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Volume 3, Issue 6

Volume 3, Issue 6, Summer 2012, Page 1-13

Track poetry Maari in the rubaeat ALI Al sharki

Khamis Ahmed Hammadi Shammari; Nablus Salal Hajwal


This research called the impact of poetry Maari in quartets on the al sharky tried to follow this vulnerability and its effectiveness, has studied the subject on according to the three sections the first position of the community, traditions, and the second for a critique of religious people who have made religion to make money and steal people's money unjustly as well as the attempt to marginalize their minds and control them mediated by ignorance the myth the third topic was made to shift from self-objectivity and the accompanying paper intellectual and more credibility for poets and short, Maarri than in words and meanings the eastern calculated alsharky his ideas and his courage in ways many of the issues that they fear other roads

Reasoning voice manifestations Alaalal In the concise book file Read in the light of modern linguistics

Adil Nazir Berry Hassani; Abbas Fares Entesar


This research wanted a monitoring mechanism reasoning accompanying to Alaalal issues contained in the book (brief) Fbedh came within door replacement and some came in separate sections (). And vowel sounds to the majority of scholars are ((Alpha and waw
And more definitions Alaalal located in a circle change vowel sound (), and did not out Modern identify the purpose Alaalal than what the ancients; since studies proved that Alaalal due to ((a major reason is the weight of pronunciation Ballowao and Z if followed the movement of their sex ... or far with them )) (), and therefore reverse relay voice hated ((so as to avoid the difficult and prone to harmony))
For إعلال when linguists Tzmatan Apophony and Ablaut () and there are some terms that have nothing Balaalal mentioned also Pena relationship between Alaalal and replacement, and noticed that coolant used the concept of substitution in its broadest sense is to make a character place character must demonstrate the relationship between them and the term heart and ease Hamza and compensation of the link voice that combines these terms as often note sites with sites which cannibalization piña views:
First: make the voice sound place to bug mitigation
Second: make vowel sounds, some place some

Prophetic praise Abizaid Alvazazi Descriptive study on the subject poetic

Ali Kadhim Almsalawi; Esra Mehdi Shahid


This research sheds light or Abi-Zayd-al-Fazazi ,one of the Andalusian poets ; studying his prophetic praises according to their poetic themes .
The first section includes two subjects: an information about Abi-Zayd-al-Fazaz , and a survey of the prophetic praises` foundation and development in the East and Al-Andalus .
The second section is devoted for the objective axis investigated from those praises which have been classified according to their presence in the poetic texts such as: the Prophet`s qualities , his rank among other prophets and apostles , yearning for Higazidiyar , his miracles , mediation in this world and the hereafter , and the Prophetic sandal.

Indication Etha grammatical

Abdul Hassan Jadou Abd al-Aboudi


Demonstrated by the research as follows:
1 originally in use (Etha) to be a circumstance for the future, but it may come to signify the move, or to denote the case.
2 competent (Etha) the events that interrupt the warning, and the events that frequently occur.
3 had graduated (Etha) for situational Vtstaml effect.
4 include (Etha) the meaning of the condition often, with it's placed is harvested thereof; frequent entry requirement meaning this Jazz Fa entry in her reply.
5 may get rid of (Etha) the envelope without including the meaning of the condition.
6 (Etha) always added to the sentence, which is built to its similar character in the lack of inter beyond.
7 answered (Etha) containing the clause already and Balfa up (Etha) sudden.
8 there (Etha) a function of surprise, which is not included to the meaning of the condition and specializes Wholesale nominal without actual, not located in the heart of speech and be the case, and expresses the characters is famous or circumstance, located in the answer if conditional, and in answer to (lamma), and Pena , unless preceded Balfa they indicate by surprise without having an answer for the condition.

