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Volume 3, Issue 5

Volume 3, Issue 5, Winter 2012, Page 1-14

Miraculous in the "hollow earth"

Ali Katea Khalaf


Combine novel "land empty" to Abdul Hadi Fartusi in the context of the order of elements built up among many elements of a variety known by the forms of fiction has established its presence in the fiction world, and the elements of a dominant which is known by those forms of fiction such as the novel scientific and folk tales and stories of the jinn, fairy tales and mythical, increase minute on the link between these forms and components outside the limits of this novel.
Has come to mind that the contradiction between these components makes it difficult to combine with each other at the level of one. How can combine the components of the novel is any scientific knowledge and cultural components of fairy tales and mythical any what is primitive? But it is not what it looks like in appearance as the myth - directly or indirectly - linked to religion and the religion of the contemporary city is pure science, and has been described novel scientific as the mythology of contemporary broad support within the Research Society novel scientific, and novelists science in America.
We can glimpse the depth of the link between the scientific aspect of the novel and the miraculous based on myths if we know that the novel scientific progress collection of stories dealing with human potential and destiny Valostorh "arise as a result of meditation in the phenomena of the universe and the relationship of these phenomena for human life on earth, and meditation shall be established by the exclamation , and the exclamation point raises the question, then raised the question must be answered to calm the soul of man. If represents the order of the universe in the form of the story tells the story of creation of the universe and man and how it made them human, and why inseparability of good and evil, and their conflict together, this tale that reveals the first stages of thinking called philosophical myth. " .
This study seeks to reveal the game miraculous in the (land empty), the novelist Abdul Hadi Fartusi by searching the problems of the narrator and function; which do not unfold the fact that employment of miraculous, but through them, and should hasten to point out that taking the story through this component does not come arbitrarily , but it is a necessity dictated by the nature of the novel itself and we can confirm that by looking at the title of the novel itself, which is as it seems, puts the receiver is confused, how hollow the land? This frequency is the essence of miraculous.

Building unity in the Islamic discourse

Fadel Meddeb meteab


That it is uncertain that God Almighty wants from the Muslims, and that the different homes and varied their home country and numerous walks of life to be brothers Mtoadin loving collaborators Mtnabarn, the unit rites Islamic direction faced in prayer towards it and purpose in the seasons of Hajj, as well as the unity of their prerogative and to worship in truth and patience with each other, and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and to cooperate in righteousness and piety, all of the grounds of principle of Islamic unity, it is stated in Alatheran Imam Sadiq (AS) he said: ((Muslims brothers commensurate blood and seeks discharged Adnahm their hands on the others)) (1).

And Bakbal Therefore, God hates discord and division, conflict and rivalry between the Muslims, but makes the Prophet innocent of those Almrgevon, and Atuadhm punishment; because they split the nation are all after that is blessed with the grace of Islam He formed between their hearts full of Balbgdhae and brotherhood among them, he says:  Those who split up their religion and become sects were not one of them in anything but ordered them to God and then what they are doing hast  (cattle / 159).
There is no doubt that the social taboo that forbids her religion - and the most jealousies Muslims and dispersed and Aqttalem among them - is nothing but evils of great Muslims must shielding themselves, not weaken Islam and Muslims, too Eddhm such as division and rivalry, he says of:  .. No disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart and be patient God is with the patient  ​​(Anfal / 46).

What this study only the expression of internal conflicts, and concerns of psychological hurts every hour, but every moment I see the reality of Muslims bitter is not pleased, but the enemies of Islam, Vsrna - from where we know or do not know - a machine in their hands, serving as the pour and limit them term in what they are planning. What Ahrana Dear honorable, and Ahrana O Muslims turn a blind eye each other, and forget enmity and hatred; because behind us is the most hatred and Sri Lanka damage, awaited us the band and the difference of the bounce and leap Laith that it shall leave no Weather, and Ikadna that Tsultt infidel countries we do not Aaisna that America has entered our home Fbathadna (unbeatable combination and pay back passage).

