt suicide and killed himself not to hold it people like not infallible "for error before the mission and then as belief among many Muslims and the novel reads:
Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah (r) to the revelation descended upon bhraa stayed for days "does not see Gabriel, grief grieved" a great deal "until he becomes to Thbyr once to Hira once wanted to throw himself ...) to another novel delivered by Dr. Ghanem Kaddouri in his lectures p 27.
The fact that such novel where the where the flaws and should like our teacher Kaddouri not convey in his book for fear "poisons the ideas our students dear because of its appeal in the infallibility and personal greatest prophet (r). Must for such novels and the like be deleted or dealt discussion and weighting of all wrote Science Koran in order pour in one pot within the project of unifying the curriculum.
, And for all that happened is optional on this research marked b (system cognitive science Koran) it might be his contribution to effective in the initiative called by the Ministry of Higher Education esteemed in unifying curricula and development, Fuld of this three sections, meant first section statement controls that can be be a measure of access to any information in the Quran Sciences or not entering, while during the second topic important questions about the burner and copied could not pay attention to it to say twisting the Quran and came third section statement some caveats on the causes disembark and readings that may result in damage to the system of intellectual dear to our students, and then came the conclusion Fahim findings. The last prayer Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

The role of judicial control over the constitutionality of laws In the protection of public rights and freedoms

Maytham Hussein Shafei


That the principle of legality becomes worthless and empty of any substance unless it is determined a penalty for violations of the state authorities of different law. And so says Dean Degy: (it is not enough to decide the principle of the rule of law in theory only, but rather must be regulated by a penalty for violation the provisions of that principle). This penalty can not be imposed except by a judicial authority shall decide on the conflict that arises between the person concerned and the state. and should be available to the judiciary all guarantees of independence, impartiality and efficiency. and if you include the legal rules required of His Highness the constitutional rules the legislative and regulatory rules, the lack of control over the constitutionality of laws that prejudice inevitably fade and the consequent violation of the rights and freedoms of the public. In this respect, States to organize the different control laws to ensure consistency with the Constitution.
And divides the men of jurisprudence methods that are the control of the constitutionality of laws, two methods to control by a political body, and control by a judicial body. And judicial control, to symbolize the status of any body to which it exercises undertaken by the judicial body. And while varied picture of judicial control a great variety but can be divided according to the impact that the implications for the law is unconstitutional to the two main types: control of abstinence and control of the cancellation. And under the control not to be for the judge to ignore the rule of law is constitutional which shall not apply in the case before it. It remains the law with the force and effect rule in other cases that could be where that.. The control phase, it allows the judge to invalidate the law is constitutional in the face of all. And the consequences of this elimination as a law, if not from the date of its issuance, or at least canceled for the future only, and that as determined by the provisions of the Constitution in this regard. and often that all courts shall exercise control to refrain often realized as a result of non payment constitutionality of the law to be applied during the original examination of a lawsuit before it. The control phase, is most likely to be entrusted with this type of control to one court, taking the idea of centralized control, and that since this way the risk and resolve the severe consequences as it leads to the abolition of the law and considered as not in the erga omnes, while turning control to refrain the continuation of the law and force, where limited impact on the non-application of law in the instant case in particular. It is therefore illogical to exercise all courts in the state controlled the cancellation, and then concentrated control in one court, which is but to be the Supreme Court in the judicial system, such as Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court to be specialized are created specifically for this purpose, for example, the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt, where he is currently a way to take judicial control (central) on the constitutionality of laws and regulations. The Federal Supreme Court in Iraq.

Construction in the ayneyat al jawahiri

Qasim kitab Atallah; Issam Kazim Ghalibi


Necessitated nature of the subject that divides the two sections, which included the first building floor in kind divided on buildings acts and their implications and buildings names and their implications, and the other guarantees the syntax in kind divided on camel news reporting, construction and police publicly reconciled in access to features distinguishing which made it a jewel luminous hairjeweler private and poetry in general, and calculated that it was honored that started inside the dome holy courtyard in sacred threshold Husseiniya.