Subscribe verbal pivotal significance in the light of the book ((Book overall language)) to ebn Fares

Kazim Fadil Ghurery


Ibnfaris suggested in his book, indications on the concept of “central meaning” in most material of the language which is presented and perhaps more definitions committed to it, and therefore the writer’s commitment to facilitation and shortcut in excess of what is owned by ibnfaris from the sense of etymological mature of factors that helped, and perhaps from other work in his book.
It appears that more phenomena common in the “total” is the phenomenon of verbal participation , which was one of the most important sources of axial those, as ithelped to establish it and to increase Vdhaeadtha but has been overtaken by - sometimes- in relation to uses of non-thoroughbreds that have occurred on the language to: The dubious and vague, and the names and other media.
Accordingly, it was necessary to stand on this phenomenon in light of the core of that and to know its dimensions and seek to link them the meaning of one range and seek similarities as possible and tryto reply connotations that seem far apart to hold collected by stripping the meaning can Astunall kind of interpretation and gentle non-violators andaccording to guidelines linguists to seek this evidence
May lose faith resources of this study the examples applied and adequately combined with the analysis and reasoning, which helps to zoom in and achieve the desired goal and God bless Him be praise.

Sheikh Al-Ansari and News Returns - reality and implications

Hussein Kadhim Aziz


1 - offered at the forefront of research the importance of the cognitive component of the school-stage front passing through which crystallized Metn Hadithi and idiosyncratic which Ch_khast force elements that have contributed effectively in power adapters and inclusiveness for the year component.
2 - touched introductory presentation of the theory of Sundays to get news to handle the movement of the novel.
3 - pursuant to the offer that theory, according to the search criteria we decided to succumb News return to those standard within Sheikh Ansari processors to the news with what meets Building Te jurisprudence with the theme and content.
4 - Returns to task scholars as elaborated search, process Tkfeltha those news Alarjaat and located them data theorizing responsibility for that task (the Islamic government project fair) and then do the application process for the texts of legal rulings.
5 - hired search methods return the call to the system of government of the Islamic State jurisprudence to invest in the areas of jurisprudence year that absent practice juristic thought household Tnzira Applying centuries elongated, in order to activate the provisions of legislation divine life operation and return to society safe within establishments and rules ) civil utopia.Prophet
6 - research aimed run development thinking and educational methodology school Imami card texts animated by Ifta, the judiciary and give Faqih equitable authority in the legislative side to maintain the legitimacy of preexisting congenital which was established Batpoar considerable, and to reduce the disabling power a lot of texts divine, because officiated disruption to drop much of the earth justice and aggravated crime, and this is something that creates a persistent and Daring on the legislation system and divine Mradath formative and says:

Significance in the poetry of Hadi al-Karim al-Rubaie (World of angels) model (technical study)

Hazem Aboodi kaream


Through our review of the group poems prose poet (Hadi al-Rubaie), we find that most of the vocabulary of poetic was haunted places decade descriptive as feeders for linguistic and philosophical pursues horizon mysterious and invisible, as disobedient magic implemented to the recipient you of dressage, which مايميزه from other contemporary poets, he tries in the principles of the four first went to philosophers Greeks as water, air, fire and earth are problems actually exist, for Abaattabarha mainly tribal, but it didn imagination, that substance first found and he previously on other things in the presence and in the absence of substance were telecom poems Mtrah , as the world Meta Vezik, world indispensable holds poets wherever they, not clear what it is but sound and shape, Ventelmus through the field of the poem and Bhorha diverse, and Nstl_khas that the light of reason in mind, a Miouha us to fly over reality Venbges in sight analysis and installation, even to Nlaúm happened in mind some metaphysical, it issues are hair whatever rhetorical or rhetorical, she decides to break down barriers in the self so that you can find similar and different in the construction of significance customary idea of the poem, to emerge thus loaded interpretation, as the poetic image of (spring) study of several metaphysical themes, which Enchiha and Aarabha encrypted, the human mind is also a study of virtual reality-based experience in the limits of the human experience that is based on the synthesis of a characteristic of a significant or symbol.