Has charted this study was to Nevsaha Investigation variety, preceded by an introduction and pave the hands of the search, showed the importance of this study, the first of which concerned a statement buildings unity in the Holy Quran, and my second topic was made the speech unitary when the Prophet (r), and at Al al-Bayt (peace be upon them) , after which amended the Koran and they are the people of the text which is not less than sanctity sanctity of the Koran great, and the third section has explained the causes of division and conflict, and then the way to achieve unity, to come fourth section by mentioning scientists have called for unity, and unity of word, about the importance of this study, then The results that emerged from, Valmassadr.
Finally I ask the Most High God Muqtadir that does not make me along with the people who distinguish the plural and prevented from bridging the gap.

Linguistic Knowledge : from Explication To Interpretation With special pefernce To Rhetorrical Mechanisims .

Abbas Ameir


Linguistic Knowledge is governed By the historical and cnceptual process which makes it initially explicatory and eventually interpretational . This however does not mean that either of the two types of Knowledge is correct but that the art of understanding developed invetably from the perceptual to the intellctual . Languge is the medium through which Knowledge can more and develop . Arabic rhetoric changed frome allinguistic phenomen to ameans of sectevian and political disput among Muslims . This hard a tremendows impact on the reading of literary texts and cultural exchange with other people and linguistic communities .
The Arabic Languge has established its dwn characteristic congative style and its own way of seeing reality . This could have provided golden opportunities for formulating a unique epistemological experience peculiarto the arabic languge , had it not been for the pragmatic ideological purposes , this languge way made to serve . However , in its Quranic intrinsic components , the Arabic languge way able to astablish its conatile model which make languge theme of Knowledge instead of being a means of transmitting Knowledge only . Arabic linguistic thought therfore has been in a process of continuows change and development to meet the demands of the changing world .
Linguistic thought from Explication to interpretation with special peference to Rhetorical Mechanisme .