Rank presentation in the Holy Quran

Abdul Jawad Abdul Hassan Ali


Concept presentation phenomenon of linguistic suspended lesson Quranic heritage cash and rhetorical when Arabs Bmtlekaya, taking into account the case may be, written taste Arab encroachment and سليقة, which make the thing formerly the other of the need to seek to produce significant entrusting linguist and bonds mentally, through a series shifts, of meaningvirtual to the deep meaning, and aims to entrenched sense of thought and soul, and all this as a priority and a statement appropriate not on the face of necessary; has already grammarians Albulageyen and put him general provisions, including what is measured, including those not governed by rules standard, said Sebojh: (if they offer that his most important to them and they are his statement I mean) and it has varied depending on the views of grammarians and Albulageyen in dealing with this method in a Quran by type of linguistic lesson, and the era in which he studied the concept of submission

Women at Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Adnan Tahmasbi; Nihad Bazaker


The research aims to portray the role of women at the novelist Jabra Ibrahim Jabra and go into the details of the female characters and its role in guiding all the events and relations with the characters of the novel negatively and positively and view the complexity of time, place, and movement of time and place in two novels (the ship, searching for Walid Masoud) , and then display the contradictions, psychological crises, to return to self, home, escape, exile, suicide, alienation, despair, anxiety ... and confirm the positive role of women in the support of men in permanent struggle in the realm of life and its challenges in the fateful struggle and steadfastness in the face of oppressive occupier and then analysis of the personality of the hero (from the feminist side) a demonstration plot to show its relations with the rest of the characters in the end of the article.

Dispute In the rules of composition Between reading Qnb bin Hilal al-Basri, and the reading public

Abbas Ali Ismail


Abu al - Samal Al - adawi was Qa'nab ibn Hilal ibn Abi Qa'nab al Basri al –adawi,Some works that were written about him made errors about his nickname for they called him "Abi al - Samak. The information that reached us about him was very little and limited and was almost inadequate. The writer al - Thahubi was considered the best who wrote about him, for he mentioned information related with his life and was never mentioned before.
He had a doctrine in reading the Quran. He did not follow other readers as abu Zaid al - Ansari narrated about him. They returned his method to the second calipha Omar ibn al Khatab. He lived during the period of brilliant names in the aspects of grammar and reading. He was well - aquainted with the frequent grammatical questions in his age. He died about 160 for al -hijra. His reading was identical with that of the public in prominent aspects as moulding, while the variation between them was in parsing.
A quick glance in the two readings made clear to me that the variation was restricted in al Rafu' and al Nasb. I did not find for him Reading in al Kasr. There is only one word in Sura of al - Ahzab , read by Abu al Samal with al Kasr on the intention of Jazim, while it came with al Fath in the reading of most people.
His variation in reading does not depend on the syntactical movements, nut his non confirming is represented in a prominent side in names, verbs and grammar words. The variation between both readings on two things: changing the method progressively and regressively and making what is a noun of the letter a verb.
What includes in changing the verb in his reading some verbs in passive or active forms that differs from the reading of most people. This variation in reading led to three forms:confirming various words in the people's reading and sometimes by adding a further letters not included others writes

slamic Renaissance Society Experience the first Islamic party in Iraq

Khalil Gouda Abdel al-Khafaji


Indicated the information contained in the study, said the Assembly of the Islamic Renaissance marked a positive role in sparking the revolution against the Britons and the key factor for the uprising in Najaf Great was their impact and a clear change in policy Britons towards the people of Najaf, on the one hand Alzeraib and the granting of loans to some farmers, despite the fact that all Asaddaha and principles of the revolution was against the occupiers, but it was characterized by the lack of coordination between them and the foremost authority in Najaf and was limited most of its activities were not fully prepared for a long war with the British as well as Alammerkzip in the organization.
The experience of the Islamic party's first Iraq's task is worthy of study is rich in lessons and lessons have formed a manifestation of the opposition movement, the Islamic anti-Western and anti-projects to dominate Iraq and the Islamic countries in addition to what can be played Najaf, an important role in the revolution of the twentieth . It is true that this Assembly is the main pillar of the first built by the revolutions in both Najaf, Iraqi or other provinces, which met with national will, which must one day prevail against the infidel occupiers and those are the most prominent lessons of history.