Quranic expression profiles when Ahmed bin Faris In his book (Alsahabay)

Wafa Abbas Fayyad


Qur'anic expression is defined as an artistic expression meant, take it every word from the words of the Koran place than commensurate with the accuracy of the Holy Quran and tighten drafted miracle. Many have sought interpreters and linguists to highlight the features of Qur'anic expression Baiardh this word without her sister. And they will help them in terms of the place where they received the verse which unearths the linguistic context, and Massahbat section of the Quranic text and context of the case.
And Ahmed bin Faris (d. 395 AH) and one of those who raised their attention course of the Koran in his dealings with what use it, but what was acquired from the words of the language; came from some Quranic means of expression but it was brief clearly.
It appears that the basis of linguistic, who founded by Ahmad Bin Fares vision to express Quranic that document to the habits expressive among the Arabs, and understand it from إيراده her under what was termed Psonn Arabs in her words and who served a large part of the book (Alsahabay in philology and Sunan Arabs in her words) . Has reported that: one door is intended to combine, and single-door address to address the total, and the door speech conversion of the absent witness to, and use of the name of the actor in the sense effect, and the use of the past and intended future or vice versa. Which draws attention to the emergence of new approach in understanding the language, try owners detect paths general language of the Arabs, beyond the rules of private educational my knowledge as drainage, and scientific lexicon, rhetoric which is like learners also see Ibn Faris in his book Alsahabay not harm the world that is unaware of any of them , but faulted him unaware of what originally expressed, including what the Arabs of the modalities and conditions in its expressions. Language performance, not rating and تقعيد. The drift in inter performance (speech) which contained the patterns of conversion, and heterogeneity of structure basal what was under consideration and hopes monitored Ibn Faris, who gave that passes by a calf is why we should pick scholarly what complements interest, and shows advantage to express Quranic.

Call between deliberative and opinions grammarians and ancient Arab Albulageyen

Asil Sami Amin


Deliberative of modern linguistics taught the language on the grounds that the basic function of it is to communicate, and the link between the language and how to use this system, language that is only a means of social communication and control phenomena deliberative linked foremost any different circumstances Almqamih that accomplishes the sentences, although this approach Western origin of Arab researchers applied this approach in the study of the Arabic language, try integrating linguistic thought the old Arab verbal talk and thought invested in the description of the Arabic language.
And an effort to find out what made this kind of verbal lesson of the Arabic language and add them and what came of this research was new. As we approach between the views of the ancient Arab grammarians and opinions of researchers modern of Altdaoliyn in the section of the Arab as a call.
The search came in three axes, the first was the installation of the appeal addressed to search tool appeal and advocated, second axis was express advocated, and singled out the third axis in terms of appeal.
We have found that Altdaoliyn although they tried to reduce the appeal Tools mentioned by ancient grammarians, they added two more tools veterans and said this stems from the different language Altdaoliyn to look for ancient look to it. Not Altdaulion different to distinguish them really appeal as linguistically and advocated self-references that brought to the discourse.
Recline Altdaulion facet of their interpretation of the express Arab advocated the theory of Interpretation, and in the face of another of their interpretation were unable to come to the theory explain express advocated all kinds.
The extrapolation Altdaoliyn minor and is full of what he said grammarians connotations that lead appeal in different contexts.