The role of reason in the development of an analytical study of legal provisions

Plasm Aziz Shabib Zamili


In the name of God
Doxology Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon Muhammad and his pure.
And after
Of the mind a prominent place in the monotheistic religions, it is the first creature created from the spiritual, as Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Sadiq (that God created the mind, the first creation of the spiritual), and make the mind the focus of reward and punishment, as stated in the Hadith (that God first created the mind and said to him, turned to accept, and then said: Vodber gone, he said beware of the commander and you finished, and your and your Athib punish).
The inner mind that guides the Apostle to the virtues of human acts, as is the Prophet and the Prophet peace be upon them virtual apostle who is the divine messages.
And made the heavenly religions, especially the Islamic Sharia in the health condition of the mind of transactions and acts of worship and rhythms and judgments, and do not mind it does not cost the worship, it is not valid transaction, nor is it the rhythm, it does not apply some of the provisions Kalgosas example.
Were received too many stories in this section, and told by more modern, has gathered sufficient assets in Kulayni entire folder. I think that most Imami mind a source of legislation, and after this statement.
It appears through research that the governance of reason to be agreed upon in the resources and different in the other, so it can be said not to differences in the governance of reason to improve things and Taqbihaa, as well as to establish the origins of religion, as well as the mind in the arbitration systems on public and private life.
As well as no different in the realization of good governance of the mind is self-employed mental health, even after they have Ksmoh to the independent mentality, namely: what I got from introductions mentality only, and is independent mentality, namely: what I got from the introductions to the mentality and other non-mental, such as the introduction of duty, and the subject of the parts, and Almlazmat mental, and the requirement is to discourage private or public against him to say them, and understand Dalalt operative concept and other contextual significance. And also agreed to recognize the reason for the job process when the text as in the patent and mental reserves, as well as the rest of the assets of mental process.
They also agreed that the judgment of the mind is different from the rule of the wise.
As for what differed concerning it, is: Is that the mind in mental self-employed and can understand the rule of God and his goal is not realistic in the text?
The answer to that, we say: It was agreed Muslims on the inability of the mind to comprehend all the provisions of the law, rather it is necessary to communicate through the revelation by the apostles of the prophets, especially in the worship and the provisions of the transactions and other provisions, and differed in the sense of what is not a text in which there are three points:
First: the view of the Ash'aris; is that the mind can not understand God's judgment, but is limited to that reported by the prophets, but they went over it, and said that the mind can not recognize good things and ugliness, and that is classed as the street is good and what is reprehensible is ugly .
And seem This is a clear nullification, because it is contrary to the words of God (that God commands justice and charity, and forbids indecency and evil) If it were not these concepts are known and aware before the legislation needed to the statement, then the command them and forbidding them, did not prove it.
The second is that the mind understands the rule of God, as well as aware of good things and ugliness, but other infallible, and therefore unreliable, and this is the view of some of the people of the modern public and chroniclers of the front.
This view is also wrong, because he looked at the realization of reason is not abstract concepts and to the District, which is useful here is the mind that looks for the abstract concepts of abstract and non-college credibility as we shall see.
Third: that the mind is aware of the rule of God, and is aware of good things and ugliness, as well as understand practical function of the taxpayer if there is text, this is right, and the view of most of the front and isolationists. Count, but the mind and the rational evidence of legislative resources at the front, as they believed that the mind is aware of the detector and the provisions of the law with no text in it.
But what is the mind that understands the rule of God? What is the ruling perceived?
The answer is that to be of the mind here is the abstract mind, and is affected by the senses, and deposits the mind of religion and doctrine and practice and the environment, which is the mind that sits in the Muslim infidel, and the insured reprobate, the learner and others, and women and men, which detects and understands concepts, college naked, Kadrack good justice and injustice, ugliness, so they said: The good and ugliness Aklaan.
The concepts of partial credibility is abstract can not be the mind recognized only with the help of the senses, and thus differs from the approach mental when Imami-curricular mental to Abu Hanifa and the rest of the doctrines of the Muslims, where it was decided in their method of work measurement and plaudits and interests of sending and others, and adopted in the authoritative of these concepts on the mind is abstract , and the user to grasp the concepts of partial, since it is based on the senses are subject to error, it is presumptive; because it does not depend on the mind the abstract, but depends on the mind of industrious affected by the senses, and stocks of mind customary and religious and personal matters, but understanding is right, therefore, forbade the people of the house : work for such a conclusion, and what is happening from the abstract mind, who went Twelver Imami did not respond to authoritative it is forbidden.
We say here that the mind understands the provisions and discovered, not that he judged them, but to discover the rule is located, which is consistent with common sense, has left God revealed some of the provisions to reason and only this, but came by after Atdhaha by the mind, be sentenced indicative and not constitutive.
After this statement we say research has included an introduction and four sections:
Prompt of the first: to ensure the meaning of rational evidence and location and purpose.
The second section includes a directory partitions, mental, and is divided into independent women's mental and mental self-employed, and to the work of reason and theoretical reason.
The third topic: words in the directory includes mental.
Section IV contains authoritative rational evidence.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

Mask drama in the poetry of Ahmad Matar

Muslim Malik al-Asadi


This study attempts to detect technical mask that appeared first The initiatives of the Arab poetry with the advent of free verse in Iraq at the hands of Nazik and Badr Shakir Al and exploited by poets that difficult phase of the disappearance of left so that they can express their ideas and doctrines and ideology forms the political margin of freedom without regard to the censor's scissors and without fear of prosecution.
But here we find a poet Iraqi use of this phenomenon in spite of its liberation from the obsession with the so-called fear; for the lost sense of the latter, but it has become moves are seen as due to a bullet treacherous fired by one of the ousted regime, but as far regulations, poet gained runner everyone from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of national positions and repeated calls for revolution and Plavtadth which are moving between young people in high secrecy used to explain and clarify the idea as long as echoed by leaders of the Arabs, past and present is the idea of (King sterile) and the leadership of Khaleda him and his children after him; idea must be met, whatever the sacrifices paid by the citizen's idea ceased to exist in civilized countries but our philosophy is not perforated and does not plague the sacred rite.
According to the requirements of the topic, the research as a prelude and four paragraphs, each paragraph focused on studying a poem of poems, which contained on this technique from the poem the largest and the end of the Balosgr also contains research on the finale of the most important findings of the researcher and then a list of sources and references Fml_khas very English.

