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Volume 2, Issue 4

Volume 2, Issue 4, Summer 2011, Page 1-19

The Aesthetic Application In Islamic Geometric Decoration

Hazim Aboudi Kareem


Industry is decorative elements of Islamic, one of the crafts mission in the countries of the Islamic world and the Western world, especially Mathakgah in the embodiment of reality cognitive meaning of Islamic thought and its applications, since it depends primarily on a literal hand and then craft the machine, and create appropriate designs in many of the arts, including architecture and composition of technical , as in turn depends on the skill of the designer, in the selection of decorative elements in a sound and thoughtful study of scientific and logical to achieve sobriety and to influence the aesthetic and functional effect in the recipient because it is the first Taster.
We have adopted the decoration since the beginning of growing up on the structural elements, a variety of ways were her hallmark in the countries of the Maghreb and Mashreq, too, from here came the attempts by designers, academics, specializations in the field of design to achieve the style of their own unique and carries identity and privacy of the history of the region and the environment, with associated reference, cultural and intellectual and civilization, to be a milestone in the decoration model.
Also comes the importance of research in the Declaration of the relationship between the aesthetic thought of (Ghazali) as a model philosophical Islamic, and try to apply some of the ideas of philosophy on what is happening in art and it (arabesque), which means the design on the brick architecture, by shining a light on the mechanism of recruitment of Islamic thought in production of decorations, to reflect the cultural aspect of Islam and the Orient and artists through the selection of decoration and other technical elements.
The research in the two sections are distributed the first with double academic and procedural, turned first to the definition of thinking philosopher, and the second in the formulation of the model of the decoration as part technical study illustrative of the principles of design, with an indication of the importance of the foundations, in the organization of elements in a manner technically, and finally the statement of findings and proposals and then a list of sources. And God the Source of strength

Concerns national discourse in the poetry of Waeli

Abbas Ali Faham


Did not address the academic studies hair Sheikh Waeli research thoroughly, especially premises which was established to Qrihth poet, hence the title of this research (emitters national discourse in the poetry of Sheikh Waeli) to study this phenomenon deserves careful Baelloukfah.

The research plan was to pave the display of the character of the poet Sheikh Waeli, and four sections in order to take these motives and limited to the following:
The first of belonging and loyalty
The second national figures and literary
III: Alienation
Fourth: the rejection of authoritarian regimes and sectarianism.

The study included a variety of sources of modern poetry and the old as well as cash and sources of rhetoric which helped the researcher a lot to stand on the literary text and pause the analysis and conclusion, as was the source of the historical credit for shedding light on the information is old, which came in the poems Sheikh Waeli.

Remains a new scientific research is an attempt to reveal the national discourse to a national figure, it was blinding and clear for decades in the age of the former dictatorial regime in Iraq. I ask God Almighty to the more satisfactory, and Praise be to Allah.

Significant consideration in the Holy Quran

Mustafa Kazem Chgadl


In the name of God the Merciful, Praise be to Allah, and peace be on them all the best creation Mohammed and The God of the good and virtuous.
The preferred Arabic Quran on the fact that everyone knows and believes in them; because the Arabic Koran, but did not last, and was not universal only by ().
It is known in linguistic studies that the meaning of the words Magamaa real, as well as additional secondary meanings, which make up the Albulagjun term ((metaphorical sense of the term)).
The Holy Quran miraculous on its face and inwardly fraught uses metaphors of words, as well as the real meanings, and this research is an attempt easy in this section, I tried to stand it on the word frequency mentioned in the Qur'an, namely: ((view and Tsarifaa)), Vosmth B (( indication (consideration) in the Holy Quran)), trying to stand on their meaning in the Koran, AMAT, relying on sources in the interpretation and the Holy Quran and the novel.
Came the word ((of)) in the Holy Quran in various formats, combining the actual and nominal, abstract and Almazidh, There is no doubt that the choice of weights is based on the selection of meaning which serves the purpose of expressing the Qur'an in terms of reporting, and influence, and persuasion; as affected by the pronunciation and meaning in building the rule of a certain degree of accuracy in the delivery of single Qur'anic (). However, I found that the substance ((of)) may be involved in the act and the name in one sense, and what determines this meaning is the context in which they appear in it, but to build morphological income in determining the meaning; So I saw that I take material ((of)) according to sense, and that income in the sense in significant building of the act or the name, I will, God willing in the course of all this to the impact of building morphological, in a signal sense, and before talking about the meanings of material ((of)) in the Qur'an, we have to offer to the term through what the owners Almagamat