Mohammed Hassan al-Sadr And its role in the Great Iraqi Revolution

Salim Hashim Abbas Abu Dallah


Undoubtedly is Mr. Mohammed Hassan al-Sadr calling national influential played a critical role in the course of political history in Iraq, had a leading role in the nature of linking ties political and national was Pkinona associations and national parties are active in political work for the liberation of Iraq from the clutches of the occupation British, who invaded Iraq after the end of the First World War in 1914.
And see him political track driven national history and consciousness movements national advocated liberalization peoples from the oppression of colonial rule Ottoman and British, which Gazans Arab people in the Middle East, and the impact it appeared his early due influenced ideas liberalization advocated by thinkers Islamists like Mr. Jamal al-Afghani and Sheikh Kawakibi Abdul Rahman, and Muhammad Rashid Rida and thinker Sheikh Kazem Khorasani, Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Haeri and others.
Due to its active role in the political life has faced several difficulties, including, chased by the British, where British forces were able to surround his home located in Kadhimiya, but it managed to escape from the grip of the British by helping a police officer for Bath described patriotism, and were able to escape with his colleague Sheikh Joseph Swedish castles revolution in the Middle Euphrates region.
After intense struggle with British forces, which al-Sadr has played nationally distinct characterized by courage, and became its leadership in the Upper Euphrates and its influence is clear in the upper Euphrates tribes of tribes pride and slaves.
However, after suppression of the revolution, were able Englishmen pursue the rebels and exiled abroad, where exiled Mohammed Sadr, Sheikh Mohammed al-Khalisi to Iran, along with Ibrahim Helmi Age, editor useful, and others, as well as been denied his colleague Sheikh Yusuf Al Suwaidi and his two sons out of the home, which the weight of him so much After nearly two years can no longer tolerate the chest exile abroad, was able young Iraqi National mediate with the King Faisal I and persuading the need to return the chest to his homeland of Iraq, was him that on 29 / March / 1924, where he received in Iraq official ceremony majestic decent Bmqamh political and national levels, and as a result of his national has selected King Faisal first member of the Senate, also was nominated as Chairman of the Senate for sixteen cycle, as well as being named head of state in 1948.

Social phenomenon when Emile Durkheim (social analysis)

Talib Abd al-Karim Kadhim al-Quraishi


The study deals with the sociological phenomenon, which represents the main intellectual concern in sociology of Emile Durkheim. The sociological phenomenon of Durkheim is distinguished by qualitative characteristics , and it has independent existence from the other phenomena. Similarly, these phenomena adhere in their

genesis , development , and changes into laws , which must be discovered because these sociological phenomena are real as all the other things studied empirically in the materialistic world. Thus ,these phenomena must be measured by observation , yet this does not mean that they are materialistic things , but they have real existence and imaginative vision .thus , the sociologist should study them in scientific methods , without depending on prior philosophical ideas . and through this method , though this separation is not ultimate , because the general principles of sociology still need specific philosophy through which they are interpreted and analyzed . Durkheim’s aim was to create a new philosophy built on what is synthesized from sciences , especially the new science of sociology.
According to what mentioned above , this study sheds light on this important subject , which is essential in the contemporary sociological thought . the study includes two sections , the first one deals with the sociological phenomenon , while the second analyzes the sociological phenomenon of Emile Durkheim . it is divided into three sub-section ; dealing with the meaning of sociological phenomenon and its qualitative features ; Durkheim’s methodology in studying the sociological phenomena ; and the collective forces and the study of sociological phenomena .

The effectiveness of the strategy and metacognition to acquire historical concepts among students in teacher training institutes in the material history of Islamic civilization

Hameed Mahdi Radi


The research aims at knowing the influence of teaching according to strategies beyond of knowledge in acquisition of the concepts to the Islamic history for the students of the third grade in Teaching Training Institute .
The sample consists of 43 students that distributed on two groups , 22 for the observer group while 21 students for the experimental group .
The experimental design was from the type of the two groups ( observer and experimental ) by partial observing and later test .
The results has showed that the students from the experimental group has passed easily .This group has been taught according to the beyond knowledge strategy . The observer group has been taught the same method .
In accordance to the results .The researcher recommended many issues one of them is the necessity of using the beyond knowledge strategy in teaching and hand in hand with the other methods of teaching and getting benefit from this research as possible

The impact of public opinion in the development of the Constitution and change it

Maytham Hussein Shafei


The public opinion was exist in all the form of democratizes and the other forms but it was be shown in the first type and hidden in the other, and its in the status of enforced into the public opinion will cause to boiling and angry felling in peoples and already trying to do anything to submit the controls in leadership. the experiment show that the unique leadership was a terrible and horrible things on peoples and that cause the public opinion to protect the democracy and the rights of peoples in the other hand peoples play a main things in political life and to draw the political way to the countries and puts the roles of political decisions at all the times ago