Copyright and innovation doctrinal study compared

Nahida Jalil Abdul Hassan


The issue of copyright of the topics of fiqh and contemporary task has grown in importance with the progress of scientific, commercial, industrial and technical, who lives the whole world especially the rights of legal, moral and mental, such as copyright and the achievement of manuscripts, inventions, etc., are the intellectual property rights that give the holder the right to retain the profit resulting from the work, which is a legitimate right of prompt approved by the Islamic jurisprudence on the basis of the effort by the owner and give him the power to grant any other person that the deployment of its author and his invention, and this right are two aspects physical and moral aspect of material for the benefit of material achieved by the owner of this invention of his work, and the moral aspect that may not be the one to attribute this work to him; because it is above the right of the owner of production, which has the exclusive right to carry the name of his innovative

Prolixity and its effectiveness in construction the Sufism poetics image ( Ibn Alfaridh as a sample )

Abdul Amir Matar Philly


Sufism poem considers from the opened texts which did not be limited on a specific direction ، because of its nature and the effective elements in its construction ، granted to itself option and flexibility to expand ability of prolixity ، and to expand circulation the subjects and meanings ، and to grant its poets absolute option to extend their poetics images ،and to diversify in it trying to build their poetics images on various forms ، so it was a single image which formed from partial images ، into combined images formed from single images to correlate these partial images by harmonious bonds to create perfect image called the combined image ، to result from it a full image bases on connect these images with its three stages through tenacious unity products for us a complete text and a lengthy architectural frame contains a lot of ideas and visions ، more than that the places which contributed in the genius of the sufi poet to produce sufi text caies a lot of symbols and indications ، to permit for the receiver to partlcipate in production of the text once again through interpretative reading to fit with age ، place and subject .

al-Shaykh Ibn daqeeq al eid Study in the his affairs personal and scientific and professional

Hamdyeah Saleh Delly


At sea son was born accurate feast, and his parents Mtugean to the Hijaz to perform Hajj when he came to his father Mecca drive, and toured the house, and asked God to make himaworld. factor.

He grew up I'm careful feast in Qus between a good family, is one of the noblest houses level and honors, happens and proportions, the most famous note, literature, His father Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Wahab world Jalil, known for his progress in the hadeeth and fiqh, and assets, and knew his grandfather to his father, science and met and piety, and his mother was from out of cream, and calculated an honor that her father is the Imam Taqi al-Din bin released, which attracted him Elrahal, and purpose of science students.

And return the cause of his fame as I'm careful feast, that his grandfather "obedient" was wearing on the day of rejoicing Tilsana Pure White, and was told like a delicate feast, was called by, and knew naughty flour feast, and what was "Ali bin Wahab," his grandson, he called people the son of flour feast, known Taqi al-Din by his son, too, became known only to it.
The son started Daqeeq by science to save the Holy Quran, then the frequency of episodes of scientists in Qus, he studied Fiqh al-Maliki to his father, and Shafi'i jurisprudence on the pupil of his father Baha Alagafti, and studied the science of Arab Muhammad Abu Fadl Mursi, then traveled to Cairo and connect with glory Bin Abdul Salam He took his Shafi'i jurisprudence and assets, and necessary, until his death. Then looked forward to the journey itself in seeking knowledge, and meet the scholars, journeyed to Damascus and heard from scientists, then returned to Egypt.

His teaching and writing

Settled'm Daqeeq City Qus after the trip at the request of talk, and took its on Maalikis, was in the seventh and thirty years old, did not continue in this position a lot, left the piece is over, his face splitting Cairo is under forty, and established by preceded by his fame in the mastery of jurisprudence, and extensive knowledge to speak and Sciences.

In Cairo, he studied the Hadith in the Dar al-Hadith camellias, a school built by Sultan ful, and then took the Msheechtha After that, he was Tbhrh in modern science Itsdd in his novel, it tells the newly to the inquiry and precaution, and then was a little update, not the few, but what keeps it an exaggeration in the investigation and resolution. And describes the son of the people standing Sheikha I'm careful in this art festival, saying: "The Science of the Whole, and in arts brilliant advance in knowledge on the ills of modern peers, this solo art precious in his time." And the son of Mayor Daqeeq book in the science of Hadeeth he called a "proposal in the knowledge of the terminology" and the book printed and published by the Ministry of Awqaf in Iraq.
He studied Shafi'i jurisprudence in the school established by the Nasiriyah Saladin next to the Dome of Imam Shafi'i, and when he was an elder may involve in the literature and took accountability in sects and al-Maliki; has the Ptdrishma Fadiliyah in school.