Sura Al- Ikhlas: What is Beyond Qur'an Expressions

Ahmed Ashour jaaz


This research Has dealt interpretation of what is beyond what is understood, and considered as an apparent cause. Grammatical categories and titles like: nouns, verbs, definite and infinite and indefinite articles, omission, word order, word choosing and know ledge of what is beyond these apparent senses that indicate Qur'an prodigy- have been studied.
I think I should meditate a little on the term "Qur'an Causes". We usually think about causes when talking a bout speech taking up oneself, turning him away from his need as if it were another need. A cause, of course, means a reason when a result is expected. As for what is called in Arabic "Ta'beer", it once indicates dream inter predation which goes from its apparent View to its inside indication. It is obviously more particular than interpretation which expresses wider senses. As for Qur'an context, ta'beer leads to very wide senses. Qur'an text has been miraculous, accurate, top syntax and is entirely related with Arabic linguistic branches of Grammar, Philology ….etc.
Quran ta'beer is unique in its highness and considered top. It excels other speeches. Moreover its rhetoric astonished Arabs when they failed to match it’s ability in expression. Qur'an of ten defied them to express at its lever. It has remained a prodigy when thought about its words and meanings. The faithful still venerate this sacred book which strengthens their faith. Those, who have been in doubt about it, are still amazed in view of its eloquence

The Financial Rights Of The Households In Q uran And Sunnah (The Booty As On Example)

Amal Suhail Abdul Husseini


Praise be to God alone the Lord of Worlds, Prayer and peace be on the most honorable prophet and His pure Households.
His Almighty God devoted special attention to His Households and committed the Muslims with their important rights , then the pure prophetic tradition ( sunah ) prsented all the details of their high position and rights .That leads to one result that is His Almighty Gad had granted them with peerless advantages which made them an example for the worshipers and they worked hard to carry out this duty.
To enable them to do so , His Almighty God had committed the nation with rights that must be paid to them , and our prophet declared and emphasized them but matters were pushed out of their range , the Households were removed , after the prophet absence , and lost their rights , and people used to that depending on the heritage which the political interests had affected neglecting the other part`s evidences ,so these explanations pushed them towards defacing the significant of the Qura`nic verses by creating suspicions and doubts which were beyond logic and true narrations .
Hence we tried to reveal some of their financial rights paving the way to study them.
To prove that we depended on what had been recited in the books of the non She`att who tried hard to explain its surface meaning .
we studied their financial rights especially the booties and prizes and in this field we depended on the Qura`nic verses that declared these rights clearly and on the authenticated narrations supported them with the scholars and scientists says .
By revealing the rights of these situations we made the reader acquainted with the big loss of the Muslims by being deprived of paying the rights of their Prophet `s Households hoping that this will be of benefit for the believers .
Last of our prayer is Praise be to God alone the Lord of Worlds

Political developments in Egypt and its impact on the internal situation and external (1952-1961)