Introduction to literary criticism and rhetoric

Bashir Salim Faraj


Arabic eloquence is a hiqh subreme art through which we recoqnize the beautyof expressions of Arabic and reveal the wonder of ltolly Quran verse. The study of eloquence is brobably to present the eloquence arts and rules and develop the ability to understand the hiqh beautiful texts and imitate them .
Criticism is one of the literature arts that deals with texts through study and analysis to evaluate the texts and illustrate what advantages of success and superiority they contain as uell as the creative features. There is an interaction between criticism and eloquence . the trans forming from natural criticism to methodical criticism is just a beqinning to base Arabic eloquence arts and we can’t recognize Arabic criticism movement isolated from eloquence

Believing woman that in order to devote herself Prophet

Ali Saleh Muhammadawi


Addressing God Almighty, the Holy Prophet in saying O Prophet Verily Ahllna you your wives and faithful woman that devote herself to the Prophet if he wanted the Prophet to Istnkhaa pure you rather than believers has appeared Ryan, I said: There were not a woman endowed same Prophet and II: The existence but differed in its name and put forward several names
The scholars differed in women that in order to devote herself to the Messenger of Allah from the believers, whether they exist has woman? Some of them said: not to be true only contract marriage or king right, either give it to him it was not him whom one so keen to know you actually there was a woman and herself, or were not, and style speech was by default, meaning the woman locked if endowed itself is old you For if there were a woman is she? What's her name? conflicting in this regard, and many names, and perhaps every sect Himmat claim it which said tribe Kinda it Canadian and her dead girl Qais, said auspicious girl Harith bin grief, said Leila girl Alkhtim, and Khawla girl Hakeem ibn Umayya, and was told or partner gauze girl Jaber , so it was the goal of research prove the existence or not, the purpose of harmony with themes of the conference, it comes under the heading Koranic legislation, as the marriage gift laid down by God Almighty to Prophet Muhammad did not permitted to others, and enters as well as at the door of the Holy Quran and women, as a matter of equality between men and women in other words, to give women the freedom to choose a spouse, as permissible for a man the freedom to choose a wife, but this chose believing woman Prophet as well as an increase in the HVAC legal with themes of the conference, this type of marriage, have a form of democracy in marriage

Determinants of performance and the text origins / reading in the book "History of the Koran" to Theodore Noldkh

Muntazer Hassan Ali


Determinants of performance and the text origins / reading in the book "History of the Koran" to Theodore Noldkh

The research book deal with "History of the Qur'an" of the German orientalist Theodor Noldkh, which is considered as one of the important oriental task research at the level of Quranic studies and linguistic , the importance lies due to be the issues and questions deeply inspired by the approach philological and historicism monetary managing for the detection and analysis, regardless of what contains this book carries the views of the breach – sometimes- to believe it remains what Noldkh have been suggested of topics and raised as inquiries and the memory of Orientalism, especially the students of Noldkh, urging controversial incite for further reflection on the important part of the stories, events and descriptions belonged to history of the Koran, which accompanied the march of civilization, and probably acquired these descriptions , through its dialogue of the text, frames installed and turned to the texts of their sacred as any attempt to protect it against serious critic .

The question that we can monitor, in trying this, perhaps the most important issue raised by Noldkh at the level of the history of Quran saturated with research and study, is a question of the Qur'anic text origin , the relationship of this text with other terms of approach and move away, the role played by the readings in that as a manifestation of the manifestations of the text on view, or as texts filled by a second opinion, as it concentrates on reading of Noldkh of the viewpoint fallacy with regard to the text of the Qur'an and the need for awareness of available means in the face of so ask and then it must work to develop these tools commensurate with the size of the text, the research plan was in three axes:
1- Original text of the Qur'an: Noldkh opinion deals with the consolidation of the Ottoman text and its relation to the question of regarding the frequency of readings.
2- Sibawayhi and Koran notifications : deals with the misreading of the text Noldkh Sibawayhi to invoke readings.
3- Globally of the text and partial reading : it deals with the Qur'anic text and its relationship to readings through the concept of discrimination.
Then the conclusion of the most important results.