Taeeyat Dabl Khuzaie (. 246 ) read in the technical construction and support of the consciences of morphological

Harbi Naeem Muhammad Shibli


We tried in the earlier pages to study Al- Binaa Wal talal and rules for attaching verbs to pronouns in Dibil’s poem. We have noticed that the poem served various purposes ranging from elegy to Ahlul Bait ( prophet’s descendent), praising and statire to their opponents. The poem was divided into nine sections with no fixed number of lines in each section. The length of a section was determined by the content and the reaction of the poet towards that content. The poet used this partitioning so that he could include the whole subject of his poem.
Al – talal left a heavy mark in every part of the poem that all place signified a religious importance that referred to events extended beyond substantials. Generalizing of Talal in the poem allowed the poet freedom of movement within the syllable and gave the poem a momentum due to ( Talal ). The poet attached verbs to subjective pronouns in 50 positions in the poem.
The number of strong verbs was a little more than weak verbs; he used strong verbs attached to pronouns in three tenses. This occurred in 27 positions. This attachment did not make any change in verb inflexional forms. The number of weak form attached to pronouns was in 23 positions in the poem of these verbs those with initial vowel, medial vowel and final vowel verbs. Most of these verbs made a construction changes such a thing occurred with final vowelled verbs.

Artistic image in the poetry of Abdullah Al waeel

Muhammad Abdel Rasoul al-Saadi; Khalil Abdul Sada Al Hilal


In this study we interest about this poet Abdulaaa Alwayel Al ahsaii from the 13th century A.H -19th Century A.D . The most important results that the research had achieved are :
1- to uncover the poet which has his big level in the Arabic literary.
2- to give data about the personality of the poet both the social personality and the moral per sonality .
The poet depended on several forms of Arabic language and its ability to discover his feelings , his thoughts and expenences .
It depended mainly on similarity in its different types on its poem .
He did not omit the picture of five senses sight , hearing , smelling , taste and touch and its contribution to the achievement of semantic dimension of the image .

Prophecies of the narrative in the novel prison

Awad Kazem Ghazzi; Ali Hussein al-Zaidi; Raed Ahmed


We are not exaggerating if we went on to say: The repression turned into a general phenomenon in Arab life as it offers thousands of writers and thinkers over the ages, the machine of repression, and lived experience of imprisonment and torture, sometimes, and the life of the pursuit and the blockade, sometimes another.
After all this was not strange that the Arab library receive a flood of creative works that reflect the phenomenon of narrative of repression, and records the experience of prison, and suffering, was that the back of growing a new type of feature spread from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf, called the prison novel.
It is striking in the novel in prison, they take daily, and detailed, documentary and live, like a real document, or memoranda of documentaries alive.
And where the novel falls mainly in the prison drama the novel because it involves the dramatic space (prison) and who did it, and the movement of life should be at the height of the conflict between the parties Almtnakfah. It may not be the cell, as the only place of the prison, is the only site of the conflict, it is essentially no difference between the citizen imprisoned in a cell, and another inhabited in the horror outside, God of repression and one, and affects everyone, whether the use of the whip, or the threat of it, so that is left in front of of choice in the prisoner inside the prison, or in the outside only stand or fall

Methods and Approaches to Word Utterances

Afarin Zare


Many of Arabic language learners and teachers, native and non-native, are fed up with the strict traditional teaching methods and are seeking new approaches which might be able to refresh the whole language teaching system. Thus, educational experts have initiated a new deep look inside teaching methodologies, having created several diverse teaching methods. Some experts have attempted in the field of writing and speaking. That’s because improvement of every language learning is dependent upon these two basic skills, since speaking is the utmost important result of language learning. There are too many approaches in teaching ‘word utterances’, which include speaking and writing, in Arabic teaching, such as; Problem Raising, Storming, Cognitive Approach, Trust , etc…. These approaches are totally helpful in creating a refreshing educational world for language learners and demonstrating new horizons in this area. It is not possible to discuss all these in one article; however, the investigation of some of the most important approaches is a useful act in that it will enable the reader to choose the best approach.
The present article is trying to introduce the most significant new approaches in teaching word utterances in Arabic, focusing on writing and speaking. It will attempt to analyze the positive and negative points of these approaches so that the reader would be able to read the best approach, and by so doing, increase his/her success in teaching.