Abdul-Sattar Djaeger Abd; Hassan Rikan Khalaf


Arab region has witnessed many of the internal political events, which left a significant impact on their relationship with other countries. As well as results on the domestic situation, and Egypt had a share of political events, as it was for the period between 1952 - 1961 many of the political changes that had occupied the Egyptian government because of the great results inside and outside Egypt.
And the importance of this period and its events were hot, we dealt with her studies despite the fact that some researchers have consumed part of it, especially with regard to political developments in Egypt but they did not Astaiwa lights on the external reactions to political events in this country.
This is because our choice of this period also that the beginning has seen a significant event, but which is the revolution of July 1952, which changed the course of political decisions in Egypt, as well as a shift in their relationship with the outside world, either end of the period of time to search (1961), we can say that it did not meet the ambition of the Egyptian government , which called for the need to achieve Arab unity, was the separation of unity with Syria explicit reference the difficulty of achieving this goal.
Research has included four topics, and a conclusion, take First research the political developments in Egypt 1952 - 1954, which is an important era in the history of Egypt, and saw the researcher need to give the boot a summary of the most prominent events that preceded the Revolution, and was a fire Cairo an important event gave Ptavath the Egyptian people, who accused Royal Government of failing to maintain internal security, which drove her to dismiss the prime minister Mustafa Nahas, on the same day of the fire, and did not see the political situation stable after this incident and spread a state of chaos because of loss of control over internal security. The Egyptian revolution, an end to the chaos as the leaders took the deterioration of this situation, and felt the importance to get rid of the monarchy. Indeed, he has succeeded revolution and revolutionaries forced the king to abdicate and leave Egypt.
A year after the revolution was issued a constitution in 1953 which included a number of items from most important to get rid of the monarchy and bringing about changes in the political, economic and social, including the achievement of equality and justice among the people of Egypt, and held the leaders of the revolution during this year's negotiations with the Sudanese side of the in order to determine the political future of Sudan and those negotiations resulted in signing of the self-government with the opportunity to Sudanese-running for a period of three years to decide their future in unity or separation from Egypt.
And the back of a dispute between the leaders of the Revolution and Major General Mohammed Naguib on the authorities that should be enjoyed by the President of the Republic, which ended with the resignation of Najib in the February 23, 1954, after the rejection of Mtalibh relating to grant him special powers, and left the resignation of public response, both internally and externally, due to the popularity of which was Najib has the inside and outside Egypt as well as media campaigns supporting him returned to power after four days of his resignation. But the problem came back again after accusing Najib of trying to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser, and announced on the track of the Revolutionary Command Council for his dismissal in November 14, 1954. Abdel Nasser and then took over the presidency formally in a timely manner.
And studied the third research policy of the Egyptian government for the period between 1955 - 1957, as it emerged during this period a number of political developments was most serious by the Baghdad Pact in 1955, also saw this year also the Bandung Conference, as announced Nasser for his commitment to a policy of positive neutrality and impartiality, Given the Egyptian orientation towards building better relations with all countries. Particularly those in the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union, which ended convene arms deal with Jioklovakia, prompting this matter the United States and Britain to withdraw financing the High Dam project, it was reported Abdel Nasser on this position to issue a decision nationalization of the Suez Canal on July 26, 1956, and the result of this decision the tripartite aggression to Egypt in the October 26, 1956, and carried out by Britain, France and Israel.
United States tried to pursue a policy of aggression, after filling the vacuum in the Middle East, Eisenhower project to issue arose in 1957, to reduce the Communist threat in the region, as well as America's attempt to keep Egypt from its Arab.
The fourth section dealt with Egypt's internal policy and its impacts on the external position 1958 - 1961, having witnessed this period a number of events including the problem of Halaib with Sudan in 1958, which ended by making them within the electoral district in the Sudanese Parliament.
The event is more important is the unity between Egypt and Syria and the formation of the so-called United Arab Republic, which sparked a political debate in Egypt between supporters of the Communists and their opponents. The role of Western nations to reject approaches unity, which wanted Abdel Nasser, as well as the attitude of some Arab states, who was opposed to the trends of Egypt unity.
And in 1961 saw the separation of the unity between Egypt and Syria because of the emergence of political differences between the two sides, as well as lack of conviction of some parties in both countries Iqiamha from the beginning, which led to its failure.
Search has been adopted on many Arab and foreign sources, as well as Alatarih, theses and published research in journals and contributed to by all in enriching Find important information for the study period.

The impact of Arab culture and Islamic literature in Paulo Coelho

Abdul Karim Khadir Saeedi


aulo Coelho-known novelist Brazilian won international fame and wide, and won his novels media attention and all the people, and won our issues and our Arab and Islamic countries a great deal of the concerns of the novelist as Hu made the remarks in this study trying to identify the man closely, and the extent of the impact of this culture in literature, especially in his most famous novels, an account (Alchimie), as a model for this effect.

Nahjubalagha as an Example of the High Islamic Literature.

Abdul Karim Ahmed Al-Mahmoud


Nahjubalagha , for Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib ( p.u. h ) ,is the top of the Islamic literature it is a wonderful and a unique example for what the Islamic writers have done for the whole ages , hence this research tried to exhibit the Islamic literature and its elements throughout Nahjubalagha by a modern Islamic critical method with special bases and principles that made distinguished from the other literary criticism methods .
The first characteristics of the high literature in Nahjubalagha is the Islamic feature i.e. this literature is connected with Islam ,Islamic , here , means a distinguished literary doctrine , it shows the refusal of the other literary resources .Since the Classism referred to reason ,Romantic affected reason and Realism preferred the subjective statues ,the Islamic method involved the writer to depend on Islam alone in his conceptions and attitudes as well as his literature and that is what we found in the texts of Nahjubalagha and what we exhibit in this research .