Problems of translation from Arabic to Persian

Nihad Bazakir; Abdali Kazem Gulab Fatlawi


The main concern of this paper- i.e. “The Problems of Translation from Arabic into Farsi”- is to display some of the challenges faced by the translator as he translates from Arabic into Farsi. Some of these challenges are related to the culture, linguistics, grammar, proverbs, and idioms of each country. In this direction, a number of solutions are suggested so as to help the translator overcome such challenges. Furthermore, a number of introductions are also inserted, including the definition and types of translation, along with the specifications of the good translator. The paper, finally, displays a number of results concluded from the research.

Expansion and tightening methods In legitimate discourse

Durgham kaream Kazem Hashim al-Musawi


Require years of God Almighty to send messengers and missionaries to the people; Almighty said which was adopted street are several ways in his speech to deliver what he wants to charge, and what has happened in the legitimate discourse is expansion and tightening, and what to look of interest and importance in a statement Murad God Almighty, we worked on the survey as much as possible from the roads expansion and restrictions on legitimate discourse in order to statement and studied, came searching demands between the first requirement meaning expansion and restrictions on legitimate discourse, then stopovers in a statement the most important waysexpansion and tightening demands, namely:
• Downloads.
• Government and roses.
• House of Commons and customization.
• all restrictive.
• placement.

The word (tharaba) of linguistic usage to use Quranic

Huda Mohammed Saleh


After this round of fast-track the meanings and connotations of the word (hit) to the language of the Qur'an came in the set of results are:
- There were many linguistic meanings contained in the books Almagamat Arab word (hit) and the formulas which they revolved around the axis and the origin of language is in the rhythm of something something something something or methods, and took him to the other meanings.
- May exceed the verb (hit) by himself or some letters (Kalpa On and on and on) and then change the meaning according to the letter abused him, as in the verse: ((Ffendharb mentioned about you)) in the sense Nasrvh you, and saying: ((Vdharibna on their ears)) prevented by the sense of hearing is an expression of sleep Almstthagl.
- Received the word (hit) in fifty-eight the subject of the Quran, topped verses an example Bdalaltha representation and illustration the first rank of them, as it held the thirty-one subject, and places the remainder distributed among the signs of other, which confirms the importance of striking proverbs, formulation because of its impact in establishing meaning in the hearts of audiences.
- There were many connotations of the word (hit), reaching to fifteen significance identified through context Quranic contained therein, it was found that the context effect in determining the indication of pronunciation, as in the verse: ((vacuum them beat right hand)), and saying: ((Dgtha thigh and strike it or to renege)) as the context shows us in the first verse in the sense that the beatings are severe beatings leading to the destruction based on the words: (Right), and in the second verse came beating the sense of touch or light contact is harmful based on the words (thigh Dgtha) We learned the meaning of Aldgt above.
- For interpreting two opinions on the meaning (an example) Some of them make sense of the male and the statement and representation, a view most of the commentators, including several in the sense scarab and training, resulting in a difference in the expression, For the first meaning focuses reaction effect to one, and the second meaning it focuses Mfolin .
- In some places use the word (hit) to denote a particular meaning, rather than using a word to express this meaning, as in (striking their necks and necks), as used instead of the word murder, because the explicit use of the expression of extreme cruelty and murder.
- Was beaten in the Qur'an are of two types: sensory and moral former is mentioned in some verses which indicate that direct contact or beating direct, as in hit the stick of stone or wife-beating Baldgt or beating idols right hand, and others, and the second mentioned in the verses hit the proverbs and hit the humiliation and wretchedness on the Jews, and hit the male derogation and other placements.
- The whole most of the commentators that the intention beat in the verse: ((them alone in their beds and beat them;)) is to hit the literature is severely that does not break the bones and Lixin offensive third step for the treatment of willful defiance of women, the research tends to support the opinion of one contemporary researchers in the The intended dimension and abandonment; because I guarantee to obtain desired change in the behavior of women, as if placed in front of the negative consequences of its disposal to give it to try to correct the errors in order to maintain her home and her family is better than to hurt her feelings by beating, especially if before the eyes of her family.