Lexicon San Arabs source perspective on military strategy Prophet

Hamid Siraj Jaber


Represent historical information strewn in dictionaries and different subjects gain "significant" for the researcher, especially as specificity of these dictionaries in the language probably drifted away from the concerns of researchers, however, that scrutiny which puts us either works encyclopedic though competent language, and perhaps find that the San Arabs Ibn perspective deceased notably in particular and he collected information diaspora predecessors, was our frequent "to search in this direction as well," Search in other dictionaries and several historical themes represented surprise at the quality and comprehensiveness of the information.
This study is a complement "to our in this context and address (glossary of San Arab Ibn Manzoor source" for strategy Prophet r military) is looking at the concept and how it turned out Prophet Muhammad, blessings and God and peace battles, and the system of military wanted to posed according to his vision of military, so depending on what MEMRI perspective in his dictionary of information relating to this strategy, and documenting other relevant sources, especially as the nature of the study lexical cut novels calls studied in Mazan other well. "
And naturally that bring us this information access to a new source for the features and the nature of that period, and narrated from the thought of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and God and peace, and what is most important in the subject that I'm perspective did not stand idly by, in many cases on the claims of the information, but was likely Highlights information that wants to deliver them to say the least.
The required nature of the information cited by Ibn Manzoor thereon divided into Group of topics painted features military of the Prophet peace be upon him and God and peace, and the first of these issues concerning culture building fighter and how to deal with the event at the thought of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and God and peace, as included this section controls recruitment and association of the army at the thought of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and God and peace, as well as included another topic associated tactics military and assess the situation which is the subject of study military reality and sense of time and place in the mind of the Prophet, peace be upon God and peace and this aspect is based on the pillars at the thought of the Messenger of Allah bless him and God and peace, notably Based security and safety precautions as well as military style combat and adapt to the nature of the envelope.
The second section has studied the mobilization of the Prophet r to the fighter psychologically "and address his mind and his passion, and that diversity in its arguments as based on the address the psychological impact first," and that's what we tried to study and statement clearly, and the physical effect in the culture of the fighter and the pursuit of Prophet Muhammad, blessings and God and peace to curtail II "The third research building was in examining the Prophet r according to military personal moral anchor, how to employ the Prophet peace be upon him and his family and him aspects Alkhlaqah in culture leader and fighter.

Indication of the state

Ali Rahim Hadi


I have been to discuss any scholars differed in meaning, whatever disagreement, and that was motivated disparate, ranging from screening right and objectivity, and the injury of the right, and the blind eye and insight on passion and avoiding right blatant, which is no secret to his students with insights.
The research methodology requires that on four topics after this introduction.
Dealt with in the first research the meanings of words of the verse, and their structures, and expressions to lead us to its intended meaning. The second section included two parts, shown in the first section verse relationship including earlier verses, as well as its relationship with verses later, and this is what toxicity: verse systems. In the second section stated reasons for the descent of the verse, and analyzed, and discussed novels.
The third section in the statement of the meaning of the verse blessed, and what was said in the implications, and what appeared to me the meaning after the presentation of the views of scientists, analyzed and discussed.
The fourth section is divided into two parts, which included the first part of a detailed expression of the sentences verse; relationship all meaning and significance. I tried in the second section Conclusion search to go out the results of objective minutes, away from passion and prejudice, Mtharia goal that non-verse blessed his report, and make a ruling, and presumably should its introduction, and implanting it after Apanth; for the purpose of adoption are an example of thermoplastic all people, At all times, and in parts of the world at large.
And then given a glossary of references and sources that took them, and drawn, and that previous authors in the analysis of the verse, and disclosed their views, and discourses doctrines of their predecessors, as well as the stand at the sects in semantic Ahtmmeltha expressions verse.

Tree Farms Detection in Satellite Images

Wameed Riad Abdel Azim


Satellite images are now playing an active and important role in several areas, including the areas of military, industrial and agricultural. In the agricultural field, determining wooded green space is important in the process of future planning. This paper presents two approaches to detect farms with trees, the first approach based on the color and second on the trees texture. Within the work of this research, the two algorithms are using a set of images and the comparison between the proposed algorithms is stated.

Design of Unpolarized Dual Bragg Reflectors

Safaa Fulayyih Hassan


The paper studies the design of Dual Bragg Reflectors with quarter-wave dielectric stacks in the region(8-13µm(for the Oblique incident by using Characteristic matrix theory with the aim of treating the changes ensues by the changes of the incident angles (side displacement in the reflection spectrum in addition to side displacement for the position of the high transmission and the value of the transmission itself). Matching was used in the optical thickness for the filter layers in Oblique incident in relation to vertical incident. An improvement in the filter performance was registered without change in the transmission value. The possibility of increasing the transmission of the optical thickness for the outer layer of design was also studied. The study also shows that it is possible to use matching in the optical thickness with increasing the thickness of the outer layer to reach high transmission for p- and s- polarization.The results illustrate that the modified characteristic matrix method for oblique incidence of light can be considered an active, efficient and simple for design the Minus filter. Also, introducing the concept of “matching” can be considered an alternative analytical design method for different types of polarization keeping the peak transmissio