Semiotics of incitement in the poem to my father Alemsrjh Cub Asim ibn Wahb

Adnan Karim Ragab


Researchers are trying to study the texts the belief, that in the text is ambiguous, or the sense there is the absent present, and this ambiguity does not mean blind, but needs to read insightful according to method determines in order to illuminate the way for them depending on the group pointed to symbolize the intent was not to show only by inference, does not mean it at all, but included part of the texts in general; because there are texts in which Mirushd receiver to sense without CKD and hopes, or perhaps had a text on the clarity of a certain percentage because it is framed cover of the photos do not allow to see the direct only foci can the researcher then stand firm. And often the concerns of social and economic life and the need for the material which lead to the dispersion of his energies and Adrakath Vngriq suffering in the depths of the unconscious until she gets her moment to make their way around the text to see the community clearly some of the facts of reality and what is revealed to him, embodying the visions and sensations aesthetic interesting, as we are accustomed to see poets are looking by nature sources and means full of life and a symbol reference, so it is surrounded by forest, and this pushes the reader to the atmosphere of poetic inspiration led to think and reflect deeply, and to link all the text in form and substance even up to the fun.
Literary texts has led us to two interrelated represented by the general meaning of the text Bmvrdath within the overall context, and Atlagafh recipient of meanings embodied in the images emanating from the signals and signs to take us a step further than seen at first glance. On this basis, we find alchemy puts us in the best way to get to the very poet and peace, especially in this poem as a holistic approach.

Tallieh provided in the poetry of Hassan bin Thabit between the Jaahiliyyah and Islam

Abbas Ali Fahham


Might mean in mind that the research in the introductions to pre-Islamic poetry may sate is no longer there is room for new, while the case is just that, Valmekdmat poetry may reveal stylistic new poet ignorant vary by proficiency levels of creativity verbal of the poet to another. And Hassan ibn Thabit, one of the these class of poets who varied their way of start-up, especially with the advent of Islam such as the emergence of a new culture at various levels. Hence seem Jeddah research on the subject is he signed the title (introductions Tllih in the poetry of Hassan between the Jaahiliyyah and Islam), an attempt to illustrate the two methods in the initialization Aqtdahma Mkhnfattan two phases.
Therefore, the study included two sections: the first: Method in Hassan premise the Jaahiliyyah. The second premise in the Islamic style.
Has tried to stand up and stand on a careful analytical tracers differences between the two methods using references and sources of pre-Islamic poetry of recent studies, as it was preparing scientific research and investigation and conclusion.
And hope that I have been successful in this attempt humble, praise be to Allah.

Opposing diodes in pre-Islamic Arabic poetry

Laila Naim Attia al-Khafaji


Different researchers in the identification of contrast some of them see the difference, or vice versa, some of whom see it as contradictory and some of them expand in the launch of the term or limit, but in fact remains a factor qualify for the detection of details of the poetic text, past and present and pave the way in the search for secrets the text and the possibilities of relations with interlocking and a detection Mujahlh stations and mystery in it, as he reveals the vision of the poet and the creative ability to show his own philosophy toward nature and life in all joints also reflects the extent of intellectual capacity in shaping the experience of poetry in all its dimensions and drawing event. We talked in this research on the concept of contrast and then searching in molecules poetic text to elucidate the binary opposite of the premises and the purpose for which uttered the poem, because the poetic text in the era before Islam carries a lot of opposites and contradictions because of the nature of life governed by customs and traditions have dominated many of the joints their lives and their visions of intellectual and experiences and self-identified features of their philosophy towards life that carry fraught with many contradictions, the text poetic object language with multiple relationships intertwine the vocabulary to give the meanings and connotations in particular through the formation of structural and determine the characteristics and features that frame the relations within the installation script integrated.