Number in the creation verses and verses provisions

Hawra Mahdi Abdul-Sahib


1) The research found that the issue of the number of issues of importance in the Quran large in the Quran as stressed by many scholars and commentators, and especially after Ahsaúna him in the verses of creation, which will reach a total in the Koran to (four hundred and eighty-five) verse, and used the number intwenty-five verse, and the terms and numbering (five hundred) verse, and used in a number thirty verses.
2) Then frequent use in the verses of provisions with him in the verses of creation, an indication that the rule which puts God is specific and unequivocal.
3) research revealed that the number and uses various types and in various areas was evidence of compliance matters and identified people understand numbers and these signs of divine mercy and forgiveness Rahmaniya slaves.

Educational curriculum in Surat al maun

Edeid Abed Ahmed Zaki


Surat al maun of the fence with short verses in the Quran, and despite the short verses but great in the sense Daúha and guidance Streptococcus, devotional and social, Sura definition language and idiomatically and wisdom of fencing Quran,
- Sura definition language and idiomatically:
A linguistic definition of peace to terminological definition or focal point.
A - language definition Sura: Sura in pronunciation of two languages:
First: (Sura), without a prod, they are months, and the second: (Alsarh) Manmozh.
The first: that no prod has said in the derivation of words many
First: Sura high rank, status and honor, taken from Surat building, a status after status, and has named Al Quran paid tribute and submitted
Second: was named Al Koran analogy city for being wall surrounding the revelations of the provisions. Briefing the city wall
Third: It was for the installation of each other from Altsor meaning escalation and installation
Fourth: It was Sura mark
The second: Any that Bhmz, it (Osart): Avdilt of Alsar, which is what remains of the drink in the pot like a piece of the Holy, named Sarh not a piece of the Koran on the unit

Citizenship and its role in national unity in Iraq

Wijdan Faleh Hassan


The objective of citizenship and national unity of topics tandem that did not pass said one of them but said other Kmtlazem him to Ivariqh, as soon provide the first is the other is a logical consequence of its existence, since the issue of citizenship is the foundation stone or point articulated that depend upon most countries attempt to create a sense of prevail among citizens of one country expressed is their belonging to this spot of land in whatever form and its consequent performance of their duties in and receive their rights from him in order to build a social structure coherent lead to unite the state and ensure that no dispersion components social loyalties subset, as it is known there is no state in the world, and was the nationalities and minorities in addition to the base component which makes up the linguistic differences and races.
At the level of the modern Iraqi state, especially after 2003 perhaps among the problems that you can not experience the modern solved is the problem of the principle of citizenship is problematic structural rather than a problematic term, because issue of citizenship is one of the important topics in the political and social history and an important foundation in building the constitutional and any country's political.
Because Thread is subject to the accumulations of the past and present, shall be deemed the last of the most prominent المسببين in distracting the Iraqi identity to loyalties sub national or sectarian or even zonal order for the purpose of controlling different parts of the State Vgrguet state in internal conflicts led to the rupture of the social fabric of Iraq fully toward the regions and nationalities and doctrines and other Add to that what happened after 2003 and how to build the Iraqi state on the form that we see now, based on the principle of quotas and consensus, which led to a widening gap between the components of the Iraqi society and the events that coincided with the starting configuration since so far this year.
The problem of evaluating the principle of citizenship and mix within the historical basis of the state is in the depth of the problem of consciousness should be in harmony in accordance with the conditions and benefits for the current phase of Iraq to reshape society kinetics consistent with the importance of the citizen as a value and a key producer of contemporary products of modern society.