The impact of the qoran in the poetry of mufajaa al basre 327

Mahdawi; Mohammed Hussein Abdullah; Hassan Habib Alkhriti; Hazim Allawi Obeid


The research focused on the impact of the Koran in the poetic text and select the tragic poetry visual model of this effect through the study of the poet's life and identify the nature of his character and Muslim places of study, this was within the boot.
The first topic was touched on the impact of the Koran in the language of tragic poetry and there was talk about the Quranic vocabulary used in his poetry, including the Koran and the names and the names of the name of Allaah and the names, flags and words of worship and acts of the Qur'an.
THE second part the impact of Quranic stories in the poetry of the tragic and the impact of each story and the reason for their choice, and the research was to mention forms of poetry on the book (the poet of faith tragic visual) to achieve Abdul Rasol Al- Ghaffar and printed in 1985 in Lebanon, which included in part of the Office of the poet

Message in the disease plague of Jalal al-Din Abd al-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr al Suyuti

Ammar Muhammad Yunus al-Saadi; Ayad Abdul-Hussein al-Khafaji


This research try working out in one from thesises ( Jalal Aldin Alsyouti ) ( 911 H. ) This dissertation under the title (( Resalah Phi )) Maradh Altaun , besides about the secientific importance for this thesis it is not certain then he had another course in ( Plague ) that established in the nineties from the last century with the title (( Ma Rawah Alwaun phi Altau'n )) in his thesis Alsyouti connected between the human science and straight science when he carried the special news in (( plague )) in a traditional style through out authority text and review the novels so he add another importance for this hand written it is noticeable that he take up a good system that he suppored his news with critique it and given his opinion with the correct from it . as well as he gives his opinion to several resources and non necessity to take the opinion of this resources , but we see that he supposed his opinion on side and leave it on the other side .
We preceded the text that we achieved with achievement introductions when we gave biography informing about the writer and aside from his scientific position and we hobbing on the course that he take up in this thesis and produce a complete description for this hand written and it's achievement .

Verse of Mujahid ibn Suleiman al khyat Collection - and the study

Hussein Abdel-Aal Lahibi


Architecture and one of the leading poets of the eighth century AH, he was a gifted poet, has a high capacity to express emotions and feelings, and despite being a creative poet who devoted his life to poetry and has remained most loyal to him in obscurity among the poets who did not study, and remained his hair is important to achieve a scientific investigator This is what prompted me to achieve a scientific investigation into his hair, drawing on the manuscript of his bureau, and directed by the investigators hope that I have provided a modest service to Arab literature, and legacy eternal .
Excelled in architecture, poetry very adept, has made people asking for his hair and grabbed it, and the source of the ingenuity that fit with the emotions and meanings, and attested to the safety of copyright, and authenticity of art, and the depth of thinking .
The hair found in a wealth of material to reveal the nature of life experienced by the architecture, and features of the bus, his time is concerned, social unrest, and the pursuit of pleasures, which depicts the tragedy of our society, and reached the moral degeneration; therefore found that the poet worthy that combines poetry and study and achieve, it had the precious hair that makes him eligible for research and study.
In spite of his fame creative poet gave his life for his poetry and sincere to him, the sources did not disclose to translate a lot about his life, one of the obstacles faced by the researcher during the writing of his biography, and the collection of his poetry .
Hence this study in two parts, the first includes the study of the purposes for which he dealt with his hair, and hair of the advantages of art in its form and content .
The second section is a collection of poetry scattered in books, and out achieving a manageable .

Search and voice messages in Aeroda Brethren of Purity

Mohammed Abdul-Zahra gafel


The study shows the phonetic efforts in ((Rasa'el Ekhwan AL-Safa wa Khelan AL-Wafa)), and the interesting on the physical and physiological of sound. Through that we realized that the sound needs three element: occurance, reciere and medium, and that the Linguistic sound, on this level, shared any other sound rather it is distinguished to be significance, we also found that languages have differrent selections of sound though the articulaters are the same.
The sound also deals with the resarch efforts in prosody in these letters ((Rasa'el)). The terms, their significane, the way of scanning are also studied in theis resecrch.