The impact of the shrine of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, the growth of awareness of intellectual and political

Adi Hatim Abdul-Zahra Mafraji


Was the holy shrines in Iraq is a political impact intellectually. It comes to the mind of the reader that the role of these thresholds is nothing but to worship and a link with God Almighty, but in the past this was the role and functions of the other helped to intellectual growth of socio-political, because the place is not accepted by the fraud and deception and thus gathered around him all the intellectual activities, including literary, journalistic and party it was Forum activists on the difference of their intellectual, when the mature views of the founding of a party held its first meeting in the courtyard Haidari-Sharif and in good faith and corporate end the establishment of this party, Department of its members, like the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) on the unity and solidarity and collective action.
And practiced religious authority most of the activities of teaching and fatwas and acts of worship and spend the affairs of the people, ceremonies, religious events, but has exercised its political on the threshold of this place pure, and some believe that this practice, especially in Iraq without the other, but for a number of countries in the world, for example, had a reference Abu al-Hasan al-Musawi Isfahani role in supporting Reza Pahlavi to the throne of Iran and in particular the meetings that gathered together in this holy shrine, which ended the right of Pahlavi, Department of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) on the service of Islam and its people in the event of receipt of the Iranian throne.
And the motives that prompted the researcher to write this subject is due to several reasons, the love and loyalty to the owner of this sacred place, and scaling by the Roman authorities time to this place to curb the activities that take place in the corners and make it a function and only one worship exclusively no other, as well as the paucity of literature about the functions of social political, but most sources omit the role of this place-Sharif when they reach the thresholds for the motives of unconscious or unconscious stems from the heart of those researchers, and another motive neglect reached this place and the lack of services, institutions and offices, employees, servants and narrow area, and non-renewal of buildings to which are not commensurate with the status of this place and role of cultural, So view this topic has become the need imposed by the Academy, at least to indicate its status and its direct consequences in the development of the Iraqi mind.

Alcohol in the Diwan Sheikh Ahmed Waeli

Hassan Abd Odeh Khaqani; Hamami; Maytham Mahdi Saleh


This paper deals with one of the important phenomena that have emerged in the poetry of Sheikh Waeli a phenomenon used alcohol and employed for the purpose of art is different.
Research that has tried to count synonyms Alcohol, tools and methods of use and access to some of the implications, for the use of exotic Waeli of this tool in the context of religious poetry and themes of the known systems Waeli Sheikh (may Allah have mercy on him)

Attributes Islamic education and teacher duties

Atheed Abed Ahmed Dahlaki


Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and The God of the good and virtuous companions and his companions ...... And after
The art of teaching and be one of the fringe, if we say that the most important art that must be cared for in every society, especially in the field of language, religion, language and religion are central pillars upon and around the human activities taking place in the manufacture of building communities and civilizations.
The best Islam his family in Alkhafiqin, Sama them to Alfrkadin when they knew a system and a guide from the creator of the universe and man, and Islam was Charge and round, and had his prestige and authority and the right of people to be leaders of nations and masters of the land and that the principal purpose for human righteousness, wisdom and goodness, and to be guardians of the ,: (and also made you a middle nation that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger a witness over you): (The Cow, 143).
That the teacher of religion (people) do not put off by the other capacity, as it is not, nor is Bmasom Bjmad, but it is a human being living in the environment affect it from the cradle to the grave, which may affect if he can.
The environment of the Muslims today, is what we call, by Islam collapsed - they (the bitter reality painful), which was planned by the conspirators have succeeded to achieve much of what they want! It (the dark reality), which collapses the Muslims in their homes, schools, universities and social activity, and other colors other vital activities.
Will not survive (a teacher of religion) of the vulnerability of all this or in part, but that he (himself) most cherished goal thrown by opponents of Islam, because it is the builder generation is the hope of a renaissance of Islam and the awareness of sound, a revolution overwhelming on every deviation from the exclusive right issued by the Jabbar sky and the earth.
With this in mind I wanted to be the title of a research participant in your conference titled Quran (Islamic education teacher attributes and duties) was based search on the four sections after the introduction and in the following manner:
The first section - the concept of religious